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Steve Price: References


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I have taken the liberty of approaching several piers, former colleagues and clients for references.

Published in: Design, Technology
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Steve Price: References

  1. 1. Steve Price Winter Cottage 4 Medina Grove London N7 7JZ Professor/Associate Professor of Interaction design at KHiB Reference for Steve Price. I have known of Steve Price for over ten years since starting Digit in Nottingham 15 years ago where he also graduated. In more recent years I am pleased to say that I have come to know him much better in both a social and a professional capacity and have enjoyed watching him grow as a designer with his own company, Plan-B Studio. Four years ago we (Digit) were working with Vodafone on their online, pan-European strategy and campaigns, as well as launching the BlackBerry across Europe. Part of the remit for this launch was to produce promotion campaign material. I immediately invited Steve to come onboard to creatively run that project for me. His role in that project was of great value; his ability to work not just with our team at Digit, but with Vodafone's marketing team and a variety of production companies. He was completely committed to the project that expanded from three weeks to two months, and as creative director I felt completely at ease leaving him to his devices from the beginning. Steve's passion and talent for producing great design is only strengthened by his natural ability to work with others, and work tirelessly to achieve whatever is needed. His communication skills in presenting are first rate; no mean feat when you are presenting to the marketing board of Vodafone Europe! The client, Vodafone, originally intended to put campaign material in to Heathrow, but on seeing the results of both Century Twenty-One and our video (created by Steve) they had fourteen models of giant phones made and sent them off across Europe. I've read your job description for the role and I thoroughly recommend Steve as an ideal candidate for your post. Yours Truly Mr Daljit Singh Founder/Exec Creative Director.
  2. 2. Hakmilik oleh First City Corp. Sdn. Bhd. (No Syarikat: 193236-T) From: Head, Date: 14 August 2009 School of Design KBU International College, Malaysia To: Whom it may concern Dear Sir, Re: Letter of Testimonial Steve Price was recommended to us through our collaborative partner, Nottingham Trent University in the UK. Steve is the founder of plan-b studio, based in London. Besides the professional practice in design, Steve has shown great enthusiasms in teaching too. He did guest lecturing at Nottingham Trent University which the University is his alma mater; and at some other universities or colleges. In Jan 2007, we invited Steve to conduct a 3-day design workshop entitled “Graphic Design: Response+ability” to KBU’s final year BA (Hons) Graphic Design students. The workshop was indeed a good one. Steve had proven himself as an excellent facilitator, his commitment and ability is of a highly professional perspective. His willingness to share knowledge and passion in design is very much commendable. Steve carries an extensive portfolio includes creative works of various media and approaches. His works cover a wide spread of subject areas from commercial to social issues; from print, image making to web based interactive projects. I personally enjoy plan-b studio’s webpage which Steve sends me for periodical update of his projects. I have no issue to recommend Steve to you and your organisation. With his extensive experience, knowledge and abilities; most importantly with his professional attitude, I believe Steve would be a valuable faculty member to your organisation and the students. Thank you and I wish you and Steve all the best for the future undertaking. Yours Sincerely, Anis Laila Yap Abdullah Head School of Design KBU International College No. 1, Persiaran Bukit Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Tel: (603) 7727 3200 Fax: (603) 7727 2733 website: email:
  3. 3. Steve Price Ms Chris Treweek Academic Team Leader Winter Cottage Nottingham Trent University 4 Medina grove Burton Street Nottingham London NG1 4BU N7 7JZ 22 June 2009 To whom it may concern: Professor/Associate Professor of Interaction design Reference for Steve Price I have known Steve for ten years, first in my capacity as Programme Leader for BA Hons Graphic Design and later through my role as Head of Visual Communication at Nottingham Trent University. Steve had graduated from the programme in 1998 with a 1st Class degree. This was I joined the University, but when he approached us to enquire about the part time teaching on the course, I was impressed by his and energy and his enthusiasm to contribute to the education of other young designers. He was involved as visiting lecturer over a number of years, and brought a wealth of current experience to the projects that he was involved in. Some years he was also involved in a scheme where we invite professional experts to write and lead a specialist project which was offered to the student as project option in second year. Feedback from the students about Steve’s teaching has always been very positive. They valued the breadth of his professional experience and his ability to encourage their creative thinking and challenge them in away that help theme to clarify their conceptual ideas. His part time teaching experience has confirmed an interest and ability as a teacher, and I have no doubt about his ability to develop into a permanent academic role. He would also bring and enormous wealth of professional experience which ranges across branding, print, interaction design, motion graphics and illustration. He fully appreciates the changing nature of contemporary design and has personal experience of developing a business a career that demands the integration, collaboration and flexible ways of working required in the current global context of design. I thoroughly recommend him to you and an excellent candidate for the post. Whilst all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the truth and accuracy of the statements made in this reference, neither the referee nor the University will be held responsible for any errors, omissions or misstatements contained in the reference. Yours sincerely
  4. 4. Ms Chris Treweek Academic Team Leader Visual Communication Email: Direct line: 0115 848 8263
  5. 5. Winter Cottage 4 Medina Grove London N7 7JZ United Kingdom 7 September 2009 To Whom It May Concern: Professor/Associate Professor of Interaction design at KHiB Reference for Steve Price I have known Steve Price since 2006. Steve was highly recommended by several colleagues to collaborate with our team to produce bid documentation for a multinational Property Developer in the United Kingdom. It was clear from the outset that his design and communication insight went far beyond that of traditional print design (as we knew it), and it wasn’t long before he became a fixture in all of our design proposals for clients. His abilities transcend design with a keen understanding and appreciation for brand values and his uncanny knack for problem solving at an early feasibility stage helped us develop concise, clearly defined work which has since paid dividends. Steve understands what good design is and we share a mutual appreciation to put the world to rights. As a designer he is beyond question - talented and diverse. His range of skills and general knowledge is impressive, but it’s his passion for detail which takes him beyond what is expected of designers. He challenges convention where appropriate and acute to knowing when and how to bring out the best in others around him. Steve’s design credibility is backed up with an endearing quality that has on several occasions tamed even the most hostile property developers, something I rarely achieve. Knowing people, reading their personalities and being flexible to accommodate these nuances is a skill that he will naturally pass onto others through his teachings, a vital element of good business in my opinion. Lastly, he is articulate and a formidable executioner of words. Both within, and beyond professional circles his witty banter makes for a likeable character with a strong personality that continuously shines through. Yours truly, Craig Coulton, Managing Director ………………………………. For Concept Guardian Limited Concept Guardian Limited 49 Alma Road, London SW18 1AE, UK +44 2088742281 Reg. Co. No 5822501 Reg. VAT No 882549483 Page 1 of 1