User interface – client / portal by Tor Gunnar Øverli


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User interface – client / portal by Tor Gunnar Øverli

  1. 1. User interface – client / portalTor Gunnar Øverli, March 2013
  2. 2. … from DOW
  3. 3. … from D2.4.1
  4. 4. User focusSimplicity –less is moreModestyConsistencySpecialassistance forfirst time userUniversaldesignResponsivedesignBuilding brandBuilding trustDesign principles
  5. 5. We have to balance…Focus on planningdata•Planning data = dataabout planned (andexisting) land use)Tool for performingplanning•Analyses•Business oriented•Broad range of spatialand non spatial data•DOW•Requires both approaches•Availability / Quality•Access to planning data &harmonisation•For analyses – what data isrequired?•Broking house•Competition•Licensing•Pricing•Analyses•Relevant questions• Ensure “correct” answers
  6. 6. Wireframe• Ideas on how to design the portal• Focus on broking house approach– Planning data– Other spatial and non-spatial data– Analyses
  7. 7. Mockup – more on analyses• Further ideas on how analyses can be built
  8. 8. Analytical Panel - was designed toassist you in a process of searchingand evaluating locations overEurope. Either if you are a privateinvestor or a representative of ahuge enterprise, you can benefitfrom the Plan4Businesscomprehensive data archive.News,Adds,Banners….Analytical PanelP4B Platform Customers Partners Abut UsSupportLog out EnglishIf the system is expected tobe used by internationalcommunity, it should bemulti-languageThis takes the user to theAnalitycal PanelAnalytical Portal isdesigned for P4BPartners, but informationabout whole P4Binitiative
  9. 9. Please Sign In. If you have notregistered yet please register.E-mail:Password:Sign InReset passwordSign in RegisterObviously an user has toSign in before using theanalytical toolsAnd if he’s not registered…
  10. 10. Please provide the following information to create your account.E-mail: First Name: ksjsPassword: Last Name: jsskksklConfirm Password: Job title: paymant optionCountry: Company / OrganisatonSign in RegisterPayment options – PayPalRules, kind of agreement withthe P4B PO, and informationalvalue of zoning data.P4B do not take responsibilitiesfor …………. cased by decisiontaken on the base ofinformation provided by P4BPortalRegister nowI accept rules of P4B platform
  11. 11. Do you have a proposal of location?No, I’m looking for a proper locationYes, I want to evaluate location thatI know nowThe Plan4Business platform wasdesigned to assist you in a process ofsearching and evaluating locationsover Europe. Either if you are a privateinvestor or a representative of a hugeenterprise, you can benefit from thePlan4Business comprehensive dataarchive.You have only to answer questionsappearing…No, I want to search offers ofpropertiesLog outSearch only on the base ofstatistical data, and data ofPan-European extend (i.e.indexes of LULC dynamics ortouristic value) (TBD)Offers of properties, datasource – authorities or localproviders (TBD)Selected option…
  12. 12. How do you want to define your AOI?Search by names and addressesMap definitionUpload file with spatial definition(KML, shapefile)GPSLog outSelected option…
  13. 13. Evaluating of the location.What do you plan to use the placefor?Residential house(s)Touristic facilitie(s)Commercial site(s)Industrial plant(s)Agriculture (s)Log outSelected option…
  14. 14. What kind of information do you wishto include in the site evaluationreport?EconomySocietyEnvironmentLand Use (+Land Cover)Tourism (optional)Real Estate PricesContact Info. (to administration)ExecuteLog outIndexes andinformationcharacteristic foreach subject (in thiscase tourism)
  15. 15. Log out61%It can take sometime…
  16. 16. Log outLand UseEnvironmentEconomy Society Tourism Real-estate…Generate PDF reportContact info.Location: Poland, Dolnośląskie voivodship, WrocławCoordinates: 51°07 N 17°02 E
  17. 17. EnvironmentLog outLand UseEconomy Society Tourism Real-estate…Generate PDF reportContact info.Location: Poland, Dolnośląskie voivodship, WrocławCoordinates:
  18. 18. • What is implemented – and what can beimplemented?• What data will we have to be able todemonstrate this?