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This slideshow explains how to local merchants can build their business using Twitter as a local advertising platform

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  • To understand why social media, and Twitter in particular, will be the engine for local marketing and advertising, we’ll explain the power of Twitter in the local community.
  • Twitter took off in April 2009 when Oprah introduced Twitter in her show
  • Now, when you watch TV or listen to the radio, every media is broadcasting their Twitter feed, it’s become more prominent as a contact vehicle than a phone # s or text messaging.
  • Twitter is poised to be used by the masses. Although most people don’t understand Twitter when they first see it thinking it’s a jumble of nonsensical conversations, they will understand its usefulness to gather information once they have experimented and used Twitter for a while.
  • Twitter can bring communities together. Think of Twitter as a network of individual radio stations where everybody- local merchants, consumers, businesses – have a voice in their community.
  • And just like radio, Twitter can broadcast a local business’s message across the community. Twitter is an efficient tool for real time local advertisers. And just like any advertising, local merchants need to put their best foot forward. That means – no spamming, no hard selling like an obnoxious commercial, no irrelevant Twittering about what you’re doing minute by minute. Twitter is used by local merchants as a porfessional channel to their consumer following.
  • Local print advertising is rapidly disappear - local newspapers and weeklies, Penny Savers, local coupon books. There should be new online media that will allow consumers to track local deals and sales. So far there’s nothing like this to fill the void… try searching for a local advertising circular online in your city. It’s almost impossible to find
  • It’s also hard to locate any sales, special offers or deals in your community online. Google doesn’t index Labor Day Sales at your nearest department stores. Try it yourself, see if you can find a tennis racquet on sale at your local sporting goods store by Google. You’ll find you still have to phone each store to see if they’re having a sale
  • That’s why the local merchants’ biggest competitor now are the online retail juggernauts like Amazon, and the online versions of retail stores like and At least online, you can find the best deals. Local merchants can’t compete because 1) they don’t show up in any Google searches, but and Amazon certainly do, and 2) you don’t know if their price is as good as Amazon, and 3) most people will not expect a local store to be price compeititve with the Amazons of the world.
  • And that’s why Twitter is perfect for local marketing. The LA Times highlighted the success of a Twitter-marketed Taco Truck that specializes in a fusion form of Korean BBQ Taco. The Times says: the roving vehicle has emerged as a social-networking juggernaut, drawing 300 to 800 people each time it parks (often several times in an evening) and spawning a burgeoning cyber-hippie movement affectionately referred to as “Kogi kulture.” 
  • It takes only a few minutes for any restaurant to Twitter it’s lunch special at 10am and dinner special at 2:00, and maybe to mention that anybody who mentions Twitter will receive a special dessert free. It takes only a few minutes for a sporting goods store to announce they have Wilson KFactor racquets on sale for 20% off. If a customer isn’t looking for a Wilson, but wants a Boris Becker racquet, they can start a conversation with a retailer asking for pricing and availability, over the phone or even on Twitter! Best yet, all of the store’s Twitter advertising are stored online so any customer can see a chronological list of deals of the day for their reference. The retailer becomes branded in the local consumer’s top of mind.
  • Twitter For Local Advertising

    1. page Twitter is reaching the every day consumer
    2. page On April 17, 2009, Oprah introduced Twitter on her show Oprah with Twitter co-founder Ev Williams
    3. page The next day, Twitter added 1 million + new members
    4. page Twitter is going mainstream I think it’s pretty obvious that Twitter is on a trajectory to become one of the major media networks, A Turner, Fox, NBC, Time Warner, Viacom , Disney. Dave Winer, April 25, 2009 Blogging pioneer Twitter traffic March 2009 by Comscore (pre-Oprah!)
    5. page Twitter conversations happen most personally and significantly at the community level Locally
    6. page Twitter fills the advertising void for local merchants by providing a free way to reach and interact with their customers
    7. page In the past, local merchants relied on local newspapers, coupons and circulars
    8. page Also, Google does not index in real time. Try searching for a sale on tennis racquets in your city… You still have to phone each store to see if they’re having a sale
    9. page Local merchants usually have no presence online… They compete with the Amazons et al
    10. page Twitter is perfect for Local Marketing
    11. page And by extension, Local Advertising
    12. page Case study: Naked Pizza Just another pizza parlor Look at the signage
    13. page Case study: Naked Pizza Started Tweeting to get more customers
    14. page Case study: Naked Pizza And got billionaire Mark Cuban to invest in them
    15. page There is a big window of opportunity
    16. page How do you leverage Twitter’s remarkable capacity to bring together a local community?
    17. page Introducing Breaking News City Sites
    18. page Breaking News City Sites aggregate the best local Twitter feeds to show what’s going in real time
    19. page Local news and events, and reviews are up to date and open for conversation
    20. page People in the community can participate in conversations simply by adding a “hashtag” to their Tweet
    21. page On Breaking News City Sites , local merchants can broadcast their daily deals and chat with customers
    22. page Local merchants can participate in Breaking News
    23. page To learn more about how to build your local business with Twitter, download our eBook. Download here
    24. page Find a Breaking News media site in your city and participate! Join their Business Directory
    25. page Contact: Pat Kitano Principal @pkitano pkitano (at) gmail