GWT 2014: Emergency Conference - 02 le soluzioni geospaziali per la gestione delle emergenze


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Geospatial World Tour 2014: Emergency Conference.
Napoli, 28 maggio 2014.

Le soluzioni Geospaziali per la gestione delle emergenze.
Simone Colla, Hexagon Geospatial

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GWT 2014: Emergency Conference - 02 le soluzioni geospaziali per la gestione delle emergenze

  1. 1. Le soluzioni Geospaziali per la gestione delle emergenze Simone Colla Geospatial Presales Manager – EMEA Southern Europe Intergraph Corporation – SG&I Division
  2. 2. Geospatial Product Offerings 2 ERDAS IMAGINE GeoMedia Smart Client GeoMedia WebMap ERDAS APOLLO Geospatial SDI Geospatial Portal Imagine Photogrammetry ImageStation ERDAS Extensions fro ArcGIS GeoMedia
  4. 4. GeoMedia – A Modern & Dynamic GIS for the Future • Access disparate data sources, natively and display simultaneously in a single view • Efficiently capture and edit vector feature data • Visualize data to exact style specifications • Display is quickly updated as you pan and zoom • Perform add-hoc, what-if, complex, analysis across all data sources • Analysis and queries are dynamically updated as queries are edited or the data is modified • Cartographically correct label placement is adjusted during window operations • Easily layout data and analysis with ancillary graphics for printing and plotting • Export to the most common formats for sharing with other departments and organizations
  5. 5. GeoMedia Desktop Core 2014 Release GeoMedia Professional GeoMedia Advantage GeoMedia Essentials Essentials: Data Access, Query, Analysis along with Image Preparation Advantage: Vector Data Capture, GIS Database Creation, Raster Analysis, Elevation Artifacts Professional: Data Management, Quality Control, and Advanced Feature Modeling
  6. 6. GeoMedia Desktop 2014 Release – Data Access G/Tech Data Server GeoMedia Oracle I/CAD Data Server SQL Server Data Server Oracle Data Server CAD Data Server ArcView Data Server WFS Data Server WMS Data Server GML Data Server dgn dxf shp ddc map SQL Server gml WFS, WMS & WCS Websites KML Data Server WCS Data Server SQL Server Spatial PostGIS Data Server FGDB Data Server FGDB
  7. 7. GeoMedia Desktop Core – 2014 Ribbon I/F
  8. 8. Capture feature data using GeoMedia’s extensive set of placement commands Point, line and area placement  Point to point digitizing  Placement by circle and arc  Oriented to related features  Maintain coincidence  Break at intersections  Raster snaps Precise location and size using precision key-in or construction aids such as:  Delta X, Delta Y  Perpendicular To  Distance and Direction Perform Undo and Redo GeoMedia – An Overview
  9. 9. GeoMedia – An Overview  Point, line and area styles  Any line style can be used for area boundaries  Line and area patterns  Complex and custom gap-dash sequencing  Endcap and mid-line join control  Translucency  Attribute-based symbology  Thematics  High fidelity visualization of features and queries within the GeoMedia environment to exact style or symbology specifications.  Styles can be named, stored and shared within the enterprise
  10. 10. racv Analyze data and perform complex what- if analysis using GeoMedia’s query and pipe technology  Buffer zone  Analytical Merge, Aggregation  Spatial Difference, Spatial Intersection, Spatial Query  Functional attributes and expressions  Union, Join GeoMedia – An Overview
  11. 11. Image data is geospatial data as well. Integrate raster and images with vector feature data for more effective workflows  Multitude of image and raster formats are supported  Use as backdrop for feature placement and editing  TerraShare data server  Support for Oracle Georaster racv GeoMedia – An Overview racv
  12. 12. GeoMedia’s Layout Window provides the environment for map composition and printing  Define map content  Generate and compose legend and margin information  Use Batch Plotting for bulk plotting jobs and map books  Build reference grids and cartographic grids  Import and export layout templates for standardized printed products GeoMedia – An Overview
  13. 13. GeoMedia Professional– Advanced Feature Modeling • Model real world objects in a way that allows complex relationships and behaviors to be defined in your enterprise database • The model is maintained as users create and digitize new features or edit existing features • Advanced Feature Modeling capabilities: • Feature hierarchy, e.g. airports, rail stations, hydrography networks • Feature associations, e.g. bridge or overpasses with roads, towers on buildings • Number of associations allowed per feature, e.g. bridge must connect to 2 road segments • Geometry & attribute constraints • Feature & association operations, e.g. if building is deleted, what happens to tower on top? • Rules and events • Customization 13
  14. 14. Explore APOLLO Catalog Command An interface to query on the APOLLO server Vector (GML, Shape and File Geodatabase ) ERDAS APOLLO Catalog and Server Raster (TIFF, ECW, NITF, TFRD etc…) JSON Request JSON Response
  15. 15. GeoMedia Grid – An Overview GeoMedia Grid is bundled with GeoMedia Advantage and GeoMedia Professional Seamlessly integrates both grid and vector data sources Allows users to easily process and analyze both grid and vector data GeoMedia Grid is ideally suited for carrying out complex spatial analysis (such as those we are to explore today) 15
