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107 tips to_gain_customers_and_grow_your_business


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107 tips to_gain_customers_and_grow_your_business

  1. 1. Table of ContentsINTRODUCTION........................................................................................................................................................ 3INTENTIONAL ACTION .............................................................................................................................................. 3PROACTIVE VS. REACTIVE MARKETING .................................................................................................................... 4OUR MINDSET CREATES OUR OUTCOME ................................................................................................................. 4PASSIVE VS. ACTIVE VS. AGGRESSIVE ...................................................................................................................... 5HOW TO TURN AN ELEVATOR SPEECH INTO A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ................................................. 5THE FORMAT OF THIS REPORT ................................................................................................................................. 8IDEAS FOR BRAND NEW NETWORK MARKETING DISTRIBUTORS ............................................................................ 8IDEAS ON HOW TO MEET NEW PEOPLE ................................................................................................................... 9WHERE TO MEET NEW PEOPLE - NETWORKING .................................................................................................... 10MARKETING AT YOUR PARTIES OR PRESENTATIONS ............................................................................................. 13MARKETING TO CURRENT CUSTOMERS ................................................................................................................. 14MARKETING AT THE OFFICE ................................................................................................................................... 16ON THE INTERNET .................................................................................................................................................. 16AFFILIATE WITH OTHER BUSINESSES...................................................................................................................... 18ADVERTISEMENT – FREE AND PAID ....................................................................................................................... 19BECOME YOUR OWN ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT ............................................................................................... 20MISCELLANEOUS IDEAS ......................................................................................................................................... 23CLOSING ................................................................................................................................................................. 25107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 2
  2. 2. IntroductionWe all start out excited in our network marketing businesses and usually, as long as we’regenerating leads, we stay excited. However, when we run out of leads or ideas, this is when welose our enthusiasm for building our business.That is why we created this document. This report is meant to be used as a guide to get ourjuices flowing and to give us ideas on how to market our businesses . . . offline and online.It would be impossible to market our businesses in all the ways listed in this report. In fact, ifwould probably be an exercise in frustration if we tried to apply all 107 tips to our businesses.The ideas in this report are meant to help keep us excited as well as stimulate some of our ownmarketing ideas. They are meant to be a jumping off point for each of us to look at ourbusinesses with new eyes.Pick one or two of the ideas, try them out, apply them, hone them, and hone them some more .. . then try other ideas. All of these ideas have been successful for someone.Before we begin, we’d like to clarify a few very important points . . .Intentional ActionMany of us have heard about “inspired action”, but the term “intentional action” may be new.In our 6-CD-set Train your Brain, (available at we go into greatdetail on the subject of intentional action.Intentional Action is defined as “the action we take AFTER we’ve moved ourselves to anemotionally positive place.”What we mean is . . . If we are feeling depressed, angry, or frustrated about our businesses . . .we should not take action.Our ONLY task if we’re feeling depressed, angry, or frustrated is to do things which help us tofeel good. This could be listening to music, taking a walk, petting the cat, reading motivationalmaterial, or listening to self-help CDs, but we must get ourselves “feeling good” before we takeaction.If we are having any negative feelings, our ONE and ONLY JOB is getting ourselves into a moreemotionally positive feeling place. After we do this is . . . then we can take action.By action, we might mean picking up the phone to call customers, talking to people about ourbusiness, or marketing our businesses in any one of the ways mentioned in this report.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 3
  3. 3. This is intentional action.Please refer to the CD-set, “Train your Brain” for more information about intentional action.We can’t say this enough. For any of our actions to be truly successful . . . we must have apositive mindset . . . (hopeful, excited, positive expectation, etc) . . . before we take action.Proactive vs. Reactive MarketingKnow the difference between proactive and reactive marketing.Reactive marketing is promoting our business by handing out business cards, distributingcatalogs, posting flyers, passing out a bunch of information, hoping for the best, and sitting bythe phone, waiting for it to ring.On the other hand, proactive marketing, while including some of the very same techniques asreactive marketing, has a more hands-on approach by following up promotional material withsomething more. For example, passing out a business card or handing out a catalog is typical ofreactive marketing, but it becomes proactive when we get contact information in return andfollow through with a phone call or an email.With proactive marketing, there’s no need for us to wait for or react to anything. We arealways contacting the customer. We are never waiting for them to contact us. We are incontrol. Proactive marketing focuses on interaction with people and building relationships as ameans of gaining more customers and marketing our businesses more effectively than doesreactive marketing.This report incorporates ideas from both proactive and reactive methods and our businessesshould also incorporate both types of marketing. Each method has its rightful place inmarketing our businesses. And while both approaches will work for us, as a general rule . . .proactive methods will always yield better results.Again, knowing the difference between reactive and proactive marketing is very important toour success.Our Mindset Creates our OutcomeWe discuss the topic of our minds creating our reality with more detail in Train your Brain,available at, so we’ll only cover it briefly here.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 4
