Your Legacy: Impact or influence


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Your Legacy: Impact or influence

  1. 1. Your Legacy: Impact or Influence? Paul K. Johnson, MBA ‘92 ’07 Drexel University CEO Program Workshop October 26, 2009
  2. 2. Your Legacy: Impact or Influence?PURPOSEOur workshop will discuss how you can discover what can beYOUR ultimate legacy.Some of the questions to ask yourself include:• Are you working to live or living to work?• Are you working for the present or for your legacy?You will realize that your professional and personal life canand will make a difference in your life and the lives of so manyothers.
  3. 3. Introduction to Paul K. Johnson, MBABorn and raised in West PhiladelphiaSingle female headed household in PovertyPhiladelphia Public SchoolsB.S. in 1992, MBA in 2007Amateur & Collegiate Baseball Coach -20 yearsElected to grassroots political positionServe on numerous boardsAdvocate for youth and various urban issuesActive Member & Officer in Local ChurchBusiness Professional/Pending EntrepreneurCollege Instructor
  4. 4. Your Legacy: Impact or Influence?• EXERCISE: It is 2090 and you lived to be near 100. Oh no! You just died. Your family is planning your funeral.• Write your obituary.• What’s on your tombstone? How do you want to be remembered?• Voluntarily share your obituary or tombstone• The Dash Video
  5. 5. Ultimate Legacy• Work to Live – Live to Work?• Work for the present or for your legacy?• Your life can make a difference and have purpose.• Indentify your PURPOSE, to start a PROCESS, to result in a PAYOFF in the future and when you are GONE.
  6. 6. What is Legacy? A Definition• Legacy is something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past (• Legacy is something that is part of your history… (
  7. 7. What is Legacy? A Definition Cont…• What is your definition of legacy?• Legacy is what you can do now and by planning that will affect your life and other lives that can endure for a What is my long time. legacy?
  8. 8. What is Legacy?• IMPACT vs. INFLUENCEInfluence is how you can be involved in a person’s life to help them set down a certain road but it is usually temporary change.Impact is how you can make a dramatic change in a person’s life that is a more permanent change in how they live their life. Impact can be shared and multiplied to affect future lives.
  9. 9. What is Legacy?IMPACT IN PRACTICEThink of someone that you mentor or would like to mentor.What would you like their life to be like in 30 years? (eg. What have they done? What is their status in life?)What about you in 30 years too?
  10. 10. Why is Legacy Important? Legacy is the contribution that you can make today and endure for generations. It is your way of giving back to others and providing for who you were. Are you living for the dot or for the line?Beginning . Infinity Your Life
  11. 11. Why is Legacy Important cont…Legacy involves several topics you may have learned at Drexel including:LeadershipEthicsEntrepreneurshipCorporate & Personal ResponsibilityWork/Life Balance
  13. 13. Plan Your Legacy• WHAT’S IN YOUR BOX?What is the number #1, central motivating factor in your life? Family? Faith? Career? Money? Fame ????
  14. 14. Plan Your Legacy• YOUR SWOTINTERNAL- STRENGTHS & WEAKENESSESThese are the things that you can control and they can have an impact on you and others in your lifetime and beyond.EXTERNAL-OPPORTUNITIES & THREATSThese are the things that are out of your control and you have limited or no impact on the outcome.
  15. 15. Plan Your Legacy• ACCOMPLISHMENT WORKSHEETTake a few minutes to note your accomplishments and what you would like to accomplish.Think about your work, school, and life experiences.Next to the accomplishments note the technical skills, motivated abilities, personal qualities, and challenges you’ve faced or expect to face.
  16. 16. Plan Your Legacy• PERSONAL VALUES CHARTLook at the list of values. These will lead to conditions for self-fulfillment. Rank them according to the instructions.You will note the six values or conditions that you care about the most.
  17. 17. Plan Your LegacyGOALS FOR LIFE-TAKE HOME• Exercise: What can you do or need to do to ensure you are working to live the best life that you can to give you satisfaction and help others?• Write about 4 concepts you want to focus on and/or change in your life? Examples: Leadership, Financial, Vision, Networking, Family, Faith, Friends, Education, etc.
  18. 18. Plan Your LegacyCONFIRM YOUR LEGACY PLANFind a MentorLook to your FaithSeek out Family & Friends
  19. 19. Plan Your Legacy• HOW TO TAKE ACTION 1.) What do I want to be remembered for? 2.) What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind? 3.) Do I have a destiny to fulfill?
  20. 20. Implement Your Legacy• Discipline Yourself• Give yourself Milestones• Revisit your Legacy Plan
  21. 21. Implement Your Legacy• QUICK TIPS• Motivate Others by using replacement words.• Think Big Picture & More Strategic• Execute your plan and disciplined about staying on track• Positive words to others with at least a 3:1 ratio• Speak greatness to others.
  22. 22. Your Legacy: Impact or Influence?SUGGESTED READINGSPyramid of Success Playbook, John Wooden and Jay CartyFire Your Boss, Stephen M. Pollan and Mark LevineThe Call of Service-A Witness to Idealism, Robert Coles.Your Heritage-How to be Intentional About the Legacy You Leave, J. Otis Ledbetter & Kurt BrunerFish Tales, Stephen C. Lundlin, Ph.D., John Christensen, Harry PaulBecoming A Person of Influence, John C. Maxwell & Jim DornanThe Purpose Driven Life, Rick WarrenAttitude 101-What Every Leader Needs To Know, John C. MaxwellThe Right To Lead, John C. MaxwellQuiet Strength, Tony DungeeStart Something, Earl WoodsStrength Finders 2.0, Tom RathLegacy Builders, Rod OlsonEmail me for more suggestions:
  23. 23. Your Legacy: Influence or Impact?• SOME OF MY LEGACY…• QUESTIONS• THANK YOU!
  24. 24. Your Legacy: Influence or Impact? LETS GO PHILLIES!