Next Generation Hybrid Applications with Qt - presentation for SEE 2009


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Presentation for, held in 26.10.2009.

Shows how web developers can utilize their web development skills in native applications with Qt.

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Next Generation Hybrid Applications with Qt - presentation for SEE 2009

  1. 1. Next Generation Hybrid Applications Utilizing your Web Development Skills with Qt based Solutions Pekka Kosonen Head Of Technology Development Nokia
  2. 2. In the year 2010 - Hybrid application? A mashup? A Widget? Thin/Thick client? A full blown application? Always connected? Utilizes web services? Differ in mobile vs. desktop context? Combines several technologies - web and native?
  3. 3. Ask google Mashup_(web_application_hybrid) A web page or application that combines data or functionality from two or more external sources to create a new service. Mashups and portals are both content aggregation technologies. Web pages -> Web sites -> Dynamic web sites -> Server- driven/Database driven Web Sites -> Web Applications Hybrid is the next logical step More program than web site Greater interaction with the end user's computer/OS The ability to operate without an internet connection present “best of both worlds"
  4. 4. Today Adobe AIR Adobe AIR is a standalone runtime library Web Runtimes Many vendors provide web runtimes Usually a sandbox environment where you can plugin web widgets Some amount of platform services offered Microsoft Silverlight Web browser plug-in that follows along the lines of Flash Designed to be an application platform from day one Developing Hybrid Applications for the iPhone Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to Build Dynamic Apps for the iPhone
  5. 5. Industry buzz? a hybrid app is everything that a web application is, but carries the concept of "more program than web site" …and a gazillion other widget runtimes
  6. 6. What are the good things to “steal” from the web world? HTML5 Portability Ease Speed JavaScript Resource pool WebKit Innovation
  7. 7. …but the real world is still fragmented and not complete Device API access How easily can you extend it? Security Speed UX Install base Discoverability
  8. 8. Continued googling... Found out that there’s a presentation coming about hybrid applications. Need to go there! Then I noticed it’s mine… Next Generation Hybrid Applications – Utilizing your Web Development Skills with Qt based Solutions
  9. 9. Hybrid app seems to be something like A mashup? A Widget? Thin/Thick client? A full blown application? Seems like more than a mashup or a widget. Always connected? Doesn’t need to be connected. Utilizes web services? Most likely. At least needs to have the means to Combines several technologies - web and native? Seems so... Differ in mobile vs. desktop context? Different features that are important (like location on mobile)
  10. 10. Approachability of Programming Hybrid Development Environment Un at Are Easy ta a in Qt context in WRT ab le Easily approachable web technologies Difficult Qt C++ with powerful and scalable Qt C++ Size of Project Small Large A rich selection of features for hybrid development Hybrid Applications QtWebKit module: embed web content from servers, Qt C++ local files or application’s resources Application into Qt applications QtScript module: HTML, CSS, JavaScript make Qt applications scriptable QtXMLPatterns module: shape and mash up XML date yielding HTML output Browser/ Standalone QNetworkAccessManager: Web runtime Application *) interact with server side URL APIs Widgets accessing platform services with JS QWebView *view = new QWebView(parent); view->load(QUrl("")); view->show(); Public
  11. 11. Interact with Web Services QtWebKit allows Intuitive use of network resources, Easy to embed web content into an application Exposing QWidget to HTML and QObject to JavaScript Calling JavaScript from Qt and vice versa Content may be enhanced with native controls JS Qt OS specific APIs
  12. 12. function setStatus() { twit.updateStatus( statusupdate.text ); Javascript } statusupdate.returnPressed.connect(this,setStatu s); QWebFrame *frame = view->currentFrame(); //You can inject JavaScript to be executed frame->evaluateJavaScript(“myAmaging JS Stuff”); //You can expose any QObject to the web view MyQTwitter *twit = new MyQTwitter() frame->addToJavaScriptWindowObject(“twit”,twit); //do what ever you want with native APIs //that you can call directly from Qt CRRSensorApi::FindSensorsL(sensorList);
  13. 13. Swing both ways? Go hybrid! combining the best of both worlds Run JS and HTML inside Qt application… WRT Widget Qt application Webkit QWebView running webkit Widgets HTML, CSS, Same HTML, CSS, JavaScript JavaScript Platform Services Native APIs Platform Services implementation Accessing Native APIs through JS
  14. 14. Download the core of the hybrid app Stored locally -> easy to update
  15. 15. Webview Demo Core app ready – install new JS in In the demo there’s BBC News, games like Rock-Paper-Scissors, Tic-Tac-Toe, Calculator and Bubble Anything from web can be pulled to the hybrid container Statistics: 300 lines of Qt code Size of .sis file: 20 kB Development time: approx. 5 hours Browser/ Standalone Qt C++ Hybrid Web runtime application *) Application HTML, CSS, JavaScript Cool guys swing both ways Go hybrid with Qt and Web!
  16. 16. Are we making a Web Runtime? 1) Web developer injects JS+HTML+CSS to the framework. If it spits out an executable we’re not making a web runtime (I think). 2) The framework is installed to device -> developer writes plugins (with JS/HTML/CSS) we are closer to making own WRT (I think) What’s important in the FW Industry compliancy – especially in the APIs that are offered to JS developers Extendability – The features what are offered out of the box are NEVER enough. You want to extend and we’ll let you. UI libraries – easy to use nice looking stuff (TODO show flickr demo and refer to declarative UI) Security
  17. 17. Architecture - Yes we have some! Framework From us QWebView running Webkit From real developers Qt script The hybrid app’s core generator – JS, html,.. pushing stuff to From Qt the web view Accessing Native APIs through JS Native – already there Service FW from Qt Mobility APIs 3rd party Qt Mobility plugins APIs OS and native APIs
  18. 18. As a hybrid app developer you… ...can use your web skills (HTML, CSS, …) to do the UI Or, since QWebView has NPAPI -> Flash Or, you can go nuts and even push native Qt components to webview ...write JS to access platform features If there’s a not a ready service provider implemented feel free to do it (and publish it for others please!)? ...get a Qt application – which is a native application! No runtime performance hits Sources are protected And it works where ever Qt is supported! Distribute it to Ovi store and target 130 million smartphones with Qt 4.6! Remember to open the bank vault before the money trucks arrive!
  19. 19. The things to take home with you Qt is available everywhere On desktops OSs as well as smartphones With Qt and Mobility APIs you can make full blown mobile applications With Qt webkit web developers can create native applications No feature restrictions We’re making this easier with a framework that Takes in pure web content : JS, HTML, CSS, … Spits out a native Qt application Provides the usual platform services out of the box Can be extended with your own service providers (Qt Service FW plugins) Later on Provide a JS UI library Deeper tool integration (Qt Creator)
  20. 20. If you want to know what Qt is about ;) Come check tomorrow 9:30 - 12:00 Qt fireworks - demonstrating the potential of Qt. 13-14 Introducing Qt to Symbian Developers
  21. 21. We’ll be making it really easy for you  All you need is Qt Creator – no SDKs ;)  Integrated with Remote Device Access (RDA) - you don’t even need a device ;)   No promises here about dates or months yet… Combine hybrid framework with this one – isn’t it creepy how easy we can make it for you?
  22. 22. Thank you very many! Questions? pekka.kosonen@ 24