  16. 16. GeoMedia 3D – An Overview GeoMedia 3D has been designed to address the growing demand for realistic 3D views of geospatial data. Realistic renditions of our world are important as they can provide situational awareness. However, additional power lies in coupling the realistic representations of the world with a robust collection of thematic 3D mapping capabilities. 16 • Thematic 3D maps augment our understanding of spatial phenomena as they distil complex spatial phenomena into easy to interpret representations. • 3D thematic maps allow map readers to better understand relationships within seemingly unconnected/unrelated data. • 3D thematic maps can be used to facilitate the decision making process and lead to quicker and more confident decisions.
  17. 17. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 17 GeoMedia 3D – Demo Video
  18. 18. High Quality Cartographic Label Placement Rules-based + better conflict resolution = better labels Labels dynamically adjust as you pan or zoom Static labels can be edited if needed for prints or plots
  20. 20. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 20 ERDAS IMAGINE - Overview Your Comprehensive All-in-one Geospatial Authoring Platform • Your one-stop experience for radar, multi-spectral, hyperspectral, terrain, point cloud, photogrammetry, and basic vector analytics. • We provide advanced multi- core batch processing, making you more productive. • All brought together in a real- time, advanced spatial modeling environment, keeping it simple and powerful.
  21. 21. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 21 ERDAS IMAGINE • Now you can incorporate point clouds in your spatial models • Do more with Unsupervised classification, FLS segmentation, and ER Mapper Geophysical wizards added as operators and models • Use the command line operator to easily incorporate just about any .exe
  22. 22. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 22 ERDAS IMAGINE – Radar Analytics • Using the powerful modeler engine, we provide on-the-fly radar analytics like ‘Blue is New’, ‘Despeckle’, and ‘Colorize’ to discover change quickly and easily • IMAGINE SAR Interferometry now has Time-Series CCD to monitor micro changes over time
  23. 23. Corridor Analysis using Image Data 23
  24. 24. Waterbody Shapefile on Radar Image
  25. 25. Waterbody Shapefile on Radar Image 25I
  26. 26. Waterbody Shapefile on Optical Image 26I
  27. 27. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 27 Publishing WPS Geoprocessing Services to ERDAS APOLLO ERDAS IMAGINE provides a rich set of geospatial processes (called spatial models) which enterprise customers can use to develop & publish custom models to ERDAS APOLLO for use via thin clients
  29. 29. Intergraph Geospatial Platform 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 29 Security & Administration Discovery Services Data Management Services Delivery Services Enterprise Services GIS Photogrammetry Remote Sensing Web Mapping Geospatial Data (Imagery, Features, Terrain) Geospatial DatabaseWeb Services Mobile Mapping Geospatial Data Management & Delivery Geospatial Server SDI Web Mapping Web Editing & Workflow Optimization Geo- Processing Intranet/ Internet Data & Web Services Server Intranet/ Internet Clients
  30. 30. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 30 Geospatial Server Geospatial Portal / SDI GeoMedia Smart Client GeoMedia WebMap ERDAS APOLLO Geospatial Portal / SDI Configurable browser based application for finding, viewing, querying, analyzing Consumes geospatial data and web services and offers advanced client-side discovery, connection, and interaction. Geospatial SDI for providers to manage and serve secure or licensed information using standards- based web services. GeoMedia Smart Client Highly configurable workflows and advanced geospatial functionality Enabling all users to seamlessly integrate geographic changes into configurable workflows. End-users will be able to leverage advanced geospatial functionality via simple-to-use map- based tools, streamlining their processes and honing their expertise. GeoMedia WebMap Create, Publish, and Analyze Web-Enabled Maps from easily creating web map applications, to providing sophisticated, web-based visualization and analysis that enables manipulation of your enterprise’s valuable geographic information, GeoMedia WebMap complements a broad range of customers. ERDAS APOLLO Managing, Serving and Geoprocessing Information Comprehensive data management, analysis, and delivery system. It is an interoperable OGC/ISO- based solution that efficiently organizes massive volumes of data (imagery, vectors, terrain, LiDAR, web services, and virtually any digital object in the enterprise).
  31. 31. User interfaces
  32. 32. Integration: Spatial models from IMAGINE for APOLLO Professional Spatial Modeler in IMAGINE includes GeoMedia vector operators Run Spatial Models in ERDAS APOLLO Professional Server
  34. 34. Geospatial Server : Thin Client runs on mobile devices  Automatically displays a simplified interface when viewed with a mobile device GUI  Display, zoom and switch predefined maps  Show feature attributes (GetFeatureInfo)  Center the map based on device localization capabilities (GPS, A-GPS)
  35. 35. What is Mobile MapWorks? Intergraph’s Mobile MapWorks is a tablet-based, field inspection and editing app for enterprise GIS data. 35
  36. 36. Mobile MapWorks – Cloud and Usability • Work directly in your GIS database • Simple interface configuration
  37. 37. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 37 Mobile MapWorks - Mobile • Real-time asset update • Download and start using immediately
  38. 38. 7/8/2014 ©2012 Intergraph Corporation 38 Sensors & Data Collection – GIS & Asset Collection • Leica Geosystems offers a full range of Mobile Mapping products… • From small data loggers to ruggedized tablets • From controller integrated GNSS to on-the- pole SmartAntenna • All with easy-to-use familiar software providing a complete workflow • connected to INTERGRAPH GeoMedia GIS solutions
  39. 39. Offline Editing in GeoMedia Smart Client
  40. 40. QUESTIONS