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  • Vision statement: PLANE will challenge and engage every teacher to contribute, learn and share experiences with a network of committed educators whose goal is to empower students to be 21st century learners.Funded under the Digital Education Revolution’s. ICT Innovation Fund: Digital Strategy for Teachers which is a national approach for teachers and school leaders across Australia to provide access to rich online learning resources, world class technology, and curriculum and ICT professional development.
  • PLANE will meet the just in time, anywhere, anytime, needs of pre-service teachers, in-service teachers and school leaders. PLANE acknowledges that teachers and leaders are at all levels of ICT competence and will have differing needs on their learning journey. There will be something for everyone in PLANE and a community of peers with whom to interact and grow.    Learning experiences will be:Project based collaboration.Simulated walk throughs or problem-solving quests in a learning game. Access to a virtual Library and Research World to view resources.Exploring futurepossibilities in virtual world with experts.Communicating with others through blogs and social networking spaces as well as discussion within the environments using communication functionalities. Sharing and contributing to the growth of PLANE.Use of resources and tools on mobile devices.
  • It will build on teachers existing social networks and tools.Teacher or leaders will log into the “Entrance” and have the option of taking an online self-evaluation to be directed to relevant learning experiences or to use a searchable menu/timetable of learning experiences. The professional learning experience will be hosted either within the rich multimedia environment or a virtual world environment depending on the nature of the learning and may be synchronous or asynchronous or a mixture of both. There will be access to highly accomplished ICT educators within PLANE who are also qualified as peer-coaches through the Microsoft Partners in learning program.PLANE will enable teachers and leader to set professional learning goals and collect evidence of their learning in a purpose built online space.Share with other educators and or use to attain evidence for professional accreditation. It will enable school, regions and districts to host and run their own customised professional learning activites using the PLANE platforms, resources and network.PLANE endeavours to promote best practice in professional learning that will build digital literacy and 21st Century learning skills thus increasing confidence in educators to teach with technology.
  • Open source and open standardsBuiltBuyme: a product by Tipodean TechnologiesRuns OpenSim in the browser (using Unity3D plugin)Allows for access from low bandwidth areasUses open standards web technology and can be configured to needsCan be embedded in social media like facebook or into websitesIs highly scalable
  • Phase 1 - research, testing (various platforms trialled on test server), requirements gatheringPhase 2 – Requirements gathering:focus groups with audience to develop user-case scenarios to help define professional learning requirements and platform features. Sourcing content and assets against our professional learning plan as well as designing new professional learning experiences. Phase 3 – PLANE will host the learning platforms and pilot the platforms and learning experiences with focus groups in June/JulyPhase 4 – Learning experiences, production level PLANE environment with integration of platforms and toolsPhase 5 – finalising and evaluation
  • This is the online professional learning we provide! Our tendency has been to transfer what has worked in one environment usually for the individual learner into another environment where the capacity to network and collaborate should remove some of the individual learner emphasis.
  • But yet this is where many of us (and many of our students) are and we wonder why our students are disengaged with learning, unmotivated, uninspired, bored and why our teachers aren’t sharing and connecting with professional learning or coming back for more – there is a disconnect between what we do in our lives and what we do in our learning - something has to change.The good news is change is happening - online learning is going through a revolution, most importantly in the shifting perception of what online learning can actually accomplish. The rise of mobile technology, social media and the popularity of games is breeding opportunities for innovators to create online learning that harnesses some of the power of games and can drive change. It's where this PLANE is heading... And we want to bring lots of teachers and leaders with us on the journey.
  • Use game dynamics to give educators agency over their own professional learning and to make it fun and engaging.Tap into the human desires for reward, status, achievement, self-expression, competition and altruism. By adding these game mechanics to learning experiences in PLANE we hope teachers will invest more time and effort in it, help each other and come back for more. And who knows perhaps they will enjoy this way of learning enough to try it in their teaching.Think of the popularity of Foursquare a location based service where a user checks-in and receives badges when they visit somewhere. The person who checks in the most at a location becomes 'mayor' of the location. In Farmville you advance further in the game if your friends play too. You receive points if your friends sign up, you complete tasks with their help and post your accomplishments on your Facebook wall which in turn gets more participation creating an endless loop of cooperative play.For those of you not using social networking yet think of Frequent flier programs. They have been around for a while where the more you use the service the more points you accrue, the higher your ranking and the more access you have to other gifts or services. But you can’t just slap points and badges onto PLANE and say it’s a game. We will be taking our teachers on a learning journey that they want to shape and be part of. PLANE is about peer recognition and enabling this in an online environment in a way that has not been accomplished before for teacher professional learning.
