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VR Market, Innovation opportunities & Use Cases


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May 2017 snapshot of VR market, innovation opportunities & Use Cases - relevant for entrepreneurs, VCs and VR focused product managers

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VR Market, Innovation opportunities & Use Cases

  1. 1. By Parvez Kokan, VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur “Virtual Reality: Market, Innovation Opportunities & Use Cases.”
  2. 2. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur 1. What is VR/AR/MR 2. VR Value Chain Hardware -> Platform -> Content 3. Cinematic VR - Cameras consumer (360 videos) Vs commercial (Jaunt VR) 4. Current Market size 5. Five Year Forecast 1. Location based 2. Sports Live Events 3. Social 4. Games 5. Entertainment 6. Enterprise 7. Healthcare 8. Education Innovation opportunities Use CasesMarket Technology Innovation BizModel Innovation Go-to-Market Channel Strategy Pricing Strategy UX CX SaaS B2B2C Whole/ Retail Freemium Older demographic loves AR over VR Additional VR Innovation opportunities will materialize with deeper market penetration of VR
  3. 3. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur VR - Immersion, Presence (Transported to a new environment) AR - Overlay over surrounding (Pokemon Go mobile phone app, Can do this in VR as well) MR - Holo Lens (self contained Windows 10 computer - Overlay of menus & content on the real world - Voice controlled & Hand Gestures, Surgery MRI objects, react with real world objects) What is VR / MR / AR
  4. 4. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur Silicon & Reference Design Device Controllers Hardware - > Platform - > Content Intel (Alloy), NVIDIA, Qualcomm (Snapdragon) HTC, Samsung, Asus, HP, Dell, Apple, Lenovo Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, XBox gaming controller, DayDream view controller, Sony Playstation VR Aim Controller Reference Design silicon integration: Reduce price-point for VR devices (standalone VR headset - no cables, no phone, certainly no big PC" Google in 4Q 2017) Better User experience - Inside/Out VR Tracking (Intel Alloy) Mobile VR - DayDream view $129 GearVR $149 DesktopVR Windows 10 VR $299 * Any Win 10 capable PC Oculus Rift $499 HTC Vive $699 * desktop with dual graphics card $2000 Standalone VR - Everything built-in Cameras - Enterprise Jaunt VR 360Rig ($4500/day) Nokia OZO ($40,000) GoPro Odyssey Rig ($15,000) - Consumer Samsung Gear 360 ($229) (+microSD card) Ricoh - Theta ($299)
  5. 5. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur Development & Distribution platforms (VR App Stores) Hardware - > Platform (VR App Stores) - > Content Facebook - Oculus: Oculus Rift, SamsungVR HTC Viveport (Non-gaming apps) Steam VR (Gaming apps) DayDream Android App on Google PlayStore * Microsoft - Windows Holographic (win 10) Gaming Engines 3D Modeling Software Unity, Unreal, Improbable Maya, ZBrush, Sketchup YouTube360 Facebook360 Samsung-MilkVR 360 videos 360 videos now Samsung 360 Facebook - Focused on Consumer - Gaming & Social Microsoft - Focused on B2B Google - Focused on both Consumer & B2B
  6. 6. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur Location Based Sports-Live Events Social Games Entertainment Enterprise Healthcare Education Hardware - > Platform - > Content (Verticals) Discovering places to visit NextVR, FoxVR Facebook, Linden Lab-Second Life, BigScreen Owlchemy Labs, Ubisoft Felix & Paul Google, Oculus, InContext, Retinad VR Vivid Vision, SurgeVRY Google, WoofBert, Unimersiv Opportunity: Content is King - No mainstream Killer App yet for VR/AR Marketplace: - VR Content Discovery still possible in uncluttered VR App Store(s) Plenty of whitespace available for B2B2C VR apps innovation Niche social standalone or using (future) Facebook social VR app platform Growing Angel, Seed activity in content focused deals
  7. 7. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur VR Market size (2016) - Market adoption phase source: SuperData source: Gartner VR ~ 10% market penetration
  8. 8. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur VR Market size (5 year forecast) 70M VR headsets 2021 source: Greenlight
  9. 9. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur VR Market size (25% B2B ~$18B in 5 years) source: Greenlight
  10. 10. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur Innovation Opportunities Technology Innovation BizModel Innovation Go-to-Market Channel Strategy Pricing Strategy UX SaaS B2B2C Whole/ Retail Freemium roomscale VR - inside out tracking pre-rendering on (mobile VR Viral consumer Paid Ad Supported Segment: Large/Med/ Small Designers Vs Architects Vs Consumers memory / battery/Field of View / Frame Rate OneTime Charge: service revenue Affiliate fees on closed transactions B2C Dizziness older demographic loves AR over VR - Innovation opportunities with deeper market penetration of VR RoomScale-Inside/Out Tracking Pre-render for MobileVR, otoy SAAS
  11. 11. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur VC benchmarks for VR / Recent Deals / Valuation BigScreenVR Viro Media SkyLights Uru STRIVR Drifter Entertainment Visbit OssoVR Social 2D video sharing Enable Mobile Developers to Add VR to their codebase VR platform for in-flight entertainment Content aware ads for Video, VR and AR VR for Training (Sports & Fortune 100) VR Games Optimized VR Streaming VR Surgical simulation platform $2.5M - Seed $3.0M - Seed $1.3M - Seed $0.8M - Angel $5M - Series A $2.5M Seed $3.2M Seed Seed Pre-product Launch Pre-money valuation $3M to $6M Typical 10% to 30% dilution with seed round B2B VR $1.5M to $2M ARR to raise a Series A source: TechCrunch
  12. 12. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur Typical Founder / Investor dilution across rounds Founders Seed Investors Series A investors Series B Investors Option Pool Total 100% 100% Group Pre-seed Post-seed 85% 15% 100% 30% 10% 50% 10% 100% 20% 5% 31.33% 31.33% 12.33% 100% Post-Series A Post-Series B VR founders give up some more equity: Additional early stage dilution due to nascent nature of VR market space
  13. 13. Appendix (List of startups by end-to end value chain & verticals)
  14. 14. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur Infrastructure source: Presence Capital
  15. 15. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur Platform (VR app stores) / Tools
  16. 16. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur Location based Sports-Live Events Social Games Use Cases
  17. 17. Parvez Kokan - VR/AR/MR Entrepreneur Entertainment Enterprise Healthcare Education Use Cases