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Steve Price Application


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My application for Professor/Associate Professor (50%) of Interaction Design at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Steve Price Application

  1. 1. Requirements for the application 1. THE APPLICATION • Please read the job description. If you have not received it, find it at or send an e-mail to • Please write an application where you describe your qualifications in relation to the requirements listed as important for the position, including a description of your intentions and objectives for the six-year period. Enclose an updated CV. • Please fill in the enclosed application form. 2. DOCUMENTATIONAL MATERIAL • On the basis of the above, applicants are asked to submit a documented, extensive overview of their artistic activities and all other activities of relevance to the position, including examples of artistic documentation. • The documentation must include a complete list of all enclosures. Documentation of artistic and technical activity in the form of single copies of slides etc. Written material such as articles, compendiums etc. should be submitted in four copies. • Digital material will only be considered if submitted in the following standard formats: Material Medium Format Notes Presentations CD pdf Converted to Acrobat pdf (images and written text) Video DVD Must have been tested on PC or Mac, as external DVD players are considered unreliable. Images CD jpg Write only the actual image files tif to the CD, not the album or presentation from e.g. Photoshop or Powerpoint. Audio CD Audio CD Must be written as audio CD, not data CD The applicant is responsible for ensuring that adequate documentation is submitted.
  2. 2. Bergen National Academy of the Arts Application form Reference No: Please refer to advertisement (office use only) Application No: Generated on submission of application (office use only) Post Title: Please refer to advertisement Candidates are requested to complete the application form in black ink or typescript for copying purposes. If handwritten, then write clearly or in capitals. 1 Personal Details Last Name / Family Name: Price First Name(s): Steven Title: Mr Age: 33 Address: Winter Cottage, 4 Medina Grove, London (until October 19th) Fredrick Meltzers gate 11B, Bergen 5007, Norway (from October 20th) Post Code: N7 7JZ Telephone Daytime: Number: 0044 207 609 7331 Evening: Mobile Number: Email Address: 0044 7971 207 276 2 General & Further Education School / College / University / Qualifications Obtained Grades / Levels and Professional Body Dates Obtained Central Saint Martins MA Communication Design Pass with Merit Nottingham Trent University BA Honours Graphic Design Pass with Distinction Kent Institute of Art & Design Foundation Merit Longfield Upper School A Level 1 x A, B, C Longfield Upper School GCSE 2 x A, 4 x B, 3 x C
  3. 3. 3 Experience including teaching experience I have been a practicing designer for eleven years. In that opening sentence is the clue: practicing. You are only as good as your last project, and you are quickly looking for, or starting your next. There are no given solutions, no formulaʼs that you can apply to each and every client or brief and this is what I love about being a designer. Of those eleven years I have spent eight of them working for myself. It has provided me with a flexible life, exciting collaborations, travel around the globe and opportunities that would perhaps never have transpired if my ninth grade Art teacher hadnʼt pulled me aside and told me I was good at art; so I have a teacher to thank for my career! From that moment, aged 14, I have happily dedicated my adult life to being creative. Iʼve created work I am hugely proud of, some work Iʼll never admit too, made some money, spent it, made mistakes and trie to learn from them, made friends and made decisions that have unquestionably affected where I am today. I have worked (and continue to work) with a variety of clients from different sectors of commerce and industry. I have specialise in art direction and design across all forms off communication media because I believe that a designers core abilities and process of thought apply to any medium, regardless of their speciality. I have actively pursued new challenges presented to me by technology, software and one thing remains crucial to my design methodology and approach; does it communicate? Can the message be made simpler? Design has been a passion of mine, and remains so. I enjoy exploring other avenues including non- commercial work ( Recently I have revisited screenprinting and was invited to exhibit my own solo show as well as having work shown in three other exhibitions. My print work has so far been accepted in to three published books due out in 2010. Film has always been a big interest of mine. I am currently working on a music video treatment for a band called Notes, as well as other aspirations I have for film including a screenplay for a short-film called ʻEverything is Calmerʼ. I love writing and enjoy writing my blog ( Offline I am co-writing a novel called ʻTwo Sidesʼ. The process of writing this book is the interesting part. My writing partner and I adhere to strict rules: 1. we are not allowed to discuss what direction the story is going, 2. we write our section and pass it on with no other information, 3. the recipient then writes and sends it back, 4. we can discuss what has been written, but cannot amend it in any way (apart from grammatical edits). It is a great process that I created to help constantly keep the story fresh, and evolving. I have also always loved teaching, because teaching at higher education level is about discussion, guidnace, advising and sharing inspirations. The first workshop I ran at Nottingham Trent University was a motion graphics project. One student had never even thought about this medium and enjoyed it so much that he now works at Pixar in Los Angeles. I donʼt take credit for this, but knowing that I had a small part to play is incredibly humbling. I provided more detailed examples of my teaching experience in the accompanying pdf: ʻStevePrice_teaching.pdfʼ. I have run many workshops at Nottingham Trent University, the briefs covered various mediums such as motion graphics, identity and brand awareness campaigns. I have given talks and seminars at Central Saint Martins, Birmingham University, The London College of Communications (LCC) and Winchester Arts School. At KHiB I have run two workshops in 2007 and 2008. These workshops were intended to give the students a small insight in to commercial reality. Not just about developing great concepts, but how to deliver and present them. How to communicate with clients, how to prepare budgets and project schedules as well as working to realistic timeframes, deliberating over and making conscious decisions about projects based on factual information that they were responsible for finding out. The briefs for these and all my other teaching experiences can be found in the document titled, ʻStevePrice_teaching.pdfʼ. In Malaysia 2007 I was invited out there to teach at KBU. I worked with a group of some twenty students who were all from the S.E Asia area. The results were fantastic, as well as the food! Which brings me on to my other keen interest; cooking. Before, during and some time after my Bachelor degree I worked as a chef in a french restaurant. Since then Iʼve always loved cooking, and inparticular; baking cakes. Iʼm in the process of researching the possibility of opening my own Cupcake shop called MorMor!
