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Oaxaca’s markets are some of the best in the world and cater to
locals AND visitors. This is slow travel at its finest! This
presentation features favorite photos from 10+ years living in
Oaxaca, 20+ years of visiting Oaxaca and screenshots from
social web channels. Find your friends (and if you don’t have
friends yet in Oaxaca, look for some of our friends). You are
welcome to adapt and reuse with the attribution-sharealike
license. We welcome your interaction -- comments, questions,
suggestions, shares, clips, favorites, likes and hearts.
- Ron Mader (Las Vegas, 2017)
p l a n e t a . c o m / o a x a c a m e r c a d o s • o a x a c a . w i k i s p a c e s . c o m / m a r k e t s
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