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Vocab and 21st Century Skills


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This presentation was to share ideas on 21st Century Skills and instruction in vocabulary at the 6-12 grade levels.

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Vocab and 21st Century Skills

  1. 1. Vocabulary Instruction & 21st Century Skills  Janet Foss & Pam Krambeck November 2012
  2. 2. Today’s Goals Explore and understand 21st Century skills instruction Learn characteristics of effective vocabulary instruction, using the research proven Marzano Six-Step Process for Vocabulary Instruction Apply high-tech and low tech instructional practices to assist student learning of vocabulary
  3. 3. Eight Square BingoO Fold a piece of paper into 8 squares. • Select 8 words from the list in the front of the room • Write 1 word in each boxSelect words you think will be used during thepresentation today as it relates to the content.
  4. 4. Perspectives: 21st Century Learning O Pick a perspective that best reflects your beliefs about 21st century learningSource:
  5. 5. 21 st Century SkillsO Gallery walk activity for 21st century skills exploration
  6. 6. 21 st Century SkillsO Video:
  7. 7. P21 Skills 7Cs Skills Learning & Innovation Skills Critical thinking & problem Critical thinking & problem solving solving Communications, information & media literacy Communications and Collaboration, teamwork & collaboration leadership Creativity & innovation Digital Literacy Skills Information literacy (included in Media literacy Communications) ICT literacy (Included in Communications) Computing & ICT literacy Career & life skills Flexibility & adaptability Career & leaning self-reliance Initiative & self direction (included in Career/self Social & cross cultural reliance) interaction Cross-cultural understanding Productivity & accountability (Included in Career/self Leadership & responsibility*Source: This is the "equation" noted in the book, 21st Century Skills:reliance) for Life in Our Learning (included in Collaboration)Times
  8. 8. Tech Tool to Capture IdeasO Word CloudsO Wordle: http://wordle.netO 21st Century Skills ideas and vocabulary demoO Add to MS Word & create later
  9. 9. Components of a Vocabulary ProgramHigh-quality Classroom language(Dickinson,Cote, & Smith, 1993)Explicit Vocabulary Instruction (Baker, Kame‟enui,&Simmons, 1998; Baumann, Kame‟enui, & Ash, 2003; Beck & McKeown,1991;Beck, McKeown, & Kucan, 2002; Biemiller, 2004; Marzano, 2004; Paribakht&Wesche, 1997)Word-Learning Strategies (Buikima & Graves,1993;Edwards, Font, Baumann, & Boland, 2004; Graves, 2004; White, Sowell,&Yanagihara, 1989)Word-Consciousness (Diamond & Gutlohn, 2006; Scott&Nagy, 2004)Wide Independent Reading (Anderson & Nagy,1992;Cunningham & Stanovich, 1998; Nagy, Anderson, & Herman, 1987; Sternberg,1987)
  10. 10. Research Findings:O One of the most enduring findings in reading research is the extent to which students‟ vocabulary knowledge relates to their reading comprehensionO Students need to know 95-100% of words in a passage to comprehend it thoroughly.(e.g., Anderson & Freebody, 1981; Baumann, Kame„enui, & Ash, 2003; Becker, 1977; Davis, 1942; Whipple, 1925).
  11. 11. Vocabulary (Vocabulary) is not _____ (Vocabulary) is _____ (Vocabulary) is _____ (Vocabulary) is _____ (Vocabulary) sounds like _____ (Vocabulary) sounds like _____Another word for (Vocabulary) is _____One thing about (Vocabulary) is _____
  12. 12. Eight Square BingoO Select one of the words you have checked off as being mentioned, during the presentation.O Discuss how the word was used and its meaning in relationship to your classroom instruction.
  13. 13. Robert Marzano
  14. 14. Six-Steps for Teaching New TermsO First 3 Steps – introduce and develop initial understandingO Last 3 Steps – shape and sharpen understanding 14
  15. 15. Please rate your knowledge of each of these three words O independe nce O clemency O procrustea 1 2 n 3 4I have never I have heard When I read, I I could explain theheard the word the word know word to othersbefore and before, but I what the word and use it inI have no idea am not certain means, but I might writing andwhat you’re of its meaning. not be able to use discussion.talking about. it in a conversation with precision.
  16. 16. Step 1O Provide a description, explanation, or example of new term. Our term for today is: “independence.” 17
  17. 17. Step 1: Tech Ideas for “Providing a Description”O Tool: Bingo BakerO Web Address: http://bingobaker.comO Clues: opposites, different forms of the words, synonyms, real life examplesO Sample Bingo Card: Paper or Electronic CardsO 21st Century Skills: communication, critical thinking, information literacy
  18. 18. Step 2O Students restate explanation of new term in their own words 19
  19. 19. Step 2: Restate in their own words O Tool: Make Beliefs Comics O Web Address: O Uses: Sample: O 21st Century Skills:
  20. 20. Step 3O Students create a nonlinguistic representatio n of term. 21
  21. 21. Step 3: Non-Linguistic RepresentationO Tool: Big Huge Labs PosterO Web Address: mO Uses: Create posters for word walls, graphics for self- made dictionaries, etc.O 21st Century Skills: creativity, communication, ICT literacy
  22. 22. Step 4O Students periodically complete activities that help add to knowledge of vocabulary terms. 23
  23. 23. Collaboration 24
  24. 24. List Group LabelO List key words from the “Perspectives Documents” on Post It NotesO Include up to 12 wordsO Group words into logical categoriesO Label categoriesO One person stays at your table to explain your sortO Others join tables for sort sharing ideas
  25. 25. Step 4: Activities to add KnowledgeO Tool: Wordle, TagxedoO Web Address: www.tagxedo.comO Uses: Create word cloudsO Sample:O 21st Century Skills:
  26. 26. Graphic Organizers
  27. 27. Sites for Organizers (Interactive Organizers) nizers.htm ev.htm
  28. 28. Step 5O Periodically students are asked to discuss terms with one another. 29
  29. 29. Eight Square BingoO Select one of the words you have checked off as being mentioned, during the presentation.O Discuss how the word was used and its meaning in relationship to your classroom instruction.
  30. 30. Step 5: Discuss TermO Tool: Wall WisherO Web Address: www.wallwisher.comO Link to Sample: nevocab1O 21st Century Skills: Communication, ICT Literacy, Computers, Collaboration, Critical Thinking
  31. 31. Word Wall
  32. 32. QR Code Word Wall
  33. 33. Step 6O Periodically students are involved in games that allow them to play with terms. 34
  34. 34. Step 6 Activities & Exploration Stations O Vocabahead O Go Animate O Word Dynamo O Visual Thesaurus O Wall Wisher O Tagxedo & Wordle O Bingo Baker O Big Huge Labs O Comics & Vocab 35