  4. 4. Regardless of whether we have one prospect in our rolodex or one party on our books, carryingourselves as though we are busy and developing confidence about our businesses . . . willbring us more success.We should always think of ourselves as a successful businesses people.When people approach us, if they sense we are feeling good about our businesses, they willwant what we have! In other words, if people sense we are busy, confident, and prosperous,they will want to be part of the action.Passive vs. Active vs. AggressiveBecome an active marketer.Passive marketers utilize . . . only passive marketing techniques. This is similar to reactivemarketing in that passive marketers will literally pass out information, place ads, or post signsand then wait for the response. Rarely are passive marketers ever having conversations relatedto their businesses with real, live people. Passive marketers are almost never in control oftheir businesses.Aggressive marketers . . . are always talking about business. They’re always wearing logoclothing, have blinking ID badges, or “ask me about my business” buttons. They’re alwaysblasting sales pitches via social media but have difficulty answering a simple question like . . .how are you? Aggressive marketers may be in control of their businesses and also having manyconversations with other people about their businesses but their aggressive selling methodsoften. . . turns people off from their products.Active marketers, on the other hand, always balance business, friendship, and family. Wemay wear logo clothing, bags, or water bottles advertising our businesses, but we have otherinterests. We are authentic people with diverse lives and most importantly . . . we are sincerelyinterested in the people we interact with on a personal level . . . even the people we areselling to. We exude a security about our business. People see us as experts because we notonly talk about our businesses confidently, but we also talk about other subjects as well. Weare never so driven by our need to sell that we lose being present and personable to others.Active marketers always outperform both passive and aggressive marketers.How to Turn an Elevator Speech into a Public Service AnnouncementWe’ve all heard the terms elevator speech or 30-second commercial, right? We use thesemarketing terms for the quick answer we give when someone asks us that age old question . . .what do you do?107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 5
  5. 5. It’s inevitable people will ask us what we do for a living and, as network marketers, we’re oftentold this simple question is our golden opportunity to create an elevator speech or 30-secondcommercial as a means of increasing sales, sponsoring new team members, etc.At The Mind Aware we wholeheartedly agree someone asking us what we do for a living is theperfect opportunity to market ourselves and our businesses. But why not take this goldenopportunity to do something different, something more effective in the long run? Why not takethis opportunity to create our very own . . . Public Service Announcement.Why a public service announcement?With a 30-second commercial we are selling something. By creating an elevator speech we arealways talking at someone. Customers are tired of being sold to. With a public serviceannouncement . . . our intention is to always be of service or a benefit to our customers.When we are selling someone our products we want to involve our customers at every step inthis process.Informing our customers we will always meet their needs is one of the most effective marketingapproaches we will ever use as network marketers. Thoughtful, service-oriented sellingmethods build long-term relationships with customers and bring about good outcomes foreveryone involved.So, rather than creating a clever 30-second commercial or honing our elevator speech to gainnew customers . . . create a public service announcement.Here are some tips for creating an effective Public Service Announcement:  Always keep our audience in mind. What is of interest to them?  Always list the benefits of our products. How are we helping people?  Always keep our public service announcement to a few sentences. Anything longer than that will lose people’s interest in what you have to say.  Always use words which create an opening for the other person to participate. This means being broad in our descriptions. When we create an opportunity for a person to ask for clarification about what we do, we’re not only encouraging their participation, we’re also creating a relationship.  Always be ourselves. Be natural.Here are some examples based on a variety of products and services:“I help people lose that final 10 pounds . . .”107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 6
  6. 6. “I do in-home educational seminars teaching women how to put more romance into their lives ...”“I keep families healthy during the flu season . . .”“I help ordinary people make sense of investment . . .”“I help women look and feel younger . . .”“I teach people how to have more energy throughout the day . . .”In some cases, we may want to develop two or three answers so we can interchange thembased on the type of person we are addressing.It’s also a good idea to keep in mind we’re creating a dialogue which means we may want toend with a question. For example, something as simple as “Have you ever heard of (name ofyour company)?” will engage another person. If our Public Service Announcement is interestingenough, people will be asking us questions.Practice! If we look in a mirror and practice our Public Service Announcements, we quickly findout what feels comfortable to us.Our Public Service Announcements are platforms for creating relationships. They are notmeant to sell someone something.When we practice several variations of our Public Service Announcements, we not only find onewhich works well for us, we also become more comfortable talking about our businesses on apersonal level. The ability to interact with our customers on a personal level always adds toour success.A person’s response to our Public Service Announcements is not an affirmation or a rejection ofour businesses. It is only a means to get an answer to the question . . . “What is the next step Iwould take in developing a business relationship with this person?”Many times, when we create a dialogue and build a relationship with someone, we end upgaining new customers or team members. Not only the person we’re talking with, but alsomany people they might know. Good service creates word-of-mouth buzz about ourselves anddelivers results for both parties. A Public Service Announcement tells our customers . . . we careabout them.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 7