  4. 4. 4 Important exhibitions (please see ‘StevePrice_Exhibitions.pdf) In the last year I made the decision to return to screen-printing for a number of reasons. I wanted to get my hands dirty, really dirty again. I also had a whole range of non-commercial work that I wanted to ʻget off my chestʼ under the title ʻDemocrazyʼ; I first created a poster entitled ʻKeep Spending and Stay in Debtʼ; a modern day take on a British, World War Two classic that read ʻKeep Calm and Carry onʼ; a poster commissioned by King George in 1939 to be used in the event that the Naziʼs invade. Thankfully they didnʼt and this poster remained largely unknown about until recently last year. By which time Iʼd already made my modern-day twist which was spotted and featured by Design Week magazine. Shortly after that article I was invited to show the poster in its full range (printed in black, gold, silver and bronze) at an big exhibition called Affluenza. Following on from Affluenza I was offered my first solo show in in Whitechapel, the creative hub in Londonʼs east end, at a private gallery called NO:ID. Here I showed my recent range screen-prints called ʻDemocracy Two Point Zeroʼ. A collection of twenty sociopolitical screen-prints that aimed to question, comment, celebrate or pay homage too our bankers, world leaders, pop stars and social networking platforms alike. Most recently this collection has been shown at London's ʻThe Hubʼ in Kings Cross, and will now be going on tour to all The Hubs around the world including Holland, Japan, New York and Berlin I have also just been informed that two pieces from my ʻDemocracy Two Point Zeroʼ have been chosen to appear in the forthcoming ʻCreate Democracyʼ as part of the North East Design Event 2009 (
  5. 5. 5 Please write maximum one page about your submitted documentation material. Describe the content and what time period you did the work. This page will follow your application in the further recruitment process. Moving to Bergen marks a new chapter in for and my family, and the perfect opportunity to challenge myself once again. Not least with trying to learn a new language, and live in a completely new country but to work there and hopefully at KHiB. I will be starting a course to try and learn Norwegian as soon as possible. It is important for my physiological being to feel that I am genuinely contributing to the society and local area, and Iʼve often said that I would love to work at KHiB for more than just two weeks. The opportunity to be part of the progressive development of the academyʼs already infamous reputation for talented design graduates would be a privilege and a challenge I would relish. I have given this application and the supporting information the careful consideration I believe it warrants. I firmly believe that I have the qualifications and the experience required for this role, and the passion to be the right candidate for the job. For that reason I have gone to great lengths to compile a picture of who I am and what I have done for you. I have produced a document (StevePrice_InteractiveWork.pdf) that shows most of my interactive/online work since 1999; a cathartic experience putting that together! I have also written a paper on the realm of interactive/interaction design and my view of where it came from, where it is, and where it might be. I have also included a summary of the exhibitions I have been invited to show work in. These are mostly my non-commercial work, but since starting out on a my private, creative crusade I have shown work in five exhibitions and already had work published in three books; which is immensely motivating for my next collection of work(s). There is more, so I thought it would be helpful for you if I included the following: 1. Resume (StevePrice_Resume.pdf) Accompanied with an introduction, and my ideas regarding the course. 2. ʻChoronologicaldigitaltimelineʼ (StevePrice_InteractiveWork.pdf): I decided it might be of interest for you to see a chronological history of the interactive/online work that I have produced since starting as a designer. This shows a range of projects dating back from 1999 to-date; quite a cathartic process for me. 3. ʻSimple GDTʼ (StevePrice_SimpleGDT.pdf/StevePrice_Questionnaire.pdf): like a short film, but in this instance a paper on my own experience of the interactive design realm, along with my understanding of itʼs relevance, past and potential. 4. MA Thesis + Project (StevePrice_MABook.pdf/StevePrice_MAThesis.pdf): A copy of my MA thesis and final major project for you to review. Which discussed and questioned our interaction with actual space, and concluded with a book examining how we as graphic designers might better understand spatial environments. 5. Teaching Experience (StevePrice_Teaching.pdf): a brief review of the workshops/seminars I have been involved with. 6. Exhibitions (StevePrice_Exhibitions.pdf): a review of the exhibitions I have produced. 7. Press + Publications (StevePrice_Published.pdf): a review of published works and pr 8. References (StevePrice_References.pdf): I have taken the liberty to include a host of references from industry piers to various course leaders. I have always enjoyed my workshops at KHiB. The students are a real credit and have always welcomed me and worked very hard on every aspect. Contrary to most schools I have visited, the restriction in students is fantastic because you feel you can give your time to each and every one, which is largely what most under- graduates need in the beginning. I would relish the opportunity to come and be interviewed and/or give a presentation to you and the students.
  6. 6. 6 Declaration To the best of my knowledge and belief, the information contained in this form is accurate. I understand that giving false information, or failure to supply details, will invalidate an offer of employment, or lead to termination of employment. I agree to this information being used for legitimate purposes connected with recruitment and selection monitoring. Please note that, in submitting this form, you have accepted these terms, and agree to this declaration. Signed: (type your name if emailing this form) Date: 29/09/2009 Steve Price Please Return the Completed Form to: Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen Department of Personnel Strømgt. 1 N-5015 Bergen Norway Should you require assistance in completing this application form, then please contact Personnel Department or For more information: