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D9.9.3 External Publishing


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D9.9.3 External Publishing

  1. 1. D 9.9.3 External publishing ECP-2008-GEO-318007 Plan4all External publishing Deliverable number D 9.9.3 Dissemination level Public Delivery date 30 April 2011 Status Final Author(s) AMFM GIS Italia eContentplus This project is funded under the eContentplus programme1, a multiannual Community programme to make digital content in Europe more accessible, usable and exploitable.1 OJ L 79, 24.3.2005, p. 1. Page 1 of 12
  2. 2. Table of ContentsExecutive summary p. 3List of publications in the period November 2010 April 2011 p. 4List of publications under publication or revision by editors in the period November 2010 April 2011 p. 5List of presentations in the period November 2010 April 2011 p. 7 Page 2 of 12
  3. 3. Executive summaryThe Sub task “External publishing” T 9.5 “concerns the participation and the presentation of project’sresults in conference/journal of spatial planning and SDI”(DoW p. 65). These activities are to bedeveloped at European and national level.This Deliverable D.9.9.3 includes the list of papers published in the period from November 2010 until April2011, the list of papers delivered for publication but still under publication or revision by editors and thelist of presentations delivered in the same period.For the complete lists and updates see: - List of publications ( - List of presentations ( Page 3 of 12
  4. 4. D 9.9.3 External publishingList of publications November 2010- April 2011 ISBN / Brief description of theReference (according to Environment and Planning journals) Level Partners ISSN content Article appeared on November 2010 in Mapping Magazine,Cabello M, 2010, "Proyección internacional de SITNA” (International scope of SITNA), NASURMapping Review, November-December, Page 31 (separata SITNA insight) National review leader on SA Geomatic in Spain. It defines Plan4all as part of the SITNA initiative Provincia di Roma,Eremitaggio A.M., Procaccini P., Ombuen S., Vico F., Zanetti N., 2010, "Plan4all: ISBN Regionelarmonizzazione dei dati per la pianificazione territoriale in accordo con INSPIRE" 978-88- Overview of the current National Lazio,(Plan4all: harmonisation of spatial planning data in compliance with INSPIRE), ASITA, 903132- stage of Plan4all Project DIPSU,Atti 14a Conferenza Nazionale ASITA, 9 – 12 novembre 2010, Milano 5-7 AMFM, HyperCamerata F., Ombuen S., Pellegrino G., Magaudda S., 2010, "La pianificazione territoriale ISBN Land use draft datain Europa: una proposta di modello dati per il tema land use di INSPIRE" (Spatial planning 978-88- National DIPSU model (as of summerin Europe: a proposal for INSPIRE land use theme data model), ASITA, Atti 14a 903132- 2010)Conferenza Nazionale ASITA, 9 – 12 novembre 2010, Milano 5-7Remetey G., 2011, "Discussion and Dissemination Forum", GIM International, 03/2011, ISSN International EUROGIGeomares Publishing, The Netherlands 1566- 9076 Page 4 of 12
  5. 5. List of publications under publication or revision by editors.November 2010- April 2011 ISBN / Brief description of theReference (according to Environment and Planning journals stile) Level Partners ISSN contentOmbuen S., 2011, “L’informazione geografica digitale nei quadri conoscitivi della National / ISSN Interoperability andpianificazione. L’implementazione della Direttiva INSPIRE e il Progetto Plan4all”, International DIPSU 0042- spatial planningUrbanistica, 146 (bilingual) The proposed Plan4all National / Land Use data model andCamerata F., Ombuen S., Vico F., 2011, “Linteroperabilità e gli urbanisti: una proposta di ISSN AMFM, International the problems of“modello dati” per la pianificazione”, Urbanistica, 146 0042- DIPSU (bilingual) interoperability of spatial planning data National / ISSN Interoperability andDe Marco G., 2011 “Interoperabilità e cataloghi dei metadati” Urbanistica, 146 International DIPSU 0042- metadata catalogues (bilingual)Schrenk M., Neuschmid J., Patti D., 2011, “Towards Resilient Cities. Harmonisation ofSpatial Planning Information as One Step Along the Way”, in Murgante B., Gervasi O., CEIT InternationalIglesias A., Taniar D., Apduhan B. (eds), Lecture Notes in Computer Science Alanova(LNCS), volume 