Breast Enlargement Natural Supplements - Bustonica Capsules


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Planet Ayurveda have researched a lot and manufactured herbal breast enlargement pills for women with small/medium sized breast. One of the safest natural ways for breast enlargement is bustonica capsules are formulated through ayurvedic ingredients. Read more from-

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Breast Enlargement Natural Supplements - Bustonica Capsules

  1. 1.  The Ayurvedic formulation Bustonica is a 100% pure product taken from the best quality herbs.  The herbal product uses pure extracts and delivers its effective qualities in the best possible way.  The Bustonica ayurvedic herbal capsules are a completely natural product.
  2. 2.  Helps lactating mothers prevent sagging breast  Helps young girls with undeveloped breasts  Helps regain breast shape  Helps regain breast size  Helps to gain healthy breast size and shape  Helps regain breast tone
  3. 3.  The size of breast is indication of good sexual health and it all depends on your sex hormone i.e. Estrogen and progesterone.  Bustonica when used regularly would help increase the breast size and enhance the self-confidence.
  4. 4.  In lactating mothers it is a common problem that the woman feels her breasts have lost their tone and strength after a few months of lactation.  Planet Ayurveda Bustonica Capsules are very effective in the treatment of saggy breasts.
  5. 5.  The regular use of Bustonica would work on the undeveloped breast side and enhance its growth, thereby increasing its size to be the same as the other one.  Breasts are sex organs and they increase the sex appeal of females and hence males are attracted.
  6. 6.  Some women who complain of difference in breast size.  Their right and left breast are unequal in size and shape.  The regular intake of Bustonica would eliminate the showing difference.  The breasts would become of the same size gradually.
  7. 7.  Some young girls who are not naturally blessed with beautiful assets.  Bustonica helps improve their natural breast shape without any side effects.
  8. 8. Indian Name Latin Name Quantity Vidarikand Pueraria mirifica std. ext. 175mg Varahikand Ipomea digitata std. ext. 100mg Shatavari Asparagus racemosus std. ext. 100mg Safed Musli C. borivilianum std. ext. 100mg Lodhra Symplocus racemosa std. ext. 25mg
  9. 9.  Planet Ayurveda is the major manufacturer of best quality Bustonica Capsules in India.  It is the leading supplier of Bustonica Capsules through out the world.  Please click on the link given below to Buy Bustonica Capsules online -
  10. 10. To Find Out More On Bustonica Capsules And Other Herbal Medicines - Visit Us - Email -
  11. 11.  Our Bustonica Capsules are packed in Vegetarian capsule shells.  Our Bustonica Capsules are not mixed with fillers, chemicals, other powders and are manufactured in world's best quality GMP certified company.
  12. 12.  Planet Ayurveda is a leading herbal GMP certified manufacturing, export company – owned by Dr. Vikram Chauhan from Chandigarh, India.  It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and sister concern of Krishna Herbal Company which is US-FDA registered.  Planet Ayurveda has distributors in various parts of the world and products range over 200.
  13. 13.  Adults can take a daily dosage of 1-2 capsules with water after meals. No major side effects have been reported in medical journals.  For young girls one capsule per day is the recommended dose.
  14. 14. Address : #3604, Sector 23-D, Chandigarh-160023, INDIA Phone - 0091-172-5073604 (Work) Cell Phone - Manager - 0091-9915593604 Websites - & E mail –
  15. 15. This information is not to be used for self diagnosis or treatment. You should always consult your own doctor for specific advice concerning the treatment. The information is not intended to cover all possible uses, nor should it be construed to indicate that use of a particular herbal medicine is safe, appropriate or effective for you. It does not replace the need for services provided by your doctor. Think Herbal… and Live a Better Healthy Life!!! This consumer information is brought you by