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creativebrief- Ratna Catia- 1006695280

  1. 1. Ratna Catia Hasan, 1006695280Creative Brief CREATIVE BRIEFClient Peace One Day Job No.Brand Peace One Day Briefing DateDescription Dont let Peace Day be Ignored Presentation Date Campaign LaunchRequirement TVC,Print, Activation DateOrganisation BackgroundPeace One Day is a non-profit organisation, impartial and independent of any government, politicalpersuasion, corporation or religious creed. The longevity and ongoing effectiveness of Peace Day isdependent on such impartiality and all-inclusiveness.Issue / problemNow, Peace Day is not that important, only who remembered it who celebrates Peace Day. We wantto make it impossible for anyone to ignore Peace Day. We want to make it a day that everyonearound the world engages with, so that governments and leaders in conflict zones have no otherchoice but to implement it. The task is to grow grassroots awareness and active personalengagement with Peace Day, to make this day ubiquitous and as part of our social fabric asValentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.Communication do to Solve the IssueCreates a interpretation in consumer mind that Peace Day is as important as Valentine’s Day orMother’s Day. Dont let Peace Day be ignored. Peace Day gives a very real opportunity for oppositiongroups stop focusing on fighting and focusing on working together to build something. Maybe theywill like that day and want another. We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we makepeace with ourselves.Target MarketPrimary : SES AB, Living in Jakarta Area, 18-30 years old, Media Consumptivewhich is the ultimate ages that are innovative and able to change the world. At these age andlifestyles in urban life, they are aware of issues that happened in world through social media, etc.Awareness creates action and action will save livesSecondary : SES AB, Primary School, years old, Living in Jakarta AreaAt these ages they learn and absorb values that are given. With a hope they will bring all the goodvalues until they become adult and applied this values in every day life activites.Story of Clara, 20 years old university student, believe that negative thinking makes her feel insecureand makes an intrepretation of something that’s not true. She always check on twitter at least onceper day. She doesnt know anything about Kony, until Kony becomes a trending topic in twitter(#Kony2012). Than once she aware about that issue, she become one of the people who spread thenews in twitter and facebook. Its true that Awareness creates action.
  2. 2. InsightWorry often gives a small thing a big shadow, and its a trigger to make a conflictPropositionStart with postive thinkingChecklist for communications:• Peace One Day logo• The date: ‘Peace Day – 21 September’• www.peaceoneday.orgTone & MannerSimple yet InspiringInspiring Quotes • The purpose of all wars, is peace. • Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. Albert Einstein • Peace begins with a smile, and positve thinking Mother Teresa • Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding. • Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.(All contains of positive thinking) CREATIVE BRIEFClient Aviva Job No.Brand Saving Campaign Briefing DateDescription Start Saving Presentation Date Campaign LaunchRequirement TVC,Print, Activation Date
  3. 3. Organisation BackgroundKegiatan bisnis utama Aviva Group yaitu long-term savings, fund management dan asuransikerugian, dengan total penjualan di seluruh dunia mencapai £45,1 milyar dan dana kelolaan£379 milyar per 31 Desember 2009. Dengan jumlah karyawan 46.000 dan melayani lebihdari 53 juta nasabah di 28 negara di seluruh dunia.The issueOrang tidak banyak menabung untuk masa depan mereka. People are not saving enough fortheir future.Menuanya populasi disertai gejolak ekonomi saat ini, menandakan orang tidakterencana secara finansialCommunication do to Solve the IssueMembuat orang untuk tertarik menabung. Walaupun sudah diajarkan dari kecil untuk rajinmenabung, banyak orang tergoda untuk membeli barang-barang yang sebenarnya tidakmereka butuhkan atau inginkan. Memberikan interpretasi kepada target dengan menabungsedikit tapi konstan atau terjadwal, mereka bisa mendapatkan sesuatu yang besar.Target MarketSES ABC , Siswa sampai First time employee , tinggal di area urban, umur 17-25 TahunRata-rata orang, pekerjaan pertama didapat pada umur tersebut. Dan setelah umurtersebut, orang akan mulai berkeluarga, dan hidup dari hasil kerjanya, tidak lagi ditanggungorang tua Pada umur tersebut pula kalangan atau kelas manapun semangatnya masihmembara untuk memperbaiki kualitas hidupnya. Campaign ini ditujukan mulai darikalangan menengah atas – kalangan menengah kebawah. Karena menabung penting untukmendapatkan masa depan yang lebih baik.InsightJika menyimpan uang 100.000 pecahan ( cth : (3) 20.000+ (2) 10.000+ (2) 5.000 + (10)1.000 ) lebih cepat habis dibanding menyimpang 1 uang 100.000PropositionBy saving big nominal of money you can get big amount of saving accumulationBrand IdeaStart saving with bigger number money but smaller number of agesConcept IdeaMemperlihatkan keadaan apabila orang menabung dengan uang nominal besar, tabunganakan lebih cepat banyak dan lebih terasaTone & MannerSimple yet Inspiring