Cultural Diversity


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Cultural Diversity

  1. 1. Les Îles Elle O’Brien
  2. 2. French PolynesiaTraditional musical instruments include pahu and toere drumsand the nose flute called a vivo.Old South Pacific cooking methods combining with Frenchgastronomy and Italian and Chinese influences. Food is stillcooked in traditional pit ovens in the sand that are commonthroughout the Pacific (ahimaa).The feast is called a tamaaraa.They speak in a variety of different dialects throughout theislands including Austral.
  3. 3. ComorosA group of 3 volcanic islands located between Madagascar andAfrica; very rich in rare speciesIncludes a blend of French, Araibic, and African cultureRice is the staple of the daily diet, along with manioc and otherroot vegetables, plantains, fresh and dried fish, and coconutmilk.Traditional musical genres coexist with music performed bymodern village orchestras. Comedic and tragic theatrical worksdeal with historical themes and often are critical of society.Each island has a different dialect
  4. 4. Dominicavery mountainous; volcanoes; lush rainforest; lots of rainMotto: Apres Bondie Cest La Ter, "After God, it is the land,"rich volcanic soil and abundant rainfall are ideal for growing. Bananas and plantains are central to rural diets, and are preparedin a variety of ways. Land crabs, river crayfish, opossum, agouti,and fish are caught.Crapaud ("mountain chicken”), a type of frog, is the national dish.African and European-influenced forms of traditional dance, song,music, and storytelling are performed at various cultural shows.Mixed culture of Africa and FranceKokoy is a common dialect
  5. 5. HaitiMusic genre is called kompa (lots of beats and drums)capital: Port-au-PrinceLocation: Caribbean, between the Caribbean Sea and the NorthAtlantic Ocean, west of the Dominican Republicterrain mostly rough and mountainousfestivals: Carnival: the cities are filled with music, parade floats,and people dancing and singing in the streets all nightRara: celebrated by a significant number of the population aswell, and its celebration has been led to it becoming a style ofCarnival music
  6. 6. Saint Luciamany natural orchards of banana, coconut, mango, and papayatreesThe people have earned a well-deserved reputation for theirwarmth and charm, and the island itself is dotted with agedfortresses, small villages, and open-air markets.Many people weave baskets, fishing nets, mats, clothing, bags,etc. out of palm frondsPatios is a form of dialect that is spoken
  7. 7. Amerique du Nord Maya Anand
  8. 8. QuebecQuebec is the only Canadian province that has apredominantly French speaking populationAlmost everyone in Quebec speaks FrenchNearly three times the size of France or Texas
  9. 9. FoodPoutine is a fast food dish that originated in Quebecand can now be found across CanadaMany restaurants and pubs in Quebecfeature French dishes such as Coq au Vin (chicken,wine, and musrooms), French Onion Soup, and BeefBurgundy.
  10. 10. New OrleansNew Orleans colonial history of French settlement has resultedin a strong Catholic traditionOne of their biggest festivals is Mardi GrasLouisiana was a French colony before the 19th century.Beignets are popular: also called "French doughnuts“, are servedwith café au lait made (a blend of coffee and chicory rather thanonly coffee)
  11. 11. L’AfriqueBy Emily Mims
  12. 12. Cameroon The territory was divided between France and Britain after world war I Cuisine: French food is widely influenced, the French introduced French bread and Italian pasta, this type of food isn’t always eaten because of the price of the food
  13. 13. Madagascar Island country in the Indian Ocean It is a francophone country and French is spoken in the educated population French food is recognized, which is not as highly spiced as in most of Africa In 2007 the French language became one of the top 3 languages used in Madagascar
  14. 14. Democratic Republic of Congo French: République démocratique du Congo Most populous Francophonie country The official language of French became official from the colonial period under Belgium rule June 30th is Independence Day
  16. 16. FRANCE• France is one of the most well known French speaking countries in the world• Some traditional French foods include éclairs, crepes, and croissants
  17. 17. BELGIUM• Belgium is another francophone country in Europe• Belgium is most famous for it’s waffles. The two most common waffles from Belgium are the Brussels waffles and Liege waffles.
  18. 18. SWITZERLAND• Switzerland in another French speaking country in Europe that is very influenced by France• One very popular food item in Switzerland is their cheese and fondue. Cheeses are also very popular in France.• They are also well known for their chocolates