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Social Networking for Urban Planning


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This presentation was given at the Grand Rapids, MI Annual Growing Communities Conference to urban planners about how to utilize social media.

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Social Networking for Urban Planning

  1. 1. Web 2.0 for Urban Planning Presented by Crystal Wilson
  2. 3. This presentation is being given because of facebook
  3. 4. Up-to-the-second news, meeting notes, postings, data, and images are distributed into multiple formats where it gains viral exposure in networks
  4. 5. Viral is spreading the word among your social network
  5. 6. My vision of collaboration circa 2003
  6. 7. This is only the beginning circa 2009
  7. 8. Informative and Collaborative /
  8. 9. Videos and Blog postings by Board Members and Planners
  9. 10. Let’s look at social networks and formats to distribute information
  10. 12. Google Reader is a (RSS) feed reader
  11. 13. IRN’s mission is all about collaboration
  12. 14. IRN created a profile but doesn’t require “ friending” to view its contents, so not viral
  13. 15. We created a Virtual Studio for IRN to collaborate on the grant writing process
  14. 16. Get the word out on YouTube, create a Channel for your project
  15. 17. Events on event brite, register to receive future events from your favorite host
  16. 24. Become a fan of a Page then content is streamed on your home page
  17. 26. Comments are viewed by the entire network which is viral
  18. 27. Collaboration with Youth Council using Groups
  19. 28. Collaboration on Comprehensive Plan using Groups
  20. 30. Get the word out with Pages
  21. 31. Post presentations to Slideshare where they can be found in another social environ
  22. 32. Articles can be automatically posted to facebook and twitter
  23. 34. Link your Flickr account to Google Earth
  24. 35. What comes next?
  25. 36. Coming to Your Zoning Ordinance Web Site
  26. 38. [email_address] .net