The Hard Sell Is Dead


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Our pre-Internet sales and marketing culture was influenced by 1960's Madison Avenue, which introduced advertising and brand management through the new TV media. Post internet, the ad has become an aggressive one-sided message, This slideshow explains how social media has completely changed the sales approach, with focus on real estate sales.

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The Hard Sell Is Dead

  1. Explaining the New Sales Paradigm The Hard Sell is Dead
  2. Sales Development Methodology - Part 1 Always have a “Call to Action” The Old Days Real Estate Agents are Taught to “Hard Sell”
  3. “Branding” Yourself was Critical “ Always keep your name out there” Madison Avenue Sold Us the Advertising Ethos Frankly, this made Madison Avenue very rich
  4. Common Strategy: Spam Everybody “ What is weirder is I posted with a city name and a minute later I get a tweet from a realtor offering to help me move” “ Not another recipe!” Drip Email Marketing Every stranger is a potential client h/t Jeff Turner
  5. Well, Madison Avenue is Wrong Today Commercialism became Crass We avoid commercials (although we still like good ones)
  6. Nobody wants to be Hunted Down “ Hi, I bought this lead when you signed up at” “ I have no time for cold calls”
  7. The Internet Hastened Consumer Empowerment “ I’m an Expert in your Market” “ Everybody says that” Consumers can do their Own Research Don’t pitch me!
  8. Lead Generation - the Old Way “ Think of me when you make your decision to move” “ That’s a long shot” Outreaching to as Many as Possible And annoy everybody in the process
  9. The New Way Leverage the Social Media “ We’re always reading your blog and your real time commentary on our market” Share your knowledge
  10. You’re Already on their Hit List But You Don’t Know It “ We appreciate your sharing your insights. We even subscribe to your blog articles by email and RSS” They’re hiding from you…
  11. Let Them Come to You They Will Call When They Decide To “ I’m ready”
  12. Do You See the Difference? The Law of Attraction Closes Leads “ I hunt down thousands on the slim chance they remember my name” I don’t who they are, but I know my followers are dedicated to me Inefficient!
  13. Sales Development Methodology - Part 2 Referrals are the Best Source of Leads “ Please remember to refer me to your friends” “ I hear you protesting… I’m no spammer!” We agree wholeheartedly
  14. Brokerage Training Programs Focus on Referrals Step 1- “Leverage Your Friends and Family” But isn’t this the same kind of outreach as before?
  15. But After Family & Friends? Step 2 is a Slow Networking Process And it’s back to spamming and hunting strategies
  16. Coaches Teach How to Build a Referral Base But They All Lack One Key Component
  17. They Have No Social Networking Strategy! The Contents of Buffini’s Lead Generation Kit
  18. It’s Easier to Make a Referral Online than Offline “ Joe told me to call you about selling your house” “ That’s nice, who are you?” An Offline Referral is Still a Cold Call
  19. Online Referrals Show Who You Are “ Hi I noticed that we have a lot of mutual friends off Facebook” What You Do, and Who You Know “ I see from your LinkedIn profile you’re tech-savvy and get great reviews Connections are made
  20. Physical Networks are Moving onto Social Networks The Social Media is Key to a Referral Strategy
  21. What is Driving this New Social Paradigm? Citizen