6783, Springer-Verlag, BerlinFormosa S., Vincent Magri V., Julia Neuschmid J., Schrenk M., 2011, “Integrating spatialand thematic data: the CRISOLA case for Malta and the European project Plan4all, in CEIT InternationalMurgante B., Gervasi O., Iglesias A., Taniar D., Apduhan B. (eds), Lecture Notes in AlanovaComputer Science (LNCS), volume 6783, Springer-Verlag, BerlinJanecka K., Raitis Berzins R., Charvat K., Dzerve A., 2011, “On how to build SDI usingsocial networking principles in the scope of spatial planning and vocational education”, in UWBMurgante B., Gervasi O., Iglesias A., Taniar D., Apduhan B. (eds), Lecture Notes in International HRSSComputer Science (LNCS), volume 6783, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Page 5 of 12
  6. 6. Mihailescu M., Torok G., 2011, “Plan4all - The European Approach to Spatial Data Used in ADR Nord international Plan4all, InspireTerritorial Planning", Romanian Review of Regional Studies, 2011/1 Vest/Camerata F., Ombuen S., Vico F., 2011, “Data interoperability for spatial planning: a International AMFM, The proposed Plan4alltentative common description of European datasets concerning land use”, in UDMS 2011 DIPSU Land Use data model andProceedings, Taylor & Francis the problems of interoperability of spatial planning data Page 6 of 12
  7. 7. List of presentations in the period November 2010 April 2011Date Event (conference, Venue Level Language Poster-Oral Partner-person Description of what was WS, seminar) (country, presentation presented town) + PPT presentation29.04.2011 12th International Jelgava, Internat. English PPT/Discussio ZPR/ Inga Berzina Zemgale Geoportal as Public Scientific Conference Latvia ns Service for Business ECONOMIC Development in Zemgale region SCIENCE FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT’ 201128.04.2011 Final Jelgava, Internat. Latvian/Russ PPT/Discussio ZPR/ Inga Berzina, Plan4all experience for regional conference of the Latvia ian/English ns HSRS/Karel Charvat developement ESF project "Evaluation and enhancment of public services for business development in zemgale region”28.04.2011 TPS DATA, Prague, Czech National Czech oral UWB/Tomas Mildorf Plan4all CZ INSPIRE Group Republic27.04.2011 3rd International Kuldiga, Internat. English PPT/Discussio ZPR/ Inga Berzina Plan4all: harmonisation of spatial Scientific Conference Latvia ns planning data; Zemgale Geoportal “Spatial Strategy for Sustainable Development”19.04.2011 CEKTRA EUROGI Ljubljana Internat. English PPT + oral EUROGI Plan4all WS Slovenia presentations nces/plan4all14.04.2011 Working Meeting of Institute for National Czech PPT + oral UWB/ Vaclav Cada, Plan4all overview the Ministry of Spatial presentations Otakar Cerba, Karel Regional Development Janecka Development of the in Brno and Page 7 of 12
  8. 8. Czech Republic, University of Institute for Spatial West Development in Brno Bohemia, and University of Prague, Czech West Bohemia Republic14-15.04.2011 28th plenary meeting Ispra, Italy Internat. English PPT + oral UWB/Tomas Mildorf Plan4all proposals CEN/TC 287 presentations Geographic information13.04.2011 CEN/TC 287 Ispra, Italy Internat. English PPT + oral UWB/Tomas Mildorf Plan4all proposals Geographic presentations information WG512.04.2011 CEN/TC 287 Ispra, Italy Internat. English PPT + oral UWB/Tomas Mildorf Plan4all proposals Geographic presentations information 3rd interoperability workshop – GMES, INSPIRE and GEOSS Page 8 of 12
  9. 9. 30.03.2011 Réunion du Groupe Paris, France National Français PPT + oral MEEDDAT / Présentation du thème LandUse de travail PLU - SUP presentations François Salgé dans le cadre du TWG et de du CNIG Plan4all Conseil national de linformation géographique28.03.2011 Plan4all Meeting Torun, Poland National English / PPT + oral HSRS/ Karel Charvat Plan4all Geoportal Polish presentations14-16.03. UNGIWG Geneva, Internat. English PPT + oral UWB/Tomas The 11th Plenary Meeting of the2011 Switzerland presentations Mildorf, United Nations Geographic HSRS/ Karel Charvat Information Working Group.14.03.2011 Plan4all Seminar Kopenhagen, Internat. English/ PPT+ oral EUROGI EUROGI - Geoforum Denmark Danish presentations, aspx?ID=9696 reports03.03.2011 HUNAGI Conference Budapest, National English/ PPT+ oral EUROGI 2011: EUROGI Hungary Hungarian presentations Plan4all