  7. 7. The Format of this ReportWe are aware network marketing businesses come in many forms, so we’ve included as manyideas as possible in our report. We have ideas for those in party plan companies, ideas forthose in direct sales companies and ideas for people who market on the internet. When we saywe have an idea for everyone, we mean it.Therefore, in order for any of you to find the type of idea which best serves your business rightnow, we’ve divided this report into sections:  Brand New Network Marketers – First Steps  How to Meet New People  Where to Meet New People  Marketing at Parties or Presentations  Marketing to Current Customers  At the Office  On the Internet  Affiliate with Other Businesses  Advertisement – Free and Paid  Become your Own Advertising Department  Miscellaneous IdeasPlease remember . . . don’t get overwhelmed. We want this report to inspire! Pay attention toyour feelings. Successful actions always occur when we are feeling good. This is a time fordifferent ideas, new ideas. Pick as many ideas as you like and run with them! And . . . enjoy!Let’s get started . . .Ideas for Brand New Network Marketing Distributors Tip #1. Invite a Friend to Open your Distributor Kit with You. Open the box or envelope containing your new consultant information with a friend or even better, multiple friends. Have them over, pop some popcorn, put in the company DVD, and if your kit includes some of your products, let them peruse the goodies with you. Tip #2. Contact your Circle of Influence. Make a list of the people you know from all areas of your life. Sometimes this is referred to as your FRANKS list. FRANKS stands for Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids, and Spouse.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 8
  8. 8. As you are developing your list from every aspect of your life, remember to include people from the past such as co-workers from previous jobs. Remember to mix and match categories (i.e. my sister’s hairdresser or my husband’s co-worker’s wife). Let these people know about your new business. Call them, send them an email, or maybe a flyer in the mail, Making sure everyone in your circle of influence knows what you do for a living is very effective in getting new customers. It’s not a bad idea for seasoned network marketers to revisit their FRANKS list as well. Sometimes we get busy and overlook the most obvious prospects. You do not want to be at the next company extravaganza and see that the new top hot shot in the company is your old best friend from high school . . . or that he or she is signed with someone else’s team. !@#$%^&!!!!! Tip #3. Hold an Open House. Pick a date to hold an open house party for everyone from your FRANKS list. Make sure to have a start time for a presentation and tell people to be on time. When you (or a friend) hold an open house for your new business, you now have a reason to call everyone on your FRANKS list. You can invite them to the open house! Have product prizes, discounts, booking bonuses, drawings, fun things to do, or a “mystery host”, and of course, have products for sale. Holding an open house is a great way to kick start your new business or give an existing business a needed boost.Ideas on How to Meet New PeoplePractice your Public Service Announcement, go to public places or events, and talk to peopleabout your business! In order to meet people, you must go to the places where people gather. Tip #4. Get Contact Information. When you are talking with someone about your business, smile and give them your business card. Remember, always be proactive in your marketing approach by asking for a business card or contact information in return. This will get you more new customers. An easy way to do this is offer free samples of your product or a discount coupon. Carry blank business cards with you and if the other person doesn’t have a business card, have them fill out their contact information on one of these blank cards. After you send the samples or discount coupon, follow up with a phone call to make sure the package arrived safely or do a two minute survey asking how they liked the sample product.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 9
  9. 9. Tip #5. One Easy Ice Breaker. If you feel at a loss searching for a way to approach someone new, try putting a big smile on your face, hand them your card, and say, “Here you go. I’m shamelessly promoting my business.” If they smile or laugh, you may just strike up a conversation. Tip #6. Show Off Your Business. Wear logo-wear or buttons that show off your business. If you’re feeling really cheeky, wear it upside down. Carry bags that show off your catalogs or logo. People will approach you and ask you about your business. Tip #7. Use Your Products. If possible, bring your products to social gatherings. If you are in the food business and you are attending a pot luck event, bring a dish from your line with recipe cards. If there is a hand lotion in your line, take it out of your bag and share it with others you meet. Tip #8. Bring Your Presentation With You. If you have a small bag with a few of your hottest products, you can always give a mini-presentation on the spot when the opportunity presents itself.Where to Meet New People - Networking Tip #9. Servers in Restaurants. Servers and bartenders like to control their income which is why they work for tips. People in these professions are some of the best prospects for network marketing businesses. Practice striking up conversations with people in the service industry. Ask them about lives and the place they are working? Do they like it? Is it busy? Don’t be afraid to compliment them (i.e. “You’ve got a great personality. You would be fantastic in my business.”) Whatever you say, be yourself and think about their needs first. Remember, you are only striking up a conversation to develop a relationship and to determine the next step and NOT to sell them on anything. Create a card that you can leave behind with your tip. On one side you can say “Thank you for the excellent service, you are really good at what you do. If you’d be interested in making additional money, you’d be really good at . . . (name of your company). On the other side of card, detail the benefits of your job (i.e. flexible hours, good pay) and include your contact information. Tip #10. In the Health Club. Especially good if you are selling a health product. Start going to the gym (if you aren’t already). It will be good for you and good for your business. If you are there regularly, you will see the people who are also there regularly. These are people with whom to strike up a conversation.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 10
