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  1. 1. Cooperation and Collaboration Be generous! Here are some of our favorite quotes about collaboration and cooperation working toward the high trust environment. @ 11.2010 The unattended farm stand, with its honor box to deposit payment for your fruit and vegetable purchases, is a site for local asynchronous interaction. Buyer and seller come to the same place, but they do not have to be there at the same time. In contexts where it would be unwise to rely so completely upon trust, vending machines serve the same purpose. - William J. Mitchell, Placing Words A young man walking on a long stretch of beach encountered a young girl who was retrieving starfish and throwing them back out into the sea. The young man inquired why the girl was throwing the starfish back out to sea. There must be thousands of them and there are miles of beach in this area. What possible difference would it make? The girl paused thoughtfully as she prepared to throw another starfish and replied, 'It will make a difference to this one.' - Popular story Let us be lavish with praise. Nothing belongs to us. - Rainer Maria Rilke What kind of a world do you want for everybody? - Michael Ventura, Letters at 3AM All for one, and one for all. - Alexandre Dumas We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. - Benjamin Franklin There is no competition among lighthouses. - Popular expression The noblest art is that of making others happy. - P.T. Barnum Many hands make light work. - Popular saying The more the merrier. - Proverb One of the benefits of continuity is that the process of communication and organization is simplified. What works works, what does not work changes. - Conversation In obscurity or fame we're all playing in this game. - Ziggy Marley, Dragonfly I said why don't we get together and call ourselves an institute? - Paul Simon Are we singing off the same hymn sheet? - Conversation If I refused to learn from people unless I agreed with everything they had ever said and done, I would never learn from anyone. - Rob Brezsny, Pronoia When you visit a community, walk in, don't fly. - Papua New Guinea Proverb If we don't all prosper together, then nothing will have been achieved. - Eels and Stone Houses