Creating email aliases stop spam


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Creating email aliases stop spam

  1. 1. 30 Email Aliases With This FREE Viral E-mail SolutionToday I want to tell you about a new email solution that I absolutely fell in love with:ViralinBox!..."The Worlds Largest and Fastest Growing Email Service Provider& List Builder...."I wrote another blog about it hereHave you ever needed an extra email address and had to go through the hassle of opening anew account with Google, Hotmail, Yahoo etc? A real drag, right?Sick of SPAM? I was too! This system has the best solution Ive seen yet for controlling theSPAM in your in-box.Need to find your original log in information with a site you signed up for but havent used ina while? Piece of cake with this system! With the FREE, basic membership you can create upto 30 email aliases to use when you want to sign up for a new service, offer or program.Heres how it worksYou simply create a new folder in the dashboard and an email address is automatically createdwith a corresponding name to the folder. Lets say you wanted to sign up for the WarriorForum (if youre not, you can do that here - its a GREAT resource!).You would simply create a folder in your dashboard and label it Warrior Forum, the systemwill automatically create an email address for that folder. Head over to the Forum and signup with that email alias. Any email they send you will land in that folder - youll never have tolook for log in credentials again!Now lets say you wanted a free report somebody was offering but they required an emailaddress to send it to. Create the folder, grab the email alias and use that. If you see youregetting nothing but SPAM from them as a result, delete the folder and you wont ever hearfrom them again!The basic membership is 100% free and comes with 30 email aliases. Should you require
  2. 2. additional aliases you can upgrade to paid membership status (he offers a pretty good deal atsign up if you want to take advantage of the one time special offer).They system also comes with marketing and advertising tools if thats something youreinterested in. If you choose to, you can become an affiliate and make up to 55% commissionswhen you refer other paid members.I cant recommend this product enough, its amazing! AND - you get to manage all of your newemail aliases in ONE SPOT. You will no longer need to go to another platform to log in andaccess your email account!Get this program <--- click on the link, sign up and say GOOD-BYE to SPAM! (I didnt get anyvalue from the 13 minute video on the sign up page. It doesnt get into the product at all -watch my video up above if you want to see it in action)After youve done that, create a new folder called "Project Payday" and grab the email aliasthen use it to watch this video.
  3. 3. Its another free program, this one pays you 2.00 for anybody else that signs up for it (forfree). Why do they pay $2.00 when nothing is sold? They want the lead. Theyre banking onselling via their auto-responders - but you dont need to worry about that now that you haveViralinBox! ;) ACCESS THE VIDEO HEREOr read about it here: Movement, lets make a change...-PamEducation, not DeprivationContact me