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Phil Kretchmar's Listing Presentation

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Phil Kretchmars Listing Presentation

  1. 1. END EXCLUSIVE PROPOSAL for My Future clients and friends HOME Advantage
  2. 2. END EXCLUSIVE PROPOSAL Phil’s Creed to Excellence Many agents think their job is satisfying the customer. I don’t think that is true by itself. I believe satisfying the client is simply the minimum requirement for staying in business. My staff and I work constantly to improve our systems, processes, and services to go well beyond the standard level of “service” provided by most agents. Simply put, our objectives are to sell your home for the most money in the least time, and with fewest hassles. We want to provide the best service in the industry, period. I want to make you so satisfied that you listed your home with us that you will gladly refer us to your friends and family. HOME Advantage
  4. 4. END RE/MAX We Have A Mutual Objective. To Sell Your Home...  At the highest possible price.  In the shortest amount of time.  With the most favorable terms. We will be working together as a team to get your home sold. Cooperation and communication will ensure successful achievement of the objective. Insert Your Picture Here HOME Advantage
  5. 5. END RE/MAX My Objectives  Listen carefully so I understand your objectives.  Explain the home selling and marketing process - My responsibilities, Your responsibilities  Thoroughly review your home.  Help you price your home.  Advise you how to prepare your home for showing.  Thoroughly and completely market your home.  Review what happens from time of contract through close of escrow/closing.  Ask for your commitment to begin marketing your home. Frequently, a real estate agent will tell a seller what they want to hear just to get the listing. I would like to speak with you very candidly and tell you the truth about what is needed to get your home sold. HOME Advantage
  6. 6. END RE/MAX RE/MAX stands for Real Estate MAXimums  Maximum Experience  Maximum Market Exposure  Maximum Service HOME Advantage
  7. 7. END RE/MAX Things you should know about us  RE/MAX Sales Associates make a personal financial investment in every listing.  RE/MAX Sales Associates control a customized marketing plan for each home we sell.  RE/MAX Sales Associates average more sales per agent than other real estate companies.  Thetypical RE/MAX Sales Associate is among the most experienced in the industry, averaging over 12 years of service. HOME Advantage
  8. 8. END RE/MAX Things you should know about us  RE/MAX is a world leader in residential real estate with over 3,400 full-service offices.  Over 70% of RE/MAX Sales Associates’ business comes from repeat business or referrals from past customers and friends - more than twice the industry average.  RE/MAX Sales Associates proudly number over 60,000 full-time, professional agents, worldwide. HOME Advantage
  9. 9. END Phil Kretchmar Personal Facts  Member National Association of Realtors, Texas Assoc of Realtors, and Greater Lewisville Assoc of Realtors  Licensed through Baylor University  ASR, Accredited Seller’s Representative  ABR, Accredited Buyer’s Representative  e-PRO Internet Professional  Multi-Million Dollar Producer  Lived in area for 40+ years HOME Advantage
  10. 10. END Phil Kretchmar Why Choose an ASR®? There are many benefits to you, the seller to use an ASR® (Accredited Seller Representative®). Unlike other sellers’ agents, ASR® Designees have a proven industry track record. Each designee (Seller Agent) must hold and exemplify a strong commitment to exceed seller expectations throughout all aspects of the real estate transaction. ASR® Seller Agents are trained and committed to deliver to today's seller true "value added services." This has a major impact on the quality of representation to you, the seller, as well as potential possibilities to the financial bottom line. Remember, whenever possible, ASR® Seller Agents are committed to providing exclusive representation to you, which simply means placing your interests above that of others in the real estate transaction. Committed to adhering to a stringent standard of ethics, ASR® Seller Agents are to demonstrate complete honesty in pricing as well as thorough research and preparation in completing and presenting the property market analysis. A further and most important commitment of ASR® Seller Agents is to demonstrate ethical conduct and integrity in every aspect of their real estate career. Next time you sell your house, remember to ask for an ASR® Seller Agent. HOME Advantage