  10. 10. Tip #11. Clerks in Retail Stores. Most network marketing opportunities offer more money in one night than most retail jobs pay in a week. Most people in retail don’t know this. If you meet someone friendly, think about whether they might be a good fit for your team? Tip #12. Those Chatty People Who Approach You. If you are a reserved or quiet person, you will be able to identify with and appreciate this suggestion. Have you ever been in a public bathroom, the aisle of the supermarket, or waiting in a checkout line and someone starts talking with you? You may not feel like talking to them, but they start chatting away anyway? Make sure to pull out a business card and say, “you seem so friendly, I’m going to give you my business card.” If you are going to chat, you may as well be discussing your business, right? Tip #13. Places Where You Do Business. Who are the people you see several times a week? Think about it. We tend to overlook the people we know the best. Don’t forget to talk with the people you see frequently at the post office, grocery store, gas station, drycleaners, library, bank, doctor’s or dentist’s office, hair or nail salons, or any other place you do business. Tip #14. Read your Brochure or Catalog in a Public Place. When you are waiting, read your brochure or catalog. Hold it up so people can see the topic. You’ll attract attention and you can always hand it to the person next to you when you are done. It’s another conversation starter. Tip #15. UPS or FedEx Delivery Person. Even if you haven’t left the house, people stop to see you. Make sure to give them a catalog, brochure, business card and/or samples. Tip #16. Business Networking Clubs or Organizations. Groups like BNI ( or the Business and Professional Women’s Organization ( are clubs which hold networking events where individuals come and discuss their businesses with like-minded professionals. Most of these groups have local chapters. Check out their websites for more information. Tip #17. Direct Sales Clubs. Groups like the Direct Sales Association ( and the Direct Sales Women’s Alliance ( also usually have local meetings and local chapters. Become involved with one in your area and you will be able to network with individuals in other network marketing companies. One of the best ways to book a party is to do a swap with a professional from another company. Hold a party for them and they will hold a party for you. Tip #18. Local Business Journals. Most local business journals post events such as grand openings, after-hours meet and greets, breakfast meetings, networking events, lunches,107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 11
  11. 11. and so on where business people gather. Pick up a copy of your local journal or go online at to see listings for dozens of major cities in the U.S. Tip #19. Chamber of Commerce. Depending on the size of your community, the cost of the membership, and the nature of your business, becoming a member of your local Chamber of Commerce can sometimes be worth the investment. Chambers usually hold weekly or monthly events, as well as annual meetings. You may even find yourself attending their events because of your affiliation with your day job. Tip #20. Find Groups Online or List Your Own Meeting. Find business networking groups in your local area through Business Networking International ( or find more casual gatherings through Meet Up ( Meet up will show you any local meetings which are open to the public. Better yet, list your own opportunity meeting or team meeting on a regular basis. Tip #21. Civic Organizations. Rotary Clubs, VFWs, Optimists Clubs, etc. would all fall into this category. All of these civic organizations have gatherings where you can meet other members. In addition, many times they are looking for speakers for scheduled events. If your product is a fit for their organization, you could do a presentation for the members. Tip #22. Church or Other Religious Organizations. If you are part of an organized religion, your church may sponsor events or have volunteer opportunities where you can meet people. Tip #23. Trade Associations. Does your business cater to a certain trade or have you noticed people from a certain trade end up being your best customers? Find out where these people gather and you will meet people who already have a natural propensity to your products. Tip #24. Alumni Organizations. Attend alumni events or even school reunions. Tip #25. Paid Clubs. Do you belong to a country club, golf club, or other membership organization? Attending their events or even just hanging out on the premises is a great way to meet new people. Tip #26. Hobbies and Social Clubs. Any place where like-minded people gather. This category would include food clubs, book clubs, toastmasters groups, and health organizations. If people are getting together to do something social, you can attend these gatherings. Or if the group is a match for your product, ask if they are looking for a speaker. Many times groups that meet on a regular basis are looking for something new and interesting to do at a meeting.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 12
  12. 12. Tip #27. Take a Community Education Class. Take a community education class on a topic that is directly related to your products and you will meet a group of people who are also interested in the same product. Tip #28. Places you Volunteer. If you volunteer for the PTA, your child’s school, a community support service, a public charity, or any other type of organization, you will often be in contact with the same people on a regular basis. Tip #29. Cultural Events. Attending a play or a music event? Visiting an art museum or a historical society? Bring business cards and, if possible, wear something with your business logo or carry a bag with logo printed on it. Tip #30. Sporting Events. Take a walk at half-time or during the 7th inning stretch. Strike up a conversation with the people seated next to you or in the concession line. Tip #31. Kids Events – Sporting or Otherwise. Get to know the other parents. You will be seeing them over and over again at the same events and so develop a relationship with them. Tip #32. Hang Out Where Kids Gather. Where there are kids, there are parents. Hang out in the park, the play area of a shopping mall, or bring your kids to lunch at the local fast food play area. Strike up conversations with parents.Marketing at your Parties or Presentations Tip #33. Coach your Party Host. Establish good communication with your party hosts and make sure they understand the benefits of having high attendance and future bookings at their shows. What’s in it for them? Give good incentives to thank your hosts for working on your behalf. Tip #34. Mention Bookings and Your Business Opportunity at the Party. Make sure to mention the incentives for booking a party at least three times during a party – at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. The same goes for the business opportunity. Every guest at every party could be a potential team member. Tip #35. Showcase your Hosts. Have your hosts stand up and say why they booked their parties. At the end of your parties announce how much free product the hosts received and encourage applause. Tip #36. Play a Booking Game. The list of booking games is limitless. Check your company training manual or ask your sponsor or upline if they can recommend a good booking game or just go online and search “booking games” for ideas.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 13
