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NEXTGEOSS Opensearch


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Jovanka Gulicoska

Published in: Data & Analytics
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NEXTGEOSS Opensearch

  1. 1. NEXTGEOSS Opensearch Jovanka Gulicoska Datopian Webinar, 13 September 2019
  2. 2. 1. Opensearch page 2. Collections page 3. Opensearch description documents 4. Opensearch Examples 5. Datahub Opensearch AGENDA
  3. 3. Opensearch page
  4. 4. Opensearch description document ●
  5. 5. Opensearch description document ● For a specific collection /opensearch/description.xml?osdd=SENTINEL1_L1_GRD
  6. 6. Opensearch two step search - 1 step ● Search for a specific collection /opensearch/search.xml?productType=SENTINEL1_L1_GRD
  7. 7. Opensearch two step search - 2 step ● Apply additional parameters /opensearch/search.xml?productType=SENTINEL1_L1_GRD&swath= S3
  8. 8. Datahub - OpenSearch button
  9. 9. Opensearch two step search ● For a specific collection /opensearch/search.xml?productType=SENTINEL1_L1_GRD
  10. 10. Datahub - Opensearch
  11. 11. Datahub - Opensearch button
  12. 12. Summary Data & Innovation Hubs, Platforms and APIs Supporting and participating in the Pilsen INSPIRE hackathon will be following up our strategy for sustainability of the NextGEOSS data hub and platform – With Open Search we are providing yet another tool for searching through the datahub so users can find the data they are looking for more efficiently. We also provide a way for users which are not that familiar with opensearch API and get to the result that they need. Future – NextGEOSS is here to stay We are going to improve the functionality of OpenSearch, provide more parameters for searching through the datasets, add new collections and harvesters so we can collect your data. Stay updated!
  13. 13. Thank you!