Upgrading Breaking News City Sites with Twitter List Widgets


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This slideshow is a tutorial for upgrading the Breaking News city sites to display Twitter Lists of the best Twitter feeds in the city.

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  • Upgrading Breaking News City Sites with Twitter List Widgets

    1. 1. page Upgrading the Breaking News City site with Twitter List Widgets Patrick Kitano Domus Consulting Group
    2. 2. page Breaking News City sites aggregate the best Twitter feeds in each city and display them categorically
    3. 3. page First, start with an existing Breaking News city site
    4. 4. page Create a Twitter feed based on your city or community name Twitter.com/BreakingSFNews
    5. 5. page Next, create Twitter Lists* of the best local Twitterers by category * Don’t know what a Twitter List is? See reference slideshow at end of this presentation. This is what your community wants to see…
    6. 6. page Your Twitter Lists aggregate the best Twitter feeds for events, sports and food, etc. in the city
    7. 7. page How do you find good Twitter feeds for your Lists? Click “Find People”
    8. 8. page Search for your city name, and find local Twitterers
    9. 9. page Add good Twitter feeds to the appropriate List
    10. 10. page Tip: Find a good local Twitter List and add those Tweets to your Lists
    11. 11. page Within an hour, you should have developed a local Twitter resource that your community will follow
    12. 12. page Next, place those Twitter Lists you just created into the Breaking News site using a “widget”
    13. 13. page You now need to build Twitter List widgets Go to www.Twitter.com/goodies and click Widgets
    14. 14. page Create a List Widget
    15. 15. page Confirm the Settings for your List category and widget title
    16. 16. page Customize Preferences and check “Loop results” for scrolling. We like 4 seconds per tweet interval
    17. 17. page Create a color scheme that matches the Breaking News website. Be sure to note the color setting code and copy this for each widget you build
    18. 18. page Size the widget. For Breaking News sites 500x500 works
    19. 19. page Copy the widget embed code
    20. 20. page And paste directly into the html format of the web page (example, Wordpress)
    21. 21. page (Be sure to turn off the old scrolling function of the Breaking News site)
    22. 22. page Repeat for all the categories. Build many categories to provide a comprehensive Breaking News presence in your city
    23. 23. page The Breaking News site plus its Twitter feed provide a unique, compelling local community news service. And they are easy to set up…
    24. 24. page Related slideshow: Find at www.slideshare.net/pkitano
    25. 25. page Domus Consulting Group develops automated award winning community engagement systems Patrick Kitano Managing Principal [email_address] (415) 573-2481 Breaking News Network winner of “Most Innovative Media 2009”