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Recommended food for diabetes has got very much importance as along with herbal remedies this also play very important role.

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Best And Worst Food Choices For Diabetes - Planet Ayurveda

  1. 1. When you've got diabetes, your food choices matter a lot. Some are better than others. To help you choose the food , here are lists of best and worst foods in the following category: Breads, grains, and other starches Vegetables Fruits Meat, meat substitutes, and other protein Dairy Fats, oils, and sweets
  2. 2. Whole-grain flours, such as whole wheat flour Best Choices
  3. 3. Whole grains, such as brown rice Best Choices
  4. 4. Cereals containing whole-grain ingredients and little added sugar Best Choices
  5. 5. Whole-grain bread Best Choices
  6. 6. Baked potato or baked steak fries Best Choices
  7. 7. Whole-grain flour or corn tortillas Best Choices
  8. 8. Worst Choices White flour
  9. 9. Processed grains, such as white rice Worst Choices
  10. 10. Cereals with little whole grain and lots of sugar Worst Choices
  11. 11. White bread Worst Choices
  12. 12. French fries Worst Choices
  13. 13. Fried white-flour tortillas Worst Choices
  14. 14. Fast-Food Hamburgers Worst Choices
  15. 15. Lot of sodas, even sugar-free sodas Worst Choices
  16. 16. High-Fructose Corn Syrup Worst Choices
  17. 17. Processed foods Worst Choices
  18. 18. Potato Chips Worst Choices
  19. 19. Many vegetables contain fiber and are naturally low in fat and sodium (unless they are canned). Starchy vegetables, such as potatoes and corn, aren't included in this category. They are considered part of the breads, grains, and other starches group.
  20. 20. Fresh vegetables, eaten raw or lightly steamed, roasted, or grilled Best Choices
  21. 21. Fresh cucumbers Best Choices
  22. 22. Fresh shredded cabbage or coleslaw Best Choices
  23. 23. Frozen vegetables, lightly steamed Worst Choices
  24. 24. Canned vegetables with lots of added sodium Worst Choices
  25. 25. Vegetables cooked with lots of added butter, cheese, or sauce Worst Choices
  26. 26. Pickles (if you need to limit sodium; otherwise, pickles are a good choice) Worst Choices
  27. 27. Sauerkraut, (same as pickles; limit only if you have high blood pressure) Worst Choices
  28. 28. Fruits have carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are naturally low in fat (except for avocados) and sodium. Fruits often have more carbs than are found in vegetables.
  29. 29. Fresh fruits Best Choices
  30. 30. Sugar-free or low-sugar jam or preserves Best Choices
  31. 31. No-sugar-added apple sauce Best Choices
  32. 32. 100% fresh fruit juice or low-carb juices Best Choices
  33. 33. Canned fruit with heavy sugar syrup Worst Choices
  34. 34. Chewy fruit rolls Best ChoicesWorst Choices
  35. 35. Regular jam, jelly, and preserves (unless portion is kept small) Best ChoicesWorst Choices
  36. 36. Sugar added apple sauce Best ChoicesWorst Choices
  37. 37. Fruit punch Best ChoicesWorst Choices
  38. 38. This category includes beef, chicken, fish, pork, turkey, seafood, beans, cheese, eggs, nuts, and tofu.
  39. 39. Baked, broiled, grilled, or stewed meats Best Choices
  40. 40. Lower-fat cuts of meat Best Choices
  41. 41. Low-fat cheeses Best Choices
  42. 42. Skinless breast of chicken or turkey Best Choices
  43. 43. Baked, broiled, steamed, or grilled fish Best Choices
  44. 44. Tofu lightly sautéed, steamed, or cooked in soup Best Choices
  45. 45. Baked or stewed beans Best Choices
  46. 46. Fried meats Worst Choices
  47. 47. Higher-fat cuts of meat Worst Choices
  48. 48. Pork bacon Worst Choices
  49. 49. Regular cheeses Worst Choices
  50. 50. Poultry with skin Worst Choices
  51. 51. Fried fish Worst Choices
  52. 52. Fried tofu Worst Choices
  53. 53. Beans prepared with lard Worst Choices
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