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Atlas of Best Practice

  1. 1. #6 Atlas of Best Practice Social innovations to fight Covid-19 in rural areas
  2. 2. Background Ch. 6
  3. 3. Enabling project
  4. 4. Enabling project Map background (Open Street Map) Detail of BPBP location
  5. 5. PoliRural project
  6. 6. Rural challenges Poverty & social exclusion Generational renewal Isolation Limited services
  7. 7. Covid pressures on rural livelihoods Demand shocks Falling tourism Logistics bottlenecks
  8. 8. TEAM Mentor (Petr) Mentor (Pavel) Consultants (1) Collectors (4) Testers (4)
  9. 9. Journey 1. Welcome 2. Webinar 3. Alpha version + feedback 4. Collection 5. Integration + testing
  10. 10. First results
  11. 11. Kanta-Hame (FI) ● Raising awareness of the local food production ● Increasing the visibility of local companies and farms ● Making it easier to find and use local services for residents and tourists
  12. 12. Luhtikyla (FI) ● Supporting the design and production of Tribal Products by raising funds for the village house where they are made ● The village house is an important community centre for locals ● People like to wear similar clothes to demonstrate their sense of belonging to and solidarity with a region
  13. 13. Castylla y Leon (ES) ● Repurposing rural accommodation to suit the needs of newcomers during the pandemic ● Traditional office space was turned into the digital co- working space to accommodate and train new arrivals from cities
  14. 14. Spain ● Government plan to revitalise rural areas and make them more attractive in the wake of the pandemic ○ Improving water and energy efficiency ○ Boosting the competitiveness and sustainability of agriculture through precision farming ○ Improving digital infrastructures and connectivity
  15. 15. Potential impact & future plans As the collection expands... (PoliRural) Rural stakeholders can draw inspiration from the Atlas to ● Support local farmers, businesses and communities ● Integrate new arrivals ● Promote local tourism (staycation) ● Improve business practices