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Responsible Travel Photography


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Responsible Travel Photography : Sharing Stories Via Photosafaris, Postcards and the Social Web


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Responsible Travel Photography

  1. 1. Photo Safaris, Postcards and the Social Web @ r o n m a d e r • p l a n e t a . w i k i s p a c e s . c o m / p h o t o g r a p h y •   0 1 . 2 0 1 5
  2. 2. Discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes. - Marcel Proust Photo courtesy Wikipedia
  3. 3. Take a picture. It will last longer.
  4. 4. Pictures Or it didn’t happen
  5. 5. Little round planet in a big universe Sometimes it looks blessed, Sometimes it looks cursed Depends on what you look at obviously But even more It depends on the way that you see. - Bruce Cockburn Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  6. 6. POV = Point of View Locals Visitors
  7. 7. Local POV A few reasons why locals do want to have their picture taken: •  The photograph is considered a souvenir. •  The photograph shows something that the local is proud of
  8. 8. A few reasons why locals DO NOT want visitors to take their picture: Local POV
  9. 9. •  The photograph is considered a portrait, and the subject would prefer to be well groomed and dressed in good clothes. •  The photograph is considered a nuisance. This is particularly true in frequently touristed areas, including markets. •  The request is too abrupt. •  Other photographers have promised to send a picture and they have not done so. •  The photograph 'steals the soul.’ •  The photographer will profit ($) from the photo. Local POV
  10. 10. Visitor POV A few reasons why visitors want to take a picture: •  The photograph is considered a souvenir. •  The photograph shows something that the visitor wishes to share with friends and family.
  11. 11. Are there ways in which localsare empowered to connect with visitors in a positive, unscripted manner?
  12. 12. Are there times in which visitorscan collaborate with locals using photography?
  13. 13. Locals and Tourists - Eric Fischer @enf
  14. 14. oaxaca web workshop @ 2008
  15. 15. Be Empathetic Reflect on the Platinum Rule: Do unto others what they wish that you do unto them.
  16. 16. Ask Permission The best recommendation when taking photos is to ask permission.
  17. 17. With Permission With permission, you might want to recycle the info to promote local travel.
  18. 18. josefina y porfirio @ 2010
  19. 19. amate books @ 2010
  20. 20. Share Share (print, email, use the social web) copies of photos for those photographed. When you publish via the social web, let those you have photographed know where to find the photos and interact.
  21. 21. Social Web Channels
  22. 22. Be a human selfie stick. If you spot a family or friends taking a picture of one another, offer to take a photo of them with their camera. Be Generous
  23. 23. Let people be themselves instead of performing for you. Refrain from asking for the ‘big smile.’ Instead show them the photo you’ve taken and ask if they are content. If they want to try again, great. Smile … Or Not
  24. 24. Avoid damaging the places you visit Avoid disrupting the people around you Avoid
  25. 25. 19 AUGUST Max! photo @ronmader#WorldPhotoDay
  26. 26. The daguerreotype is a photographic processes developed by Louis Daguerre on January 9, 1839. A few months later, on August 19, 1839, the French government announced the invention as a gift free to the world. Photo @ Wikipedia
  27. 27. A foreigner can photograph the exteriors of a nation. No foreigner can report its interior, its life, its speech, its thoughts. Knowledge of these things is acquired in only one way - years and years of unconscious absorption. One learns people through the heart, not the eyes or the intellect. - Mark Twain Clipart courtesy FCIT
  28. 28. KudosFidel, Andrea, Memo, Enrique y Sara, Josefina y Porfirio, Aurora, Luis, Rodrgio y Engraciela, Tito, Enimia, Lucia, Veronica y Lucia, Miguel Angel
  29. 29. Please Share!
  30. 30. @ronmader