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Benefits of the Empower network-viral-blogging-system


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What is the Empower Network Blogging System and how can it be used to help drive traffic to your site? Read this article for more information. If you have a blog that isn't getting traffic, this will help. If you're trying to market on the internet but you're not blogging, you're missing out on a huge revenue source. Google loves blogs and specifically our blog. Our website is rated in the top 500 in the WORLD by Alexa, top 200 in the U.S. This system WORKS!

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Benefits of the Empower network-viral-blogging-system

  1. 1. Empower Network is a sharing community committed toEmpower Network Viral helping each other succeed.Blogging System – using it Entry Level Product: 3 Step Viral Blogging Systemto promote yourself, your Cost: $25.00 a monthproduct, your services or your If you choose to not only use the Viral Blogging System to promote your own business, blog, or website but you want tobusiness also become an affiliate so you can resell the products; you can do that too for only 19.99 per month.THE BEST blogging and marketing If you become an affiliate and somebody else joins, you earnsystem available on the internet 100% commission on their sale every month – meaning, you receive the $25.00 a month each month.Here is a breakdown of the basic product in the EmpowerNetwork Viral Blogging System. This is an easy way to create residual income while helping others succeedWhy choose the Empower NetworkViral Blogging System? Training you’ll receive with the ViralIt’s the best system to get your message out. With over 80,000 Blogging Systempeople using this blogging platform, it’s got “link juice” – 6 Day Bootcamp – each of these video tutorials comes with aGoogle loves it, Alexa loves it. study guideIf you’re familiar with Alexa, we’re rated in the top Bootcamp Day 1 – How to use our Viral Blogging System to500 website in the world, top 200 in the US! get the results that you want Here you will learn to use the Empower Network ViralCheck this out: Blogging system to get the results you want in your business whether: • you already have a product to sell • you’re looking for an additional network marketing income stream • you’re marketing your own private coaching • you want to start an online business but don’t have a product or service to sell Bootcamp Day 2 – Traffic, Cash Flow & Power… Kung Fu Style… This training lays out exactly where traffic comes from and how to create traffic to your blog through (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. If you are learning about traffic for the first time it doesn’t matter. Once you understand “WHY” traffic works on the internet,Whether you’re trying to promote another product or service you can then better understand the“HOW TO” part… to knowor you’re looking for a company to get involved with, you can’t exactly what needs to be created in order to generate trafficgo wrong with this blogging system. I have found no faster way and to ensure that you always drive traffic to your blog or anyto get ranked in google. other website you want. Bootcamp Day 3 – The Mystical Magical Key To Success…A “side benefit” that comes with the This is my favorite video in the serious. The instructor does ablogging system – the TRAINING! great job describing the psychology behind why people shareI have broken down what comes with the entry level program in the world of social media and the mistakes people make.below but once you enroll, you will have access to advanced How to create Viral Sustainability with your blog and havelevels depending on what you need. your content shared everywhere by others.This is hands down the best “all inclusive” training available Get more readers….on the internet today. Get more shares….The training is provided by top internet producers sharing Get more leads….what they do daily to achieve the results they’re getting – theyhold nothing back. Get more sales…. 1
  2. 2. Bootcamp Day 4 - The ‘Lazy Man’s’ Guide To Extracting • 8-Part Fast Start Video Training Series: $397 Value InMoney From Google… this high-value video training series, you’ll learn the mostThis is so simple (and easy) that anyone – ages 9 to 90 can rank effective ways to leverage your blog (if results is whatin the search engines and pull in traffic, leads and ….money! you’re after), the core ‘must have’ principals to effectiveYou can rank your posts fast, and get new visitors from posts online business building, and a downloadable PDF ‘Corethat rank on Google for months (and years) to come. People Checklist’ that will outline your biggest money makingyou never imagined will find you through search engine traffic. principals all in one place.This one is worth watching several times. • Website Hosting, Design, Theme and Plugins: $247Bootcamp Day 5 – Offline Marketing Strategies That Get ValueResults…I’m not interested in offline strategies myself, but I got a lot Click here for a video overview, log in and START BLOGGING!of value out of this non the less. You learn exactly how to get Click here to see what you’ll receive for the $25.00 investmentyour message in front of more people in more ways, so you can in your business.