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Indigenous Peoples Week (Aug 4-10, 2014) #ipw4


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Indigenous Peoples Week 2014

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Indigenous Peoples Week (Aug 4-10, 2014) #ipw4

  1. 1. P l a n e t a . c o m , N u t t i S á m i S i i d a , T I M E U n l i m i t e d , T h e T r a v e l Wo r d a n d f r i e n d s h o s t Indigen ous Peop l es Week A u g u s t 4 - 1 0 . T h i s i s a n o n l i n e u n c o n f e r e n c e f o c u s i n g o n I n d i g e n o u s P e o p l e s a n d To u r i s m . Talking points i n c l u d e b i o d i v e r s i t y, c r a f t s , c u l t u r a l h e r i t a g e , f o o d , l a n g u a g e , l i t e r a c y a n d t h e e m e r g i n g r e a d w r i t e c u l t u r e . p l a n e t a . w i k i s p a c e s. c o m / i n d i w e e k 2 0 1 4
  2. 2. Everyone is Invited To Indigenous Peoples Week We cordially invite participation of … Everyone interested in indigenous culture: Those hosting indigenous tours Those making indigenous crafts Those preparing indigenous food Visitors seeking tours, crafts and food p l a n e t a . w i k i s p a c e s. c o m / i n d i w e e k 2 0 1 4
  3. 3. How to Budget Time for Indigenous Peoples Week 15 minutes: Consult Planeta Wiki, Facebook and Google+ pages 1 hour: Read or view online resources; Like and retweet what inspires you 2-6 hours: Do something Visit a local indigenous business; make something inspiring p l a n e t a . w i k i s p a c e s. c o m / i n d i g e n o u s w e e k
  4. 4. Search Be curious! Find Maps Look for Photos Listen to Podcasts Favorite YouTube Videos Seek Face-to-Face Experiences
  5. 5. Indigenous peoples are ethnic groups native to a land or region, especially before the arrival and intrusion of a foreign and possibly dominating culture. They are a group of people whose members share a cultural identity that has been shaped by their geographical region.
  6. 6. Unconference = A facilitated, participant-driven event centered on a specific theme. This can be conducted face-to-face, online or better yet … both!
  7. 7. Be attentive Be generous Be creative Be curious Be empathetic Levels of Engagement 2 0 1 4 @ r o n m a d e r
  8. 8. Go outside. Visit a museum. Learn a new word. Do stuff!
  9. 9. #ipw4 Please tag Indigenous Peoples Week posts with our hashtag
  10. 10. p h o t o @ r o n m a d e r
  11. 11. Please tag posts about August 9, the International Day of the World's Indigenous People with the hashtag #IndigenousDay
  12. 12. Use the social web to share stories. Make something!
  13. 13. Fan Art Contest Make a poster for Indigenous Peoples Week!
  14. 14. Add star s to o the r pe o pl e ’ s pho to s o r make a gal l e r y o f yo ur fav es, l i k e co mme n ts o n Face bo o k, gi ve a thumbs up to vi de o s o n Yo uT ube … and have a he ar t by l i k i n g th e I P W pr e se ntati o n o n S li des hare .
  15. 15. Ask questions. Look for examples of indigenous tourism that surprise you. Learn a few words in an indigenous language.
  16. 16. Is our storytelling keeping up with our cultural reality? diverse
  17. 17. Extend your compassion to what and who you see.
  18. 18. Death Valley National Park @ronmader
  19. 19. Spring Mountains Park @ronmader
  20. 20. Tumacácori Park @ronmader
  21. 21. Desert National Wildlife Refuge @ronmader
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  28. 28. c a a m a . c o m . a u
  29. 29. y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = S A x h h 6 D g u U o
  30. 30. Before anyone was instagramming their lunch #barramundi #rockart #ipw4
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  32. 32. Countries in green have ratified the 1989 Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention,_1989
  33. 33. #wcip2014 photo @ e palen New York City, USA • September 22-23, 2014 World Conference on Indigenous Peoples
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