  11. 11. END Phil Kretchmar Why Choose a REALTOR® who is e-PRO® Certified ? The Internet has added a new dimension to the real estate world. Now you can be assured that the REALTOR® you choose will have the knowledge and skills to put the power of the Internet behind your real estate transaction. All e-PRO® Internet Professionals are REALTORS® who completed a rigorous certification program endorsed by the prestigious NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR). Real estate agents and brokers who have earned e-PRO® Certification are Internet Professionals who have completed extensive training using the Web. e-PRO® Certification means the real estate professional is prepared to employ the latest techniques and services for your benefit, just like you've grown to expect from a professional. Life can be a little easier. Save time and irritation. Work with a e-PRO® Certified real estate professional who provides both buyers and sellers with high quality, timely information using the resources of the Internet. e-PRO® Internet Professionals maximize your ability to leverage the enormous power of the Internet when you are buying and selling property. Working with the best pays off. Save money. e-PRO® Internet Professionals can help you take advantage of the latest Internet innovations resulting in considerable savings and speed whether you are a buyer or a seller of property. Work with someone who is ready, willing, and very capable. Your e-PRO® Certified real estate professional has already proven that he or she is prepared to respond to the new market place. e-PRO® Internet Professionals are committed to being more responsive, understand that you are the boss, and will completely respect and guard your privacy.HOME Advantage
  12. 12. END MARKETING Phil Kretchmar SOLD! 214-244-8159 Go to For more information on this home HOME Advantage
  13. 13. MARKETING Where Do Buyers Come From? Advantage
  14. 14. END MARKETING Phil’s A-Advantage Marketing Plan Marketing to Potential Buyers  Internet- Marketed to more websites than 95% of other agents  Yard Signs-Including sign riders showing how to get more in formation about your house  Direct Mail Campaign - Postcards to my whole database + your neighborhood  Write and Place Print Ads-Dallas Morning News and the Messenger  Show Home to Prospects-Calls from other listings, ads, etc.  Flyers and Brochures- Multicolor brochures in your brochure box Marketing to Other REALTORS®  Set up Property into MLS  Agent Tours  E-mail all new listings to database of over 900 agents HOME Advantage
  15. 15. END MARKETING Phil’s A-Advantage Marketing Plan The Home Selling Process  Initial Meeting  Present All Offers  Discuss CMA  Renegotiate All Counter Offers  Review Your Home  Deposit All Earnest Checks  Prepare Listing  Handle Title Work  Set Up Warranties (if applicable)  Follow Up on Inspections  Prepare/Distribute All Paperwork  Confirm Appraisal Ordered  Follow Up on Showings  Final Documents to Closing  Qualify Buyers  Post-Closing Follow Up HOME Advantage
  16. 16. END MARKETING My Websites The internet is where over 80% of the home shoppers go today to find a home. We try to market to those buyers HOME Advantage
  17. 17. END MARKETING Following are a few websites that your home will be placed on with multiple photo’s and customized description. . HOME Advantage
  18. 18. END MARKETING My Office Website. HOME Advantage
  19. 19. END MARKETING . HOME Advantage
  20. 20. END MARKETING . HOME Advantage
  21. 21. END MARKETING All my Listings are placed on, A highly searched website for do it yourself home shoppers! HOME Advantage
  22. 22. END MARKETING All Our listings on are enhanced Listings which make your listing stand out from the others with more pictures, higher visibility, and direct contact information. All my Listings are placed on, A highly searched website for do it yourself home shoppers! HOME Advantage
  23. 23. END MARKETING HOME Advantage
  24. 24. END MARKETING Plus, Your listing will be published to all of these web sites. (Plus more-not all sites are shown) HOME Advantage
  25. 25. END MARKETING I also create a domain using “your” such as or This domain will be on your Sign, Flyers, and correspondence so buyers have an easy path to view your home. HOME Advantage
  26. 26. END MARKETING Home Warranty Plan Homes sell 50% faster and for a higher price than homes without a home warranty...according to a study by the National Home Warranty Association. In addition, a home warranty plan “reduces your liability after the sale.” You can provide the buyer up to one year of coverage on selected items...  Central Heating System  Electric Central Air System  Interior Plumbing  Built-in Appliances HOME Advantage
  27. 27. END MARKETING Home Warranty Plan I provide, Free of Charge, a Seller’s Home Warranty from Home Warranty of America. Most of the systems in your home will be covered from the day the listing starts till the sale date. HOME Advantage
  28. 28. END PRICING HOME Advantage
  29. 29. END PRICING The Role of a Real Estate Agent in Pricing  The Market determines Value.  I will show you a range of prices being paid for homes in your area.  Together, We determine the Listing Price. HOME Advantage
  30. 30. END PRICING Who’s In Control? Listing Price Seller Location Seller Condition Seller Showing Access Seller Financing Market Marketing REALTOR® HOME Advantage
  31. 31. END PRICING Regression Regression: The value of a larger home is reduced by the influence of smaller surrounding homes Progression Progression: The value of a smaller home is raised by the influence of the surrounding homes HOME Advantage
  32. 32. END PRICING Buyers Determine Value by Comparison Shopping Just like when you bought your home, buyers still determine the value of a home by comparison shopping. HOME Advantage
  33. 33. END PRICING The Advantages of Proper Pricing  Higher Net Sales  Attract Better Offers  Better Response from Advertising and Sign Calls  Faster Sale  Increased Agent Response  Avoid Your Home from Becoming “Shopworn” HOME Advantage