  13. 13. Tip #37. Completing the Order Form. Ask every single customer if they are interested in booking a party or getting more information on the business opportunity when you are filling out their order form. Don’t prejudge. Make it a habit. Ask each customer, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how interested are you in booking a party?” Then, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how interested are you in the business opportunity?” The answers may surprise you. If they answer low for both questions, ask them if they know anyone who would like to book a party or would be interested in the business opportunity. Tip #38. Attach a Booking Incentive Card to Every Order Form. Attach a card to every order form that reads, “If you or any friend you recommend books a party within the next 24 hours, you will receive ____ as a free gift.” You can have this be an actual gift or offer a discount coupon off of any product of their choice. Tip #39. Rebook your Hostess. Give your hostess a special incentive for booking another party during her own party. Add a stipulation for the incentive, such as she must book or pick a date within the next three months (or six months). Tip #40. Create a Large Basket of Goodies for a Drawing. Create a beautiful basket filled with your products and other goodies to be used as a drawing. Bring the basket with you to each and every party and tell your guests that anyone who holds a party over a three month period will be placed in the drawing. Have a theme for your basket. For example, if you were in a food company, it could be the Quiet Night at Home Basket and it could include two champagne glasses, a bottle of champagne, a blockbuster coupon, a package of popcorn, and some of your snack products. Other themes could include Pamper Baskets, Fun Night Out Baskets (with movie tickets), or Have a Healthy Winter Package.Marketing to Current Customers Tip #41. Collect Email Addresses and Send a Monthly Email. Use a mailing service like Constant Contact, Vertical Response, or Mail Chimp to send email blasts to your customers. Have a catchy subject line and make sure to include the following information in every newsletter – a product special, a booking special, a sign-up incentive, and at least one product tip. Tip #42. Offer Themed Promotions. Keep the holidays or seasons in mind when offering specials or booking incentives. Tip #43. Re-service Current Customers. Get into the habit of calling each of your customers a few days after their purchase to thank them for their purchase. These conversations can often lead to additional sales, bookings, and sponsoring.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 14
  14. 14. Tip #44. Call Past Customers. Challenge yourself. Agree to make five phone calls a day for ten days. Answering machines don’t count. Call five past customers every day to advise them of any specials you have running or to offer them a new catalog. Do it for thirty days and the results will be astounding. Tip #45. Ask for Referrals. Make it a habit to always ask people questions which lead to referrals. Try questions like these, “Do you know anyone who could benefit from these products?” or “Do you know anyone who would like to book a party?” or “Do you know anyone who could use some extra money right now?” Tip #46. Hold a Customer Appreciation Event. Have an event at your house for all of your past customers. Create a flyer and send it to them by email. Offer drawings, incentives, product specials, snacks, goodie bags, and a “sneak peek” at any new products you may have in your line. Tip #47. Do a Host Appreciation or VIP Event. Take the previous idea of a Customer Appreciation Event, but kick it up a notch to make it even more exclusive. Invite only past hosts or customers who ordered over a certain dollar amount. Serve champagne (both non-alcoholic and alcoholic varieties) and offer extra special incentives. Require RSVPs and allow each guest to bring only one guest. Tip #48. Encourage Past Hosts to Have an Anniversary Party. Look through your past host list and see who was having a party one year ago. Call these hosts and encourage them to have another party this year, reminding them how much fun it was. Tip #49. Offer a Bridal Registry. Promote this idea with your current customer base via parties, email contact, or customer conversations. Make sure they know you have a bridal registry and keep wish lists for soon-to-be-married couples. Tip #50. Holiday Shopping Shows for Men. If your clientele is primarily women, hold a party around the gift giving season (or Valentine’s Day) for their husbands, partners, and significant others. Notify your past customers via email and encourage RSVP’s. Follow up with phone calls and take wish lists over the phone. Men will appreciate having the ideas and the shopping nearly done for them. Tip #51. Don’t Forget Postcards. It’s not always economical to mail out catalogs, but you can order free postcards through (You only pay for shipping.) A postcard mailing to past customers is a great way to remind them of upcoming specials or a new catalog. If it’s not economical to mail to your entire list, then just do the mailing to past hostesses or customers who ordered over a certain dollar amount. Add a sentence to the postcard that says, “If you call me before I call you, I’ll give you a special gift.” This way they will either be calling your or they will be expecting your call.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 15
  15. 15. Tip #52. Special Email Contests and Promotions. Run a special for Black Friday. Offer the biggest discount for orders placed between 5:00 a.m. and 5:50 a.m. Have the discount or incentive decrease each hour until 9:00 p.m. at night. Run a contest offering a free prize to the person who refers the most bookings from people not already on your mailing list. If you have a few special customers who you know are competitive and “buzz makers”, get them excited about the contest. Run the contest for three days and send extra emails generating enthusiasm and posting the rankings (if it’s close).Marketing at the OfficeAll of these tips are on the stipulation that your company allows you to market your at-homebusiness at the office. Always make sure to check before implementing any of these. Tip #53. Have Product on your Desk. Have a basket filled with your products and catalogs at work. This will encourage people to stop by and place orders. If applicable, have open product so people can sample and try. Tip #54. Hold a Presentation in the Employee Break Room. Do a mini-presentation in the break room over lunch or break time for anyone who is interested. Tip #55. Post Flyers on the Company Bulletin Board. If your company has a bulletin board in the break room, make sure to post a flyer about your business. Tip #56. Put Catalogs in the Employee Break Room. People are always looking for something to read on their breaks. It may as well be your product catalog. Tip #57. Have a Party at your House for Co-Workers Only. Pass out invitation to your co-workers. Invite them to attend a presentation at your house and encourage them to bring friends and family.On the Internet Tip #58. Use Facebook. Add your customers to your friend network or create a Facebook Page for your business. Run “Facebook only” specials. Stay in touch with good customers or past hostesses by commenting on their posts, recognizing them in your status messages or birthday greetings.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 16
