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Prostate Gland Enlargement Treatment in Ayurveda - BPH Natural Cure


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Ayurvedic Treatment for Prostate Gland Enlargement of Planet Ayurveda- is very effective natural treatment. It reduces the PSA levels and shrink the enlarged prostate without surgery.

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Prostate Gland Enlargement Treatment in Ayurveda - BPH Natural Cure

  2. 2. PROSTATE GLAND There is a small gland surrounding the neck of urinary bladder in males, which is called prostate gland.
  3. 3.  The normal size of the prostate gland is about the size of a big walnut.  The ideal weight is about 11 grams but in most men, as they grow older, the size starts to increase. NORMAL PROSTATE GLAND
  4. 4.  An enlarged prostate means the gland has grown bigger. ENLARGED PROSTATE GLAND  As the gland grows, it can press on the urethra and cause urination and bladder problems.  Prostate enlargement happens to almost all men as they get older.
  5. 5. ENLARGED PROSTATE GLAND  An enlarged prostate is often called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or benign prostatic hypertrophy.  It is not cancer, and it does not raise your risk for prostate cancer.
  6. 6. ZONES OF PROSTATE GLAND The Prostate Gland has 4 zones :  Peripheral Zone – 70 % - Place for origin of Prostate cancers.  Central Zone – 25 %.  Transition Zone – 5 % - Site for origin of Prostate.  Hypertrophy causing cells.  Fibromuscular zone – 5 %
  7. 7. FUNCTION OF PROSTATE GLAND  The prostate gland secrets a fluid called “Prostatic secretions”.  These secretions are excellent to protect the spermatozoa from deadly, highly acidic media of the vagina.
  8. 8. Cont.  These secretions contain Prostate Specific Antigen ( PSA) and also ensure the longer survival of the genetic material inside the sperms.  The sperms remain motile for a longer period in the presence of prostatic secretions.
  9. 9. SYMPTOMS OF ENLARGED PROSTATE GLAND  Discomfort during passing of urine.  Straining during urination.  Painful sensation in between testicles and anus.  Sensation of incomplete emptying.  The urine flow reduces to 10 ml per second from 20 ml per second.  Recurrent urinary tract infections.
  10. 10. AYURVEDA AND ENLARGED PROSTATE  Ayurveda is an ancient healthcare system of India, being practiced since 5000 BC.  There are ancient texts like “Charaka Samhita” and many others and explained various health conditions and their natural treatments.  In Ayurveda, the enlarged prostate gland is called “Ashthila Rog” and it’s quite possible to shrink enlarged prostate and cure this problem using various herbal remedies.
  11. 11.  Tab. Varunadi Vati – 2 twice daily  Shilajit Capsules – 1 twice daily  Tab. Kachnaar Guggul – 2 twice daily  Cap. Tribulus terrestris – 1 twice daily  There are many ayurvedic and herbal remedies for prostate enlargement recommended to lower down PSA levels as well as taking care of symptoms.  The natural remedies to cure enlarged prostate described in Ayurveda are –
  12. 12. All these are used together, 1 hr. after meals to shrink the prostate and reduce down the PSA levels. HERBAL REMEDIES FOR ENLARGED PROSTATE
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  14. 14.  We are using 100 % vegetarian capsules made from plant cellulose and not hard gelatin capsules.  We are using pure herbs, standardized extracts in our 100 % natural herbal supplements.  We are filling 500 mg standardized herbal extracts in our vegetarian capsule shells.  The cost of herbal extract is 10 times more and the cost of standardized extract is further more.
  15. 15.  We fill only standardized extracts without any preservatives or fillers or chemicals.  Our products are 100 % natural supplements, made from pure natural herbal extracts in each capsule.  We have herbal supplements made from pure herbs, herbal tablets made from 100 % natural organic herbs, herbal juices prepared from best quality herbs, massage oils with 100% pure ingredients.
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  17. 17. This information is not to be used for self diagnosis or treatment. You should always consult your own doctor for specific advice concerning the treatment. The information is not intended to cover all possible uses, nor should it be construed to indicate that use of a particular herbal medicine is safe, appropriate or effective for you. It does not replace the need for services provided by your doctor. Think Herbal… and Live a Better Healthy Life!!! This consumer information is brought you by THANK YOU