(instantly)… This is the best $25.00 investment you can make in yourself • Build More Trust and your business to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. • Have More Customers • Create Repeat SalesAnd you can do it by communicating to them in the way thatthey WANT to be sold to.Bootcamp Day 6 – Respect, Influence and the EmpowerTriangle… Added Bonus if you ACT NOWThe biggest lie of success is to “fake it til you make it”. I will give the next FIVE PEOPLE that…..You’ll discover the HONEST WAY to…. 1. Click on the Banner • Be Respected 2. Sign Up • Gain Influence 3. Write their first blog post • Create Your Empower Triangle ….and mention this article….BE yourself; BE genuine; BE trustworthy and help othersachieve success in the process. …..TWO FREE 30 minute coaching calls…..Work with integrity….. … help take their business to the next level…..…..people love to buy but they don’t like to be SOLD….. …..nomatter what product or service you’re trying to market………..learn to help them, not sell them. I’ll show you how to use this viral blogging system toThis bootcamp training is only ONE of the benefits of blogging EXPLODE your current business.with Empower Network. If you don’t have a product or service to offer, I’ll show you howRECAP of the Viral Blogging to create a massive income with the products in the Empower Network Viral Blogging System.Marketing System CLICK ON THE BANNER – SIGN UP – • The Empower Network Core Blogging System: $497 Value You’ll receive a core ‘done for you’ blogging START BLOGGING system, INSTANTLY set-up with all the ‘bells and whistles’…. so you can be ready to generate traffic and See you on the other side…. leads as soon as you place your order! Join the movement, let’s make a change… • High Converting Lead Capture Pages: $297 Value You’ll -Pam receive high converting lead capture pages so you can capture your leads, access your personal data base, and Education, not Deprivation even use your own auto-responder to follow up with those leads If you want to! Where do YOU blog? CLICK HERE to learn how to create an • 6-Day Bootcamp Training Series to learn how to take income stream with our viral marketing system. You’ll have your business to the next level: $497 Value access to top training by industry leaders. You’ll not only learn how to blog, but how to market your blog. 2
  3. 3. If you’re ready to get started now, CLICK HERE to see whatyou’ll receive with this $25.00 a month viral blogging system.Why I chose the Empower Networkas my platform 1. I spent a lot of money and several months trying to set up a blog on another platform. I spent more time tweaking than blogging. For $25.00 a month, all the work is done for you. As soon as you join the system, you will be given a blog under Empower Network. Your blog will become a sub-domain of the system, all you have to do is log in and start blogging. 2. In SEO, search engines consider the age of the domain your content is on. They use it to decide which websites they will display for customers when they are searching for a specific keyword. Search engines often rank old domains as an authority websites, helping you get a much higher ranking than you could on your own. Because of the number of people blogging here at that Empower Network, Google looks at it as an authority site and gives it higher placement in the search engines. I have written a post and had it listed on page one literally overnight. Unless you know a lot about Search Engine Optimization, that’s nearly impossible to do on your own. 3. The $25.00 a month I pay for this platform goes directly to the person who referred me to it. This benefits me because they have a vested interested in helping me learn all about blogging and online marketing. When you sign up for this blog, you’ll have the option to refer it to others as well. Every time you refer an active member, you will receive $25.00 every month they stay active. With all the support I received, the Empower Network blog helped me to (finally) find the courage and resources to create my own blog and earn some extra income for every referral. 4. The Empower Network training – what they offer here for free with regards to internet marketing training far surpasses courses I’ve spent 100′s of dollars on. Whether you decide to join the Empower Network or not, you’ll find value in this 6 part bootcamp training series available here; an invaluable tool for building an online business of any type! 3