  16. 16. Tip #59. Try Other Social Media. Get on Twitter and become known as the person who gives the best skin care tips or health tips or romance tips or cooking tips or any tip which gives value to your target market. Get a LinkedIn account and join LinkedIn Groups. Comment in those groups and become the expert. Tip #60. Give a Free Teleseminar on a Related Subject. If applicable, pick a topic that is educational but incorporates your product. Host a free 30-minute teleseminar on that subject and offer a special product package for purchase during the call. Notify your past customers to invite them and encourage them to invite their friends. Search for “free conference calling” on Google for lots of good free conferencing services. We like Tip #61. Attend Chats and Forums Which Cater to your Market. Yahoo, Google, and others offer groups where like-minded people gather to chat and share information. In addition, there are literally hundreds of forums online. You are sure to find a chat or forum in your niche market. Who is your target audience? Join an online chat group or forum that caters to that market. Just search the words “forum” and any key word which applies to your audience. If you are looking for local business, make sure to include your city or state. Not all groups allow you to post business information and so check before posting. Forums or chat groups are a great way to position yourself as an expert in your market, but not a good place to “spam” your information. Tip #62. Advertise on Free Classified Sites. Place an ad on, Facebook marketplace, or other free sites. Tip #63. Join Merchant Circle. List your business on Merchant Circle is like a social network for local businesses. Register your business here so customers in your area can find you, as well as online search engines. Tip #64. Run an Ad or Get Listed on Relevant Websites. If your target audience is specific, find websites which might appeal to this audience and get a link on that site. For example, if you cater to stay-at-home moms, find the sites that stay-at-home-moms like to frequent. You may have to pay for a link or an ad on the site, but maybe the site owner would do a swap. You could place an ad on your product website in exchange for a link on theirs. Tip #65. Create a Blog. Go to,, or and start your own blog. These sites help you to start a blog with no technical knowledge whatsoever. Make sure to check your direct sales company’s guidelines before starting your own blog, but many companies are okay with you writing a blog if you don’t mention the company name. Write a blog about your own experiences and your own expertise. Be consistent and write one page a week.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 17
  17. 17. Tip #66. Write a Guest Blog. Even easier than creating your own blog (and without the commitment), find websites that appeal to your target market and ask to write an article for their site. Many sites are looking for people to write content. They want fresh new content for their readers and by writing an article for their site, you position yourself as the expert. Use the “contact us” links on the website to find out if they are looking for guest bloggers. Tip #67. Make Videos. Get out the camera, make some how-to videos, and upload them to Don’t be shy. Authenticity in your videos is what counts. Give your clients your best tips, upload them to You Tube and then post them to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.Affiliate with Other Businesses Tip #68. Have a Direct Sales Open House. Partner with several other network marketing professionals and have an open house with all of your customers. Set up display tables and each company representative can do a 15 minute presentation in a gathering area. Advertise it as a night out or holiday shopping and give door prizes. Because everyone is combining their customer lists, this is a great way to meet new people. Tip #69. Partner with Local Businesses. Is there a local business which would be a good fit with your products? Depending on your products, this might include health stores, nail salons, beauty salons, gyms, chiropractor’s offices, tanning shops, lingerie shops, bridal stores, and many, many more. Talk to the owner or manager. Ask if you could attach their business card or flyer to each of your customer’s order forms and if they would consider promoting your business with a sign and business cards at the register. Maybe they’d be interested in doing presentations in their shop. Anyone you consider competition could become your business partner. Tip #70. Drawing at Local Businesses. To take the previous idea up a notch, ask if you can do a drawing for THEIR product. For example, agree to give away a free hair cut or free set of nails. Make a sign for the shop advertising the drawing with the words “sponsored by” and the name of your company. Place the sign next to a fish bowl with drawing slips and pencils. On the drawing slips make sure to include questions like, “Are you interested in more information on (your product name)?” Or, “Would you be interested in hosting a show?” It’s a nice deal for the salon because you are buying their product to give away and it’s a minimal investment for you for a pile of new leads. Remember, this idea works for any type of business including restaurants, gyms, oil change shops, salons, flower shops, book stores, and so on.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 18