WS24.02.2011 Plan4all Clustering Brussels, Internat. English PPT + oral ISOCARP Workshop Belgium presentations T.9.2#Plan4all_Clustering_Semin ar17-18.02. Regional Geographic Marseille, Internat. English PPT + oral ZPR/Inga Berzina Project general presentation2011. Information policies France presentations Plan4all: harmonisation of spatial improvement toward planning data Province- the INSPIRE Alpes_Cote dAzur region (FR) Directive (RegInSpire) project preparation for Interreg IVC programme15.02.2011 Education22 National Malta National Maltese TV Interview FTZ/Josianne Vella Presentation of the Plan4all TV Channel Project08.02.2011 Seminar on CIP ICT- Hradec Regional Czech PPT + oral UWB/Tomas Mildorf Plan4all in brief PSP programme Kralove, presentations Czech Republic03.02.2011 Plan4all Seminar The National English/ PPT + oral EUROGI, ISOCARP EUROGI Geonovum Netherlands Dutch presentations, /planforall Page 9 of 12
  10. 10. reportsPage 10 of 12
  11. 11. 03.02.2011 Plan4all Seminar Reykjavik, National Icelandic PPT + oral EUROGI EUROGI - LISA Iceland presentations, ex.php?option=com_content&vie reports w=article&id=91%3Aerindi- stafraent- skipulag&catid=1&Itemid=31&la ng=en24-26.01. GIS Ostrava 2011 Ostrava, Internat. English Abstract + UWB, CEIT2011 Czech papers ALANOVA Republic24-26.01. GIS Ostrava 2011 / Ostrava, National Czech PPT + oral UWB, HSRS, HF,2011 Plan4all Seminar Czech presentations EUROGI Republic13.01.2011 Séminaire de Paris, France National Français PPT + oral MEEDDAT/François Présentation du thème LandUse présentation des presentations Salgé dans le cadre du TWG et de spécifications des Plan4all Organisé par le groupe annexes III de liaison INSPIRE du Conseil dINSPIRE national de linformation géographique15.12.2010 Preparation meeting Brussels, Internat. English PPT + oral ZPR/Inga Berzina, Discussions Plan4all: for Interreg IVC Belgium presentations TDF/Kaspars harmonisation of spatial planning project, Skalbergs data; Zemgale Geoportal Potential project partner from Provence- Alpes_Cote dAzur Region (FR)14.12.2010 Future Internet Ghent, Internat. English Discussions ZPR/Inga Berzina, Plan4all: harmonisation of spatial Week; Belgium TDF/Kaspars planning data ServiceWave2010 Skalbergs conference6.12.2010 Plan4all Workshop Valletta, Malta National English / PPT+ oral For Stakeholders Maltese presentations / FTZ Discussions23.11.2010 National Plan4all Vienna, National German PPT + oral EUROGI, Plan4all – Ideen, Ziele, Workshop Austria presentations CEIT ALANOVA/ Herausforderungen, Perspektiven Manfred Schrenk (Ideas, Goals, Challenges, Perspectives) Page 11 of 12
  12. 12. 23-24.11. Conference Prague, Czech National Czech PPT + PPT + UWB/Tomas Contribution to INSPIRE.2010 Inspirujmese. Republic oral Mildorf, Vaclav presentations Cada, Otakar Cerba, presentation Karel Janecka, Karel Jedlicka, Jan Jezek, Radek Fiala18-19.11. Territorial 2010 Pamplona, National Spanish PPT + PPT + NASURSA / Tracasa/ Plan4all: armonización de datos2010 Spain oral María Cabello espaciales para la ordenación del presentations (European Projects territorio presentation Manager)17.11.2010 Baltic Sea Region Osterholz- Internat. English PPT /+ oral ZPR/TDF Inga Plan4all: harmonisation of spatial project preparation Scharmbeck, presentations Berzina planning data; Zemgale Geoportal (Baltic GIGA) Germany Discussions Stakeholders/potential project partners from Germany; Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Norway, Latvia12.11.2010 GIS Day of Latvia Riga, Latvia National Latvian PPT + oral ZPR/ Inga Berzina, Zemgale Geoportal and metadata presentations Baiba Barbale descriptions in the frame of presentation/D Plan4all project iscussions09-12.11. ASITA National Brescia, Italy National Italian paper + PPT + AMFM/ Franco Vico Plan4all overall presentation2010 Conference oral presentations presentation09-12.11. ASITA National Brescia, Italy National Italian paper + PPT + DIPSU/ Flavio Land use draft data model (as of2010 Conference oral Camerata summer 2010) presentations presentation04.11.2010 Lecture at the Manchester, National English lecture UWB / Tomas Students of the university, experts University of Great Britain Mildorf on data hazard from 5 European Manchester universities Plan4all - the idea of data harmonisation Page 12 of 12