  • Alice is a Head Teacher Science and theTechnology Coordinator in a South Western Sydney school. She has been teaching for 5 years and is confident with her use of technology - integrating IWBs, edmodo, blogs, etc… regularly in her teaching. She is often the ‘go to’ person at her school for ICT knowledge. Most professional learning she has considered is skills focussed and aimed at a basic level, and she wants more than this. She’s particularly interested in game-based learning for new topics in the Australian science Curriculum as well as opportunities for collaboration with teachers who have been using GBL for some time. Alice goes to PLANE and finds teachers who have experience of game-based learning through their public profiles. Some of the teachers have also uploaded include samples of student developed games in a range of subject areas.  Alice “likes” these resources and comments on one or two of them. She receives reputationpoints for her input. Through other teachers in PLANE she finds out about Machinima (Masheenuma) - an animated 3D story used in a game or movie format. She logs on to the Machinima website to find out more about it and explore how she can integrate it into her student learning programs.   She goes back to PLANE to share what she has found out and to reflect with and discuss what worked and what didn’t with other teachers who have been using Machinima in their teaching.  She gains further reputation points for her collaboration and for sharing her lesson plan and what worked and what didn’t. She receives an ‘implementation achievement award’ for making the link to syllabus learning outcomes.Alice is able to use her network on PLANE to extend her use of game-based learning. She continues to accrue reputationpoints in PLANE every time her resources are of value to other teachers. She is now prepared to lead a professional learning program with other teachers in her school and she will share the school implementation with the wider network of educators through PLANE.  Alice has reached a reputation points threshold in PLANE and her status now shows here as an expert facilitator of game-based learning. She can be invited to present at conferences, to other schools or run in-world master classes with demonstrations of student work through PLANE.
  • Butchers paper in front of you. (5 mins)Discuss pair/share and document on butchers paperOutline some of the learning experiences that have been most valuable in enabling pedagogical improvement in your school – what worked best? How could PLANE support you in leading pedagogical improvement with the innovative use of ICT?
  • Butchers paper in front of you. (10 mins)In table groups discuss and provide responses to the questions on the paper.Questions for input around whole school improvement with ICT:What would you like a self-evaluation tool e.g. CLAS/ProveIt to provide for you as a leader of ICT innovation?What does a good integration of ICT in teaching and learning look like in a school?How could Good ICT integration be recognised and measured?
  • Butchers paper in front of you. In table groups discuss and provide responses on the paper to the 5 questions.
  • Get your phones out because we want you to vote on the 3 most important things PLANE needs to do to support you in leading pedagogical improvement with the innovative use of ICT.PLANE aims to support pedagogical improvement with the innovative use of ICT in teaching and learning.Vote for the 3 most important to you in making this happen. Networking with other school leaders to share strategiesSupporting implementation of the national curriculum (ICT)Sourcing challenging and inspirational ideasProviding learning for all levels of ICT integrationCreating and leading professional learning with ICTFinding accredited professional learningProviding tools to view school ICT integration in teaching and learningProviding resources for school leaders
  • Plane presentation spc_27-may-2011

    1. 1. “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we will rob our children of tomorrow.” <br />John Dewey<br />PLANE<br />Soar Higher<br />1<br />
    2. 2. PLANE?<br />PLANE – Soar Higher<br />Pathways for<br />Learning<br />Anywhere, Anytime<br />a Network<br />for Educators<br />2<br />
    3. 3. Who?<br />PLANE – Soar Higher<br />3<br />
    4. 4. Why?<br />PLANE – Soar Higher<br />4<br />
    5. 5. PLANE – Soar Higher<br />What?<br />5<br />
    6. 6. How?<br />PLANE – Soar Higher<br />6<br />
    7. 7. When?<br />PLANE – Soar Higher<br />7<br />
    8. 8.
    9. 9.
    10. 10. PLANE – Soar Higher<br /><br />
    11. 11. PLANE – Soar Higher<br />8<br />
    12. 12. PLANE – Soar Higher<br />Discuss:<br />Outline some of the learning experiences that have been most valuable in enabling pedagogical improvement in your school – what worked best? <br />How could PLANE support you in leading pedagogical improvement with the innovative use of ICT? <br />
    13. 13. PLANE – Soar Higher<br />Tell us:<br />As a leader of ICT innovation, what could a self-evaluation tool such as CLAS provide for you?<br />What does good integration of ICT in teaching and learning look like in a school?<br />How could good ICT integration be recognised and measured?<br />
    14. 14. PLANE – Soar Higher<br />What do you think?<br />The biggest issue to overcome is...<br />Have PLANE thought about...<br />If I was the pilot of the PLANE I would....<br />My question for the PLANE team is...<br />Anything else…<br />
    15. 15. PLANE – Soar Higher<br />I fly and I vote…<br />PLANE aims to support pedagogical improvement with the innovative use of ICT in teaching and learning.<br />Vote for the 3 most important to you in making this happen.<br />
    16. 16. Where?<br />PLANE – Soar Higher<br /><br /><br />@planejourney<br /><br />8<br />