  18. 18. Tip #71. Utilize Employee Break Rooms. When approaching local businesses, if they say “no” to either of the previous ideas, ask if they might consider putting some of your catalogs in the employee break room or a flyer on the employee bulletin board. Remember, you are going to get “no” answers when you approach business owners about any promotion. This is a good thing. You do not want to affiliate with everyone. You only want to affiliate with people who have the same positive attitude that you have and the “no’s” are a weeding out process. You are looking for like-minded people with whom to partner. Tip #72. Affiliate With Your Child’s School. Do a presentation before a PTA meeting. Have a booth at the school fair. Advertise in the school newsletter. Get listed in the school directory. Tip #73. Barter or Trade with Other Businesses. As you develop friendships with other business owners, whether they are direct sales people or local shops, suggest bartering your product in exchange for their product and services. You will not only get a discount on services and you will also have a new customer falling in love with your products.Advertisement – Free and Paid Tip #74. Advertise in Penny Saver or Weekly Newspapers. Paying for advertising is not always the best way to advertise your business. You may not get a return on investment, but if you want to test the waters, try a smaller newspaper, like a Shopper News, Penny Saver, weekly paper, or small community paper. Tip #75. Advertise in Community Flyers. If you want advertising which is more reasonable, try the newsletter of community groups. Not only is it usually reasonably priced, you reach a specialized target market. Try health food stores, church flyers, animal shelters, apartment complexes, local charities, alumni newsletters, home owner associations, real estate newsletters, and many, many more. Tip #76. Advertise in College Newspapers. If this is your market, contact your local universities, community colleges, and vocational schools to advertise in their newspapers or newsletters. Tip #77. Get a Listing in the Yellow Pages. In large communities, advertising in the Yellow Pages can be very expensive, but in smaller communities it can be very reasonable. If someone is looking for a representative of your company in your area, you may be the only one listed. Tip #78. Send Out Press Releases. Look up sample press releases on the internet. They are under one page and very easy to write. If you attain a certain achievement in your107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 19
  19. 19. business, send a press release to all of the local papers. If they run a small blurb, this is FREE advertisement.Become Your Own Advertising Department Tip #79. Get a Magnetic Sign for your Car. The same company we mentioned earlier,, also offers free magnetic car signs from time to time. Or if you prefer, get a decal for your car window. Tip #80. Magnetize Your Business Card. People may throw away a business card, but most people will not throw away a magnet. Tip #81. Have Your Partner Wear Logo Wear. Ask your partners to help you in promoting your businesses by wearing logo wear or carrying water bottles or bags with your company logo. Make sure to arm them with business cards. Tip #82. Give a Business Card at Every Transaction. Every time you make a purchase and someone hands you a receipt, hand them a business card in return. Tip #83. Enter Drawings. Every time you see a drawing in a local business, place your business card in the drawing box or fish bowl. You never know who will see it. Tip #84. Include Business Cards with your Bills. When you pay your bills, include your business card in the envelope. Someone is opening that envelope and maybe they’d like a new job. Tip #85. Leave Business Cards or Company Brochures in Target Market Bathrooms. If you have a niche market you are targeting, leave brochures or business cards in the bathrooms of target markets. For example, if you do sell health products, leave a few business cards in the bathroom at the gym. Tip #86. Get Clever with your Business Card. Attach your card to a seed packet with a note that says, “I help people grow.” On Halloween, give sample “treat” bags to the parents when the kids come to the door. Give people your card with a fun-size $100,000 candy bar and a note that says, “Contact me if you’d like to make some extra cash.” Tip #87. Hang Flyers on Bulletin Boards. Design your flyer to be bright and catchy. Remember to include a free offer. This can be product samples, booking gifts, or a drawing, but you want to give people a reason to call you. Use tear off tabs or go to the local office supply store and buy a clear plastic business card holder. Look for the style with the peel-off sticky back and stick the holder (and your business cards) right on the107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 20
  20. 20. flyer. Bulletin boards are everywhere including grocery stores, banks, laundromats, apartment complexes, community centers, major department stores, and many, many more. Tip #88. Challenge Yourself. Set a goal to hand out a certain number of business cards each day. For extra credit, get contact information in return. A number as small as three people a day can revolutionize your business. Tip #89. Leave your Catalog or Brochure in Waiting Areas. Anywhere people are waiting, they are looking for something to read. Leave your catalogs in doctor’s offices, dentist offices, hospital waiting rooms, hair and nail salons, oil change shops, and many, many more. Here is a list of places you can leave your business card, brochures, or catalogs: Veterinarian Offices College Campuses Libraries Tax Preparation Offices Doctor’s Offices Dentist Offices Orthodontist Offices Hospital Waiting Rooms Mechanics Waiting Room Oil Change Shops Tire Shops Drycleaners Hair Salons Tanning Salons Nail Salons Hair Removal Salons Laser Eye Surgery Waiting Rooms Insurance Offices Laundromats The Back of Bathroom Stall Doors Fast Food Restaurants Bagel Shops Coffee Shops Delicatessens and Restaurants At ATM Machines Day Care Centers Retirement Homes Model Home Centers Real Estate Agent Offices107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 21
  21. 21. Corner Stores Grocery Stores Health Food Stores Meat and/or Cheese Shops Convenience Stores In Front of the Magazines in Check Out Lines At Major Department Stores With your Tip at Restaurants With Toll Booth Collectors Video Stores Dressing Rooms Bank Tellers and Bank Waiting Areas Shoe Stores Thrift Stores Temporary Staff Offices Flower Shops Pet Stores Dance Studios Computer Stores Office Supply Stores School Administration Offices Teacher’s Lounges Fabric and Craft Stores Print Shops Car Dealership Waiting Areas Bakeries Vitamin Stores Senior Activity Centers Community Centers Walk In Medical Clinic Waiting Rooms Credit Unions Park Benches Donut Shops Bus Stops Pharmacies Bowling Alleys Business Offices The Bathroom at the Mall The Post Office Gas Stations Movie Theatre Lobbies Print Shops Furniture Stores Cable Offices107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 22
