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Post privacy - What should we do after the fail of privacy?


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My lightning talk from the W3C privacy camp

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Post privacy - What should we do after the fail of privacy?

  1. 1. Post PrivacyWhat should we do after the fail of privacy? @PeterKraker #knowcenter
  2. 2. First off• Fueled by previous discussions at #bcg10 and #websci11• The core of the problem is NOT the information that you provide voluntarily• This talk is intentionally provocative to start a discussion
  3. 3. Why privacy will fail• All data that exist about us is stored digitally• Digital data is fugitive (easy to copy, hard to protect)• See: Wikileaks, Anonymous, various data scandals near you• Information can be inferred from other sources (e.g. social graph)  jigsaw puzzle effect
  4. 4. Therefore Data protection is a lost cause (andsometimes not even the solution) Voluntarily provided information is only thetip of the iceberg
  5. 5. My prediction• Not all data will be apparantly visible• But almost all data will be somehow obtainable• A grey market for personal data• The important questions are not if or when privacy will fail, but what we should do when it happens
  6. 6. What will we do?• What I DO NOT think will work: – Let‘s just wait and see, society will be better if we see that no one is whithout fail• Concepts – Information accountability (Weitzner et al.) – What else?