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How can agile help you in clearing the technical debt


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How can agile help you in clearing the technical debt

  1. 1. How can Agile help you in clearing the Technical Debt? Manu PK @manupk12 Scrum Bangalore Meetup Sept 14,2013
  2. 2. About Me Associate Lead in Technology @ Schneider Electric Author @ DZone and Blogger @ Interested in knowing How great web applications were built.
  3. 3. Agenda Defining Technical Debt Clearing Technical Debt in Agile Projects Upfront Vs Evolving Design Summary
  4. 4. Defining Technical Debt Technical Debt Metaphor - A term coined by Ward Cunningham (1992) Technical debt metaphor referring to the eventual consequences of poor software development practices within a codebase - Wiki.practices within a codebase - Wiki. Technical debt and Cost of Change I got your point!!.
  5. 5. Defining Technical Debt - 2
  6. 6. Technical Debt in Agile Context From the Agile Principles ”Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility” Working software over …Working software over … Do Agile, but beware of being Fragile
  7. 7. Your Must Do Defense Continuous Integration – Code Quality and Test Reports Tools to help ☺ Sonar Static Analysis Tools Good Programming practices and guidelines
  8. 8. Negotiating with Product Owner Case Study:– Quote Reports Use the opportunity of Change requests to clean up the functionality.the functionality. Technical Stories in Release planning. Developers - As Software Professionals its our responsibility to push for clean code.
  9. 9. Trying out new Stuff Spike – A time boxed experiment of the Unknown A daemon thread! Strategies for Major technical revamps Case Study :- Upgrading Tapestry, Spring and Hibernate to latest versions
  10. 10. The dilemma : Ship it Fast Vs Ship it Clean! Ok, Get it working first Now, get back and fix it. How much to Design? – Upfront Vs Evolving Design More design => clear requirements.More design => clear requirements. You know the correct design when you are done! Re-Design is the only viable alternative!
  11. 11. Summary Detect the evil within! Use the agile practices to Pay of your debt Use the tools for first defense. Negotiate and get the PO on board.Negotiate and get the PO on board. Use Spikes when you try new stuff. Choose your design style Make your code base cleaner than Inherited ☺
  12. 12. Questions / Comments / Feedback @manupk12| Slides @
  13. 13. References Martin Fowler Talk Martin Fowler on Technical Debt Agile Architecture Emerges -- or Does It Using Spikes Steve McConnell’s talk Ward Explains Debt MetaphorWard Explains Debt Metaphor
  14. 14. Thank YouThank You for Listening