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Wayfinding In A Cloud Location Service For Libraries


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The Location Service is a wayfinding application
developed and managed by The National Library of Finland, which is targeted for all the
libraries. The service provides additional information and map-based guidance to books and
collections by showing their location on a map.

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Wayfinding In A Cloud Location Service For Libraries

  1. 1. Wayfinding in a Cloud:Location Service for librariesPetteri KivimäkiMay 18, 2012Elag 2012, Palma, Mallorca, Spain
  2. 2. Index Overview Features Principle of operation Implementation DemoNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  3. 3. Overview Intended for libraries Shows the location of collections and shelves on a map – Map-based guidance – Additional information Independent of the ILS Web-based service SaaS – Software as a Service – Cp. traditional computing modelNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  5. 5. Overview The National Library of Finland is responsible for the maintenance and development of the service – Enhancements – Patches – Plugins – Server maintenance Libraries are responsible for content management – Location information – Page templatesNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  6. 6. Overview Public interface – Map-based guidance – Additional information – Fully customizable HTML, CSS, and Javascript/jQuery – Support for multiple languagesNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  7. 7. Overview Administrator’s interface – Content management – Restricted access Search interface – XML over HTTP – Public / restricted accessNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  8. 8. Features Map-based guidance to books and collections Google Maps support – Library locations Additional information on locations – Images, subject matters, notes etc. Support for multiple languages Fully customizable public interface Remote searches via XML over HTTP interfaceNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  9. 9. Principle of operation Integration to the ILS happens by adding a link to the service in the ILS search interface – OPAC and/or discovery tool Link parameters – Call number – Collection code – Language code – Item status – Library identifierNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  10. 10. Principle of operationNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  11. 11. Principle of operation The Location Service searches a location that matches the given parameters from its database The output shown to the user depends on – What information is stored in the database – What is defined to be shownNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  12. 12. Principle of operation 3 levels – Library, collection, and shelf The output is generated based on the most detailed information available – Shelf -> collection -> library Page templates – Language and level-specific – Shared by many locations <-> location-specific – Location Service tags, HTML, CSS, JavaSript / jQueryNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  13. 13. Principle of operation Shelf Shelf Collection Library DefaultLevel Template Collection Collection Library Default Library Library DefaultNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  14. 14. Principle of operationNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  15. 15. Principle of operationNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  16. 16. Implementation Java (Spring, Hibernate) – Spring MVC JavaScript (jQuery, jQuery UI, OS plugins) CentOS 5.6 server Apache 2 web server Tomcat 6.0.29 web server (Java) PostgreSQL 9 databaseNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  17. 17. Implementation CentOS Internet Apache Tomcat DBNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES
  19. 19. Thank you! Petteri Kivimäki Information Systems Specialist The National Library of Finland Tel. +358 50 3112499 petteri.kivimaki@helsinki.fiNATIONAL LIBRARY NETWORK SERVICES