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Career pilot


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Austins Career, 8-6

Published in: Career
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Career pilot

  1. 1. Career: Pilot
  2. 2. Access Bridges• A pilot pilots a plane to a destination, carrying passengers or items needing shipping.• The average education required is a bachelors degree and any qualified flight school course.• The median salary for a pilot is $119,750 per year.
  3. 3. Access Bridges• A few duties that I pilot performs is flying a plane, landing a plane, and checking pre-flight procedures.• Its job outlook is good, its growth rate is 8.4%.• There is some potential for advancement, you can become a captian, and than a flight instructor.
  4. 4. Access Bridges• Some work environments include the inside of an airplane, and a desk, for when you are checking pre-flight procedures.• Some related majors are physics, engineering, and tech ed.
  5. 5. Career One Stop• A pilot flies cargo and passengers from one destination to another.• You need a bachelors degree and an average of 1 year of flight training.• The median salary is $105,600.
  6. 6. Career One Stop• 3 duties are flying passengers, making flight reports, and checking the plane for safety measures.• Its job outlook is growing at 6%.• Its work environment is in a cockpit and in an airport.
  7. 7. Career One Stop• Its potential for advancement is first captian, than flight instructor, than management employee.• Some related majors are computer science geography, and physics.
  8. 8. Occupational Outlook Handbook• A pilot navigates planes or helicopter with cargo, passengers, or news recorders for news companies.• You need a bachelors degree and a certificate from a military or civilian flight school.• The median salary is $92,060.
  9. 9. Occupational Outlook Handbook• A few duties are filming news events if you are working with a news company, flying passengers, and flying cargo.• The job out look is increasing at 11%.• The work environment is in a cockpit and at an office.
  10. 10. Occupational Outlook Handbook• Some potential for advancement is becoming a captian, and then becoming a flight instructor.• Some related majors are physics, geography, and technology.
  11. 11. Rationale• I chose this career for several reasons, here are some of the reasons. First off, my dad, uncle, and grandpa were all pilots. Secondly, my dad always encourages me to follow the career that he chose. Lastly, pilots make a lot of money so I can have cool stuff.
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