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Jeff Scherschligt on Cherapa Place


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Cherapa Place co-owner Jeff Scherschligt talks about the process of designing and constructing a LEED Gold building at Plain Green Conference 2008.

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Jeff Scherschligt on Cherapa Place

  1. 1. A Case Study in Community Leadership
  2. 2. • The Inspiration
  3. 3. Early
  4. 4. Oops!
  5. 5. Finished
  6. 6. Enjoy the video…
  7. 7. Howalt-McDowell Sustainable Initiative In Promotion of… Steve Burgess, Gretchen Brue, Justin Ingalls, Cindy Ludens, Drew Reaves, Jayne Larson, Jay Shank, Lorna Williamson, Anne Haber
  8. 8. Offices are BIG burdens on our environment. 3 Easy ways to make a BIG difference at work: 1) Duplex your copies – a few extra clicks for the planet 2) Carpool or ride your bike 3) Use a reusable mug
  9. 9. Promote sustainability at your office •Form a Sustainability Committee •Talk to the facility manager about purchasing “green” janitorial supplies, paper products, etc •Implement a green cleaning program •Educate your employees – daily or weekly green tips •Buy locally whenever you can •When new office furniture is needed, do your research into “green” office furniture. The commercial furniture industry has a lot to offer •Promote alternative forms of transportation – bikes, hybrid vehicles, walking •Develop a green manifesto for your employees to sign •Recycle with Single Stream Recycling •Make stickers for the recycling bins under each person’s desk– that way, people are always reminded •Use recycled/environmentally friendly office supplies •Have “green” themed parties •Use native plants for your landscaping •Provide your employees with a branded reusable mug or water bottle •Serve organic coffee
  10. 10. Do you know your Green? Questions to win a Cherapa Place Reusable Grocery Bag or a HM Reusable Mug