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First visit questions

  1. 1. SRISHTI LABS MOBILE STUDY – RECRUITMENT CRITERIA Recruitment Total No of participants to be recruited – 10 Bangalore Rural - 5 Bangalore Urban – 5 Equal balance of male and female participants Profile – Typology Profile 1 30 – 40 years old Home maker Profile 2 20 – 22 Years Old Recent Graduate Profile 3 25-30 Years old working, 2 years of experience; Any field of work/business, could be an employee or have a small business Profile 4 35 - 40 Years old 5- 10 years of work experience; Any field of work/business, could be an employee or have a small business Profile 5 Above 45 Years old 10-15 years of work experience; Any field of work/business, could be an employee or have a small business RECRUIT 5 Participants who fit the above profile each for Rural and Urban; The next question will be used to establish articulateness. If respondent seems inarticulate, or unable to speak clearly and form complete thoughts, thank and end the call. If talkative & articulate - continue. 1. What is the favorite piece of technology in your life right now? Why? How does it help you or make your life easier? Srishti Labs-Mobile study 1 7/29/2010
  2. 2. Determine - Typology I am a simple person with basic needs YES/NO Yes - Continue I love to share my views/hobbies/ and/or personal YES/NO Yes - Continue experiences with others For me, success is being able to pay the bills every YES/NO Yes - Continue month Home Purchase process: 1) I am the primary decision maker 1 & 2 – YES – Continue 2) I influence and give my opinion in the purchase YES/NO 3 – Yes - Terminate process 3) I do not involve in the purchase process I always buy top of the line products YES/NO YES - Terminate I don't know a lot about technology YES/NO YES - Continue What Equipments do you own? YES/NO 1 - 4 – YES – Continue 1) Mobile Phone 5 – Yes - Terminate 2) TV, Music System, CD/DVD player, MP3 player 3) Digital camera, PC 4) Washing Machine 5) Black berry, iPod, Laptop Daily Commuting? Yes/No 1 & 2 – YES – Continue 1) I use Public Transport for my Daily commuting (Bus, 3 – Yes - Terminate Auto etc.,) 2) I use a Two wheeler for my Daily commuting 3) I use a CAR for my Daily Commuting Srishti Labs-Mobile study 2 7/29/2010
  3. 3. Demographics 1. Do you or does any member of your family or close friends work in any of the Following industries? Any manufacturer / distributor / retailer of TERMINATE computers / new technologies Any manufacturer / distributor / retailer of TERMINATE telecoms products Mobile Phone provider TERMINATE None of these CONTINUE Note: no family members or close friends to work in these industries. 2. Have you attended a market research discussion in the technology field in the last 6 months? Yes TERMINATE No CONTINUE Note: None to have attended a market research discussion during past 6 months. 3. What is your gender? Male SEE BELOW Female SEE BELOW Note: RECRUIT about 50% males and 50% females. 4. How old are you? Record Age and map to the above listed Continue profiling 5. What is your native language? Note: Any Indian Language is ok - continue 6.Which of these income categories includes your monthly ? INR 15000 Continue INR 20000 Continue INR 30000 DECLINE Above INR 40000 DECLINE Note: Income levels of Student can be mapped to parents income level Mobile phone usage Srishti Labs-Mobile study 3 7/29/2010
  4. 4. 7. Do you own mobile telephone? Yes CONTINUE No TERMINATE Note: Participants should own a mobile telephone 8. What did you pay for your mobile telephone? Rs.3000 – Rs.5000 CONTINUE Rs.5000-Rs.10000 CONTINUE Rs.10000 – Rs.15000 TERMINATE > 15000 TERMINATE 9. What brand is your mobile phone? Note: Make a note of the brand, Recruit good mix of participants with different brands of phone 10. How often do you change your Mobile phone? Never, this is the first one and I am using it TERMINATE since Once in Two Years Continue Not until I have a problem with my phone Continue 11. How much time do you spend daily on your Mobile phone? < 1 hour TERMINATE 2-3 hours Continue > 4 hours Continue 12. What functions and features do you use mainly in your Mobile phone? Only voice calls, no text messages, TERMINATE Calls and text messages Continue Calls, messages, Music, photos Continue Note: Participants should use their mobile phone for more activities than just making calls. Srishti Labs-Mobile study 4 7/29/2010
  5. 5. 13. Can you divide work and personal use on your cell phone? Yes/No How? Mention Features/Method. 14. How would you like to manage your contact information? Groups No Groups Different Ringtones Pictures Stars/Highlights - Showing importance Save accordingly to sim/phone Other 15. Do you have a password for your phone? Is security of information on your phone important? How do ensure this? Yes/No Explain: 16. Are you able to save large files on your phone memory card? Yes/No What kind of files do you save? 17. Does your phone sync easily with your email? Yes/No 18. Does your phone sync easily with your laptop/desktop? Yes/No 19. Do you miss any work related features/ applications that would be useful? Yes/No Srishti Labs-Mobile study 5 7/29/2010
  6. 6. Describe: 20. Do you find your phone convenient for taking notes, saving and transferring data? Yes/No If No – Then what can help to improve this? 21. Do you wish there was any service that could help you get work done easier/faster? Describe Service 22. Do you use your mobile phone for mobile banking? Yes/No 23. Do you find financial transactions via cell phones safe? Yes/No If No – Why not? 24. Do you use your phone to plan out your day/shopping list/schedules? Yes/No Which feature do you use? 25. Do you use your phone for references frequently? (ex: calculators/maps/spellings) Yes/No Which feature do you find unsatisfactory in these terms? Why? 26. Thinking about new technologies such as mobile phones, computers, or mp3 players, which of the following statements best applies to you? I am interested in new technologies and CONTINUE follow the digital trends. Srishti Labs-Mobile study 6 7/29/2010
  7. 7. I am somewhat interested CONTINUE I am not interested in new technologies at TERMINATE all and do not buy the technology products 27. What attracts you in a phone? Is Brand important to you? Yes/No Describe: 28. Do you like phones with multitasking abilities? Yes/No 29. Does everyone in your family have a cell phone? Yes/No 30. When do you think the cell phone is incapable of doing something and wish it could? Note: Each of the statements should be chosen for each of the profile we are recruiting Important – please read to all respondents Here is some background information about the research session. This is an in-home research session and 2 – 3 researchers /interpreter will be coming to visit you at your home. The researchers will be asking you a wide variety of questions about your lifestyle and technology such as how you incorporate technology into your life (e.g., cell phone, home technology products.) and where and how you use technology inside and outside your home. They will also be asking questions about your daily and weekly schedule and routines. They will be audio taping the session and this audio and photographs will be used for the sole purpose of reviewing and evaluating the research sessions afterwards. The audio files/photos will not be shared with third parties or made public in any way. Also, the researchers will be taking photographs of different areas of your home to document your home environment. Are you still interested in participating in this research? ( ) Yes ( ) No Srishti Labs-Mobile study 7 7/29/2010