  22. 22. Water and Gas Utility Offices Apartment Leasing Offices Gyms or Health Clubs Golf or Country Clubs Anyplace there is a receptionistMiscellaneous Ideas Tip #90. Do Trade Shows, Expos, and Other Events. Scout your local area for events where you can set up a booth. Prices vary greatly and so check around. Think about home shows, job expos, girls’ night out events, local heritage days, gift shows, local celebrations, college career expos, baby expos, school fairs, bridal shows, craft fairs, and so on. Make sure to hold a drawing and add relevant questions to your drawing slips. Tip #91. Give your Products as End of the Year Gifts. If you buy an end of the year gift for your postal workers, UPS or Fed Ex driver, hair stylist, or other service providers, then why not give them the gift of your products? It’s a tax write off, it adds to your retail numbers, and it’s another way to show someone the benefits of your line. Tip #92. Library Book Marks. Does your library need book marks? Offer to make some with library information with a small add that says “sponsored by” and your website. Tip #93. Contact the Welcome Wagon. If your city has a welcome wagon program for new residents, contact them and see what you can do to include information about your business. You would include a flyer with discount coupon or some samples. It’s a great to welcome someone and you never know when you will get a new customer or team member. Tip #94. Talk to Local Realtors. Develop relationships with local realtors. If they are doing a new home package, see if you can include your flyer, discount coupon, or samples. If they are not doing one, suggest that they start. Local businesses donate products and local realtors give the package to all new home buyers. Tip #95. Visit Convention Centers. Check the schedule of local convention centers to see which shows are coming through. Even if booth rental is cost prohibitive, you can attend shows and exhibits and network with people attending and people working. Bring lots of business cards. Tip #96. Visit Garage Sales. Stop by garage sales and offer them a special gift or discount coupon to pass out your business cards or flyers to their customers.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 23
  23. 23. Tip #97. Give Community Education Classes. Does your product have an education side? Create a seminar that you can teach through your local community education program. Tip #98. Do Workshops at Local Stores. Can you take the educational side of your business and do workshops or seminars at craft shops, grocery stores, or health clubs? These stores like to have more offerings for their customers and you would be filling a need. Tip #99. Become a Speaker. If there is a college course that is a match for your product, talk to the head of the department or individual professors to see if you could be a speaker in their classes. Tip #100. Become a Local Celebrity. If you have an area of expertise or have achieved a level of success in your company, talk to your local papers to see if they are interested in doing a human interest story. Look online for information about how to put together a nice press kit and send it to the local papers. Tip #101. Talk to Radio Show Hosts. Radio shows are always looking for guests to feature. Listen to your local shows and see whose personality might be a fit. Start with later night shows and work your way up to prime time and the morning shows. Tip #102. Check the Announcement Section of the Newspaper. Do you have a product which might interest new parents or soon-to-be-married couples? Check the wedding and birth announcements in the newspaper and contact those people with a special offer. Tip #103. Donate Product to a Silent Auction. Many organizations are looking for donations for their silent auction events. These include schools, ballet troupes, dance companies, theatres, opera houses, animal organizations, local support centers, and many, many other cultural and charity organizations. Put your product in a basket, make it look attractive, and make sure to include your brochure and business card. It’s a tax write off for you and hundreds of people see your information. Tip #104. Sponsor a Charity Event. Does your product link to a community need that you could sponsor? For example, if your products cater to women, could you sponsor a free self-defense class for women? Sponsorship usually includes helping with the promotion and making copies and it’s good exposure for your business. Tip #105. Host a Party or Workshop for Charity. If someone approaches you for a donation for a walk-a-thon, school fundraiser, or charitable donation, offer to do an in- home party or show and give a percentage of the show sales to the organization. You’ll107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 24
  24. 24. have great attendance and you’ll be helping a good cause. If you like, host the party yourself. Tip #106. Do a Raffle for a Charitable Cause. If you don’t do in-home shows or parties, offer a basket of your goods at a large discount to customers who want to support charitable causes. Suggest they sell raffle tickets to win the basket. They can sell as many tickets as they like and therefore raise a lot of money. Offer to help design the raffle tickets and include your information on the ticket. Tip #107. Stop When You See A Fundraiser. Every time you see a car wash, bake sale or fundraiser, approach the organizer. Inform this person you can help them make money for their organization and suggest the previous ideas listed.ClosingWhew! That’s a lot of ideas! As we mentioned earlier, it’d be impossible for us to try applyingeach and every one of these ideas to our business. This document is meant to be inspirationalbut also practical. When we’re looking for motivation, this report is not only a good referencefor ideas but will also help get our marketing juices flowing again!Let’s recap a few other points:  Taking Intentional Action. We should always make sure we’re feeling hopeful, excited, or motivated before starting any business-related tasks. If we’re feeling depressed, angry, or frustrated . . . it’s best to do nothing. Our most important job is to get ourselves feeling good about our businesses . . . and then act!  Knowing the Difference between Proactive and Reactive Marketing. Reactive Marketers pass out information and wait by the phone. Proactive Marketers have interactions with people, develop relationships, and have much more success in building their businesses.  Our Mindsets Create our Realities. If we think of ourselves as confident, busy, successful business people, our businesses will reflect this attitude. People will be attracted to us and want what we have.  Becoming an Active Marketer. We seek to become balanced, active marketers. We know passive techniques do not help us to build relationships with others. Aggressive techniques often turn people off from our message. Finding a balance between business, family, and friends, allows others to be attracted to our message.107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 25
  25. 25.  Practicing our Public Service Announcement. Crafting a good message about our businesses allows us to be ready for the inevitable question . . . what do you do? We know if we can answer this simple question with our audience in mind, we’re more likely to create a good two-way dialogue. And by focusing on the benefits of our products and services we can provide for our customers we create stronger business relationships while gain more customers.Marketing our businesses is simply a way for us to build relationships with others, enrich lives,and share opportunities and ideas. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to do the same. Goodluck and have fun!107 Tips to Gain Customers – – Copyright © 2010 Dana Wilde Page 26