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Prostate Care Pack | Should I Get A PSA Test?‎


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Ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate is very gentle and safe way to manage the condition, BPH. It includes various herbal remedies made from natural pure herbs.


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Prostate Care Pack | Should I Get A PSA Test?‎

  1. 1. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT  Prostate gland is the gland male that sits beneath the bladder.  It produces most of the fluid in semen, milky colored fluid that nourishes and transports sperm out of the penis during ejaculation. INTRODUCTION
  2. 2.  Most men have continued prostate growth throughout the life and this continued growth enlarges the prostate enough to cause urinary symptoms or to significantly blockage of urine flow. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT INTRODUCTION
  3. 3.  Generally Prostate gland enlargement is also called as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or Prostatic Hypertrophy.  It is a common condition as men get older. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  4. 4.  Mostly Prostate Enlargement is seen in men over 50.  If left untreated, it can block the urine flow from the bladder and leads to kidneys, bladder and whole urinary tract problems. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  5. 5.  Exact cause of Prostatic Hypertrophy is not known.  It takes place due to the changes in the balance of sex hormones. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT CAUSES
  6. 6. It has been known that BPH occurs mainly in older men and doesn't develop in men whose testes were removed before puberty.  Some researchers believe that factors related to aging and the testes may spur the development of BPH. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT CAUSES
  7. 7. Difficulty starting urination Weak urine stream Dribbling at the end of urination Recurrent need to urinate Increased occurrence of urination at night time SYMPTOMS PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  8. 8. Straining while urinating  Not being able to completely empty the bladder Urinary tract infection Stone formation in the bladder Reduced kidney functions SYMPTOMS PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  9. 9. Acute urinary retention Urinary tract infections Kidney failure Bladder damage COMPLICATIONS PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  10. 10. •Detail questioning of symptoms • Ultrasound (KUB) •Urine flow urine analysis •Prostate Specific Antigen test (PSA) DIAGNOSIS PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  11. 11. Trans-rectal Ultrasound Prostate Biopsy Cystoscopy CT Urogram DIAGNOSIS PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  12. 12. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT Shilajit Varun Punarnava Gokshur Guggul Kanchnaar Laksha Nagbala Raktachandan Asthisamhar Ashwagandha
  13. 13. Our “Prostate care pack” includes: Shilajit capsules Kanchnaar guggul Varunadi vati Tribulus power capsules PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  14. 14. Shilajitcapsule Shilajit is majorly famous for physical and mental stresses. It is a special formulation by Planet Ayurveda to take care in various ailments. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  15. 15. Regular intake of Shilajit is proved to overcome every kind of physical and mental stress. Surgery can be avoided if used regularly in case of Enlarged Prostate and Urinary Incontinence. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  16. 16. Also it has proven beneficial in Diabetes, Arthritis, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Kidney- Gall Bladder Stones, Low Libido, Erectile Dysfunctions, Other Sexual Disorders, improves Vigor and Stamina. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  17. 17. Kanchnaar Guggul Herbal preparation by Planet Ayurveda which contains herbs such as Laksha, Naagbala, Arjun, Guggul etc. It is beneficial for the people suffering from glandular enlargement like Prostate Enlargement. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  18. 18. Kanchnaar Guggul is also suggested in Thyroid, all types of Cancer, Uterine Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Piles, Brain Tumors etc. It is well known for its Anti- inflammatory Actions. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  19. 19. It also removes extra fats and reduces cholesterol. Also acts as Central Nervous System Stimulant. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  20. 20. Varunadi Vati Pure herbal preparation from Planet Ayurveda, consists of Varun, Punarnava, Rakta Chandan etc. It is considered to be helpful for people suffering from Kidney Stones, Urinary Incontinence, Chronic Cystitis, Dysuria etc. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  21. 21. It also acts as laxative and is very useful in Prostatic Hypertrophy and Prostate Cancer as well.  Varunadi vati can also control the levels of urea and creatinine in the urine. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  22. 22. Tribulus Power capsules  A natural formulation by Planet Ayurveda that improves self confidence in men. It is known to increase sperm count as well as its quality. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  23. 23. Also helps to cure Erectile Dysfunctions with regular use. It helps in reducing serum glucose levels and treats Hypertension by decreasing cholesterol levels in the body. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  24. 24. GUIDELINES IN PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT  Drink 6 to 8 glasses daily during day time to help prevent bacteria from accumulating in the bladder. Have fruits like grapes, apple, peaches, pears, plums etc for better results.  Lemon juice, pineapple juice, fresh coconut water, orange juice, sugarcane juice etc are more beneficial.
  25. 25. Avoid sun expose or heat. Avoid drinking more liquids after evening to reduce the need to urinate frequently during the night.  Avoid fried, oily and junk food to aggravate the symptoms. GUIDELINES IN PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  26. 26.  Avoid excessive perspiration as it takes away lot of water and therefore urine becomes concentrated. Passage of this concentrated urine through the urinary tract causes irritation and gives rise to various symptoms like burning micturition. GUIDELINES IN PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT
  27. 27.  Planet Ayurveda is the major manufacturer of Prostate Care Pack.
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