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DataBio Helsinki Stakeholder Event 2nd


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Harnessing Digitalization, Open and Big Data for the Benefit of Forestry

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DataBio Helsinki Stakeholder Event 2nd

  1. 1. This document is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732064. It is the property of the DataBio consortium and shall not be distributed or reproduced without the formal approval of the DataBio Management Committee. Project Acronym: DataBio Grant Agreement number: 732064 (H2020-ICT-2016-1 – Innovation Action) Project Full Title: Data-Driven Bioeconomy Project Coordinator: INTRASOFT International MEETING AGENDA DataBio Helsinki Stakeholder Event: “Harnessing Digitalization, Open and Big Data for the Benefit of Forestry” Date(s) 2nd of October 2019 Place Pääposti, Mannerheiminaukio 1B, 00100 Helsinki Status - version, date v1.0 4.7.2019 Dissemination level Public
  2. 2. Dissemination level: Public Page 2 Table of Contents 1 Meeting venue information 3 1.1 Directions to the venue 3 2 Agenda for the 2nd of October 4
  3. 3. Dissemination level: Public Page 3 1 Meeting venue information 1.1 Directions to the venue From the airport (Helsinki, HEL) You can conveniently travel to the city centre of Helsinki with a train connection from Helsinki Airport. The I train travels a route: Helsinki – Tikkurila – Airport – Myyrmäki – Helsinki, while the P train travels the opposite direction: Helsinki – Myyrmäki – Airport – Tikkurila Helsinki. Both of the trains run on the Ring Rail Line between Helsinki city centre and the airport. The travel time is about 30 minutes. The timetables, routes and ticket prices can be found on the HSL website: Please notice that you need a regional ticket for travelling between the Airport and Helsinki city centre. More information is available at Finavia website: If you are using other means of transport, the location on the map is at address Mannerheiminaukio 1B, 00100 Helsinki, Finland and on google map The entrance to Pääposti Auditorio meeting room is located at C stair entrance and this can be accessed via the Postikuja street.
  4. 4. Dissemination level: Public Page 4 2 Agenda for the 2nd of October Time Topic Speaker / Host Place / Meeting room 8:30 Registering and morning coffee at Pääposti Helsinki Pääposti/ Auditorio 9:00 Welcome and event opening Seppo Huurinainen/ Wuudis Solutions Oy Pääposti/ Auditorio 9:05 DataBio showcase: Business impact of Laatumetsa and Wuudis Service and APIs for work quality control, forest damage and field monitoring needs Seppo Huurinainen and Sudip Kumar Pal / Wuudis Solutions Oy Pääposti/ Auditorio 9:40 DataBio showcase: Metsää and crowdsourcing solutions Virpi Stenman / Finnish Forest Centre Pääposti/ Auditorio 10:10 DataBio showcase: Drone-based Tree-wise monitoring in Hippala foresty, Mikkeli, Finland , cooperation in forestry education development with XAMK Seppo Huurinainen / Wuudis Solutions OY, Pertti Kilpeläinen / XAMK Pääposti/ Auditorio 10:40 DataBio showcase: Drone-based Boron deficiency monitoring in spruce stands Roope Näsi / MML Pääposti/ Auditorio 11.00 Lunch Restaurant Pääposti 12:00 DataBio showcase: Forest parameter estimation based on Sentinel satellites and local reference data. Example from Galicia Spain and Central Finland Jukka Miettinen / VTT Pääposti/ Auditorio 12:30 DataBio showcase: VHR satellite images in tree-wise forest inventory Stephanie Bonnet / SPACEBEL, Belgium Pääposti/ Auditorio 12:50 DataBio showcase: Wuudis platform and mobile solution implementation in Galician pilot. Summary of Wuudis offerings to forest sector. Seppo Huurinainen and Sudip Kumar Pal / Wuudis Solutions Oy Pääposti/ Auditorio 13:20 DataBio testimonial: Needs of Forest digitalization tools in Spain Jesus Martinez / fMC- Galicia, Spain Pääposti/ Auditorio 13.40 DataBio testimonial: Challenges of digitalization of professional forest management – own experiences David Garcia Castillo / Agresta, Spain Pääposti/ Auditorio 14:00 Coffee Break 14:30 DataBio testimonial: Spanish community-owned forests facing with digitalisation. Ovidio Queiruga González/ President of Baroña forest community, Galicia, Spain Pääposti/ Auditorio 15:00 DataBio testimonial: Sentinel-2 forest monitoring for bark beetle damage identification and control in spruce dominated forests in The Czech Republic Vaclav Tomasek / The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic Pääposti/ Auditorio 15:15 DataBio testimonial: Applying mobile solutions for field work and field work quality control Harri Välimäki / Pohjois- Karjala FMA Pääposti/ Auditorio 15.25- 15:30 Event closing Virpi Stenman / Finnish Forest Centre Pääposti/ Auditorio