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Mundi Presentation - A Space of New Opportunities


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Atos Copernicus DIAS
Data and Information Access Services

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Mundi Presentation - A Space of New Opportunities

  1. 1. © Copyright 2019 Mundi Web Services Mundi Presentation A space of new opportunities Atos Copernicus DIAS Data and Information Access Services
  2. 2. Mundi at a glance 1. General presentation 2. Mundi Offer 3. How to Join Mundi 2
  3. 3. 1 General presentation
  4. 4. Combining simple access to Copernicus, other satellite and third party data. Using cloud and big data technologies, Mundi accelerates the time to market for innovative services based on earth observation data. Mundi allows to deliver a service that is distinctive, reliable, and immediately monetizable. Mundi, the Atos DIAS Photo: ESA4
  5. 5. Use Earth observation data: a technological & human challenge • Combine satellite data with in situ or enterprise data • Understand, select, download, conserve and process each data • Harness a range of scientific and technical skills and manpower • Load and store petabytes of data • Deploy high performance processing capabilities Photo: ESA55
  6. 6. Robust Cloud Platform Curated Data Collection Selected Tools Collection Adapted Support Technical - Business – Functional Key elements 6
  7. 7. Data Collection EarthObs.Otherdata ESA Thematic Data 8 EMERGENCY LAND CLIMATE ATMOSPHERE MARINE SECURITY (coming) SENTINEL 1 – SLC – GRD Altimetry SENTINEL 2 – L1C - L2A Visible – VNIR – SWIR Land Monitoring SENTINEL 3 – L1 – L2 Ocean Monitoring SENTINEL 5P Troposphere Monitoring LANDSAT 7 – 8 COSMO-SkyMed (coming) VHR collection (coming) GIS Maps (OpenStreetMaps) Geologic maps …
  8. 8. 2 Mundi Offer 9
  9. 9. Mundi Offer Jupyter Notebook 10 • Mundi Jupyter Notebook (open for all Mundi users) • How-to use Mundi APIs • Catalogue access : OpenSearch/CSW • OGC interfaces : WMS/WMTS/WCS • Access to CMEMS and CAMS products (C3S to come) • Direct access to products • Allowing data fusion • From prototyping to high-processing • Upgrading Mundi Jupyter Notebook • JupyterHub for a community • Jupyter Notebook powered by Spark
  10. 10. Mundi Offer Mundi Explore: example of Front Office 11 • Based on Mundi API • Display images • Search for products • Source code
  11. 11. Mundi offering Basic format 12 • Mundi basic offering = ESA offering • Users access products with the same formats as available today by ESA. • The format has the drawback that they are complex and designed for file by file usage. • Example: The S1 compressed file formats makes it necessary to copy the whole file locally, un-compress it and then read it as a file. • Example: The S2 JPEG2000 format is complex and requires commercial readers which in most cases are slow. Sentinel 1 Zipped TIFF Sentinel 2 JPEG2000 Sentinel 3 NET CDF Landsat 8 Zipped TIFF Sentinel 5P NET CDF
  12. 12. Mundi offering Recommended Mundi format 13 • Establish a Mundi format as a COG-layer for each dataset (Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF). Sentinel 1 Zipped TIFF Sentinel 2 JPEG2000 Sentinel 3 NET CDF Landsat 8 Zipped TIFF Sentinel 5P NET CDF COG COG COG COG COG YES simple and fast to read YES simple and fast to read YES simple and fast to read YES simple and fast to read YES simple and fast to read
  13. 13. Mundi offering Access to historical data 14 • Historical data are accessible for free on Mundi • More than 300 products can be reloaded per month by a single user • For specific needs, Mundi can work on a dedicated plan • Be aware that ESA hubs have rolling policies Mission Rolling start date Sentinel-1 12 September 2018 Sentinel-2 Q3 2019 Sentinel-3 Q3 2019 Mission dataset Retention period Sentinel-1 12 months Sentinel-2 L1c 12 months Sentinel-2 L2a 18 months Sentinel-3 12 months
  14. 14. Mundi processing On-demand 15 • As user of Mundi, a processing service is available • All processing is possible, few examples of available processings: • Sentinel-1 GRD Orthoimages • Cloud mask (Fmask for example) computation • Mosaicking images • Conversion to COG (out of last 3 month) • Your own processing • Billing of this service depends on the usage • Lower cost using Mundi processing
  15. 15. Mundi Offer Growing Mundi Marketplace 16 • Mundi Advanced Access Datacube • Joint wok of Atos and MEEO • Trial access for Mundi users • API and GUI access • Sentinel Hub (coming next) • Full access to Mundi data • Bring your own data feature • Trial access for Mundi users
  16. 16. 3 Join Mundi 17
  17. 17. Create your Mundi account 18
  18. 18. Explore Mundi marketplace 19
  19. 19. Explore Mundi data 20
  20. 20. Try it at 21
  21. 21. Thank you Mundi Web Service Twitter: @mundiwebservice