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Echo nest-api-boston-2012


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Quick overview of The Echo Nest API. The Echo Nest API provides access to the world's largest database about music.

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Echo nest-api-boston-2012

  1. The Echo Nest Solutionunderstanding music content and consumers Rich Music Data content culture 12 years of R&D at MIT, Columbia and Berkeley Our API is our product
  2. Our APIOur API is our product. Everything acustomer can do so can
  3. Artist API 2 million artists• Search • News• Similar • Reviews• Familiarity • Images• Hottttnesss • Video• Bios • Location• Blogs • Suggest• Terms • Extract
  4. SIMILAR ARTISTS IN 2 LINES OF CODEfor a in artist.similar(names=[lady gaga]): MadonnaChristina AguileraBritney SpearsKylie MinogueKaty PerryScissor SistersRihannaBeyoncéAshley TisdaleLivvi FrancLa RouxParis HiltonShe Wants RevengeThe Pussycat DollsMarina and The Diamonds
  5. Top recent news stories for Adele adele = artist.Artist(Adele)for news in print news[date_posted], news[name]2012-02-06T17:37:00 Grammys: Who Should Win the Major Categories2012-02-06T00:00:00Noel Gallagher: Adeles Music Career Wont Last2012-02-06T00:00:00 Noel Gallagher AdmitsHe Feels Sorry For Adele2012-02-06T00:00:00 Dave Grohls Grammy pride2012-02-06T00:00:00 British Artists Dominate 2011 Market: Adele, Jessie J2012-02-06T00:00:00 Adelecalled too fat
  6. Song API 30 million songs• Search • Segments• Similar Songs • Timbre• Tempo • Pitch• Key & Mode • Loudness• Time Signature • Energy• Beats • Danceability• Downbeats • Speechiness
  7. Track Analysis and Remix SummarySong I/O • Upload to analyze tracks • Render audio and video auditory spectrogramSong search • Search for songs segmentsSong analysis • Tempo, Key, Mode, Time SignatureSong Hierarchy pitch features • Section, Bars, Beats, TatumsSegments • Timbre, Pitch, Loudness timbre features Manipulations • Rearranging, blending, time stretching, pitch shifting, video, looping, It turns music into silly putty • fade-ins, fade-outs, crossfades, find similar, sorting
  8. Song API exampleFind the loudest songs by thrash artists song/search?sort=loudness-desc&description=thrashFind indie songs for jogging song/search?min_tempo=120&style=indie&max_tempo=125Find hottest songs by Lady Gaga song/search?sort=hotttnesss-desc&artist=lady+gaga
  9. Audio properties in a few lines of coderesults = Jackson, title=billie jean)iflen(results) > 0: print tempo, results[0].audio_summary[tempo] print dance, results[0].audio_summary[danceability] printenergy, results[0].audio_summary[energy] tempo 117.128dance 0.97energy 0.47
  10. More APIs!• Taste Profiles for personalization• Advanced Playlisting• Song identificationPlus, client libraries for popular platforms: Python Java Ruby iOS Android etc
  11. ARTIST RADIO IN 2 LINES OF CODEfor song in playlist.static(type=artist-radio, artist=weezer): print sonsong.artist_name Island In The Sun by Weezer1979 by The Smashing PumpkinsWalk by Foo FightersDance, Dance by Fall Out BoyBlast Off! by Rivers CuomoOh Me, Oh My by Nerf HerderBirdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be GiantsSmells Like Teen Spirit by NirvanaAlison by Elvis CostelloGirl, Youll Be a Woman Soon by Urge OverkillStacys Mom by Fountains of WayneThe Middle by Jimmy Eat WorldWorry A Lot by The Like Young1985 by Bowling for SoupDo You Realize?? by The Flaming Lips
  12. Our playlist engine powers the listeningexperience for millions of music listeners
  13. The Playlist API• Fine grained control over: • artist selection, variety • hotttness, familiarity, location • song selection • Any musical attributes (e.g. tempo range, key) • song ordering • Artist or song attributes (e.g. loudness)
  14. Some examples• Play tracks by Weezer and Radiohead playlist/static?&artist=weezer&artist=radiohead&results=20&type=artist• Weezer artist radio playlist/static?&artist=weezer&artist=radiohead&type=artist-radio• Playlist of music by pop divas ordered by tempo playlist/static?&description=pop&description=diva&type=artist- description&artist_min_familiarity=.9&sort=tempo-asc
  15. Audio Fingerprinter• Identify songs based upon audio• Fingerprinter executables and libraries for Windows, Mac and Linux• Song ID typically in less than a second per song• Currently in beta• More info at:
  16. Easy Integration• 7Digital • Deezer• Spotify • Discogs• Rhapsody • EMI• Lyricfind • Jambase• Seatwave • MusixMatch• Rdio • SongMeanings• Free Music Archive • Twitter• Facebook • Songkick• MusicBrainz
  17. Open EMI• Dozens of artist sandboxes• Audio• Video• Images• More ...
  18. Content Available Audio (inc metadata) Video Imagery Promo Tools Web Tools Selection 2,000 tracks Over 10,000 tracks + artwork 70 tracks Web banners 41 albums 135 86 Image assets 27 Photosessions 26 Games + artwork (coming soon) Screensavers 71 albums 180 26 Image assets Web banners 8 Photosessions 35 Games + artwork (coming soon) 24 albums 32 Logos 2 Photosessions 16 + artwork (coming soon) 11 albums 49 Logos 4 Photosessions 9 + artwork (coming soon) 13 albums 31 Logos Photosession 12 + artwork (coming soon) 14 albums 27 Logos 5 Photosessions 11 + artwork (coming soon) 10 albums 23 Logo {hotosession 9 + artwork (coming soon) 19
  19. Get ready for Christmas!Constrain song searches and playlists to songs that match agiven ‘song type’Example: Justin Bieber Christmas Radio Demo:
  20. Some cool things people have built with The Echo Nest API
  21. The Music Maze
  22. Map of Music Styles
  23. Roadtrip Mixtape
  24. Playlist demosBipolar Radio - one button steering
  25. Playlist demosBoil the frog - path finding through the artist space
  26. Stewart Copeland#SXMusicData
  27. The Machine#SXMusicData
  28. MIDEM Music Machine QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  29. Bangarang Boomerang
  31. The Infinite JukeboxThe Infinite Jukebox
  32. Echo Nest RemixTurns music into silly putty
  33. With remix you can chop sound into:SectionsBarsBeats And then programmaticallyTatums manipulate all of the bits and piecesSegments
  34. slicing and dicing Create a remix from beat one of every bar Create a remix from beat one of every bar bars = audiofile.analysis.bars collect =[] for bar in bars:collect.append(bar.children()[0]) out =audio.getpieces(audiofile, collect)out.encode(output_filename) audio.getpieces(audiofile, collect)out.encode(output_filename)
  35. beat reversing beats = collec= [] beats.reverse() for beat in beats: collect.append(beat) out =audio.getpieces(audiofile, collect)out.encode(output_filename) audio.getpieces(audiofile, collect)out.encode(output_filename) audio.getpieces(audiofile, collect)
  36. remix video
  37. Tristan’s The Swinger Makes any song swing Makes any song swing#MusicData
  38. Echo Nest Remix
  39. How can I get started?Get a key & check out our api docs -developer.echonest.comGet a wrapper for your language - C,iOS, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, moreIf you want to make music get Remixfrom our GitHub: to us!