Wedia Social Media presentation at DigitalDays


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A presentation we gave at DigitalDays event organized by PublicStores in Athens on Social Media case studies

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Wedia Social Media presentation at DigitalDays

  1. 1. SocialMedia  Marke-ng   The                                          story    
  2. 2. Panos Kontopoulos Managing Director, Wedia 30% Technical 30% Management 40% Marketing + 100% Digital and Social Books I am reading
  3. 3. Technology  and  Internet     have  changed   the  way  humans  communicate,   professionally  and  socially  
  4. 4. We  are  spending  an  increasing   :me  of  our  lives  online,   producing  and  consuming  digital   content,  using  online  services  
  5. 5. There  is  a  fundamental  shi;     in  the  way  people  research,  buy   products  and  services  and   become  loyal  to  a  company  or  a   brand  
  6. 6. “Old”  Consumer  Journey  
  7. 7. New  Consumer  Journey  
  8. 8. New  Consumer  Journey  
  9. 9. Word  of  mouth  plays  a  significant   role  during  our  decision  process  
  10. 10. New  capabili-es,  prac-ces     and  tools  need  to  be  invented   and  u:lized  in  digital  marke:ng   to  support  new  customer  journey  
  11. 11. We  are  here  to  help  :-­‐)   Strategy   Consul:ng   Design   Technical     Marke:ng  services   Online  Strategy   Web  Design   Web  Development   Mobile  Development   Social  Media  Marke:ng   Search  Engine  Marke:ng   Direct  Marke:ng   Display  Adver:sing   Inbound  Marke:ng      
  12. 12. Social  Media  Strategy   having  fun     informing       suppor:ng       crowd  sourcing       promo:ng  /  selling    
  13. 13. Goals  please!   increase  fan  base     engagement  level       response  :me       incoming  traffic       posi:ve  sen:ment  
  14. 14. and  Execu:on  Tac:cs   produce content based on editorial calendar publish content based on engagement statistics promote content through available channels ride and extend above the line campaigns monitor, identify and engage with community increase community base for future actions analyze, report and adjust continuously
  15. 15. 12  months     211.000  fans   2.500  Euros   8  engagement  ac:vi:es   1  dedicated  journalist   Support  by  gazzeWa  team   25%  share  in  traffic    
  16. 16. 60.000  entries  
  17. 17. 20.000  entries  
  18. 18. 30.000  entries  
  19. 19. 8.000  entries     2  pages     engagement!  
  20. 20. •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Daily  updated  magazine   Many  roles  and  people  involved   PR  policies  should  be  considered   Organic  reach  is  low   Traffic  genera:on  is  valuable   24x7  monitoring  required   Strong  technical  skills  required   B2C  mainly  oriented     Sales  are  difficult  to  come   Mone:za:on  remains  the  holy  grail  
  21. 21. Gamifica:on  could  be  the  answer   for  B2C  
  22. 22. Inbound  Marke:ng  IS  the  answer     for  B2B