  34. 34. END PRICING The Disadvantages of Overpricing If You Overprice …  The right buyers won’t see it.  The higher priced buyers won’t want it. HOME Advantage
  35. 35. END PRICING Search Homes Address Search Active District Price to Show by 1234 Hometown Dr. 2957 Diamond 601 601 $140,000 $140,500 Price Range 612 E. Oxford 601 $141,000 Buyers shop by price 189Terrace Dr. 601 $142,300 3345 Donover 601 $144,100 ranges… if your home is 4690 Adams St. 601 $145,200 7778 Walnut 601 $146,300 priced even $1 higher 5467 Brock Ave. 601 $147,500 1112 Acorn Dr. 601 $147,500 than their targeted price 2351 Liberty St. 601 $148,000 3478 Ninth St. 601 $149,500 range, it won’t be on the show list. HOME Advantage
  36. 36. PRICING Potential Buyers and You will benefit from proper pricing Showing Activity It has been shown that a seller who prices his home correctly will end up netting more in the long run than a seller who initially lists his house too high for the market. Time Advantage
  37. 37. END PRICING What You and I Control as a Team What We Do Not What We Control Control □ Price □ Market □ Property Condition □ Competition □ Access for Showing □ Buyers and Sellers in your area □ Home Warranty □ Interest rates and loan availability □ walks through the door. When the right buyer HOME Advantage
  38. 38. END PRICING Comparative Market Analysis for Your Home I will prepare a complete and detailed CMA for your home so you know the correct price to market the home at. This is based on the most recent sales in your neighborhood and compares the features and square footage of other comparable homes. An appraiser will do this for the buyer before the home closes so the lender knows how much the house is worth. HOME Advantage
  39. 39. END SHOWING HOME Advantage
  40. 40. END SHOWING Preparing Your Home To Sell I promise to...  Conduct a thorough evaluation of your home and provide valuable input.  Help you to stage your home for the showing process.  Provide a list of reliable contractors to assist with improving areas of your home if necessary. HOME Advantage
  41. 41. END NEGOTIATING HOME Advantage
  42. 42. END NEGOTIATING When the Offer is Made Present All Offers Explain Your Options Evaluate Buyer’s Qualifications Negotiate the Contract for You , the Seller’s Benefit, no one elses Give you a final net amount that you will walk away from closing with. Deliver Contract to Title Provide Constant Communication on Contract Status Finalize All Conditions for closing Keep You Informed up to closing and after HOME Advantage
  43. 43. END CLOSING HOME Advantage
  44. 44. END My Personal Guarantee I Guarantee to:  Do the best job that I can in marketing and representing you and your home  Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis for your home.  Distribute Property Profile Information concerning your home.  Place your home on the Internet.  Place your home in my print advertising.  Place your home in the Multiple Listing Service, allowing thousands of other REALTORS® to work your property for you.  Place a yard sign within two days after we sign an agreement to sell your home.  Explain various ways to improve your property to effect a quicker sale.  Keep you updated on the progress of the sale of your home. HOME Advantage
  45. 45. END My Personal Guarantee I also guarantee: Cancellation agreement Allow you to cancel the listing at any time. If for some reason we do not provide 100% satisfactory service, just let us know. I promise to remedy the situation within 24 hours. If you are still not satisfied, we will release you unconditionally from the listing agreement with no further obligation. No advanced fees of any kind. You only pay a commission if I procure an offer that is acceptable to you. “No Pressure” presentation. I will never allow you to be “pressured” by the buyer’s agent. All offers will be faxed or delivered to my office and will be presented to you by phone and fax with our recommendations, so you can make your decisions privately. Flexible Commission Schedule Many realtors have a very rigid commission schedule that is not in touch with today’s fast-paced market. The Smart Seller’s Program offers flexibility. The commission varies depending on when the house is sold, who sells the house and whether or not we are selling your next home. HOME Advantage
  46. 46. END CLOSING Teamwork Is Essential Working Together is Necessary for a Successful Sale Your responsibilities:  Keep your home in showcase condition and provide easy access for potential buyers.  Make yourself available from the time a contract is signed to the closing day.  Keep your home accessible for the appraisal and inspections.  Openly share all information about your home and its condition.  For your security, refer all potential buyers to your REALTOR®. We’re a Team - Let’s Work Together for a Successful Sale! HOME Advantage
  47. 47. END CLOSING Teamwork Is Essential Working Together is Necessary for a Successful Sale Thank you for your time. Did you Have any Questions? I would really like to work for you as your agent. If you are ready to list your house today, lets get the paperwork started. Again, thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you We’re a Team - Let’s Work Together for a Successful Sale! HOME Advantage
  48. 48. END ® Above The Crowd! Phil Kretchmar Phil Kretchmar REALTOR®, ASR, ABR, e-PRO 325 S Stemmons Frwy Lewisville, TX 75067 214-244-8159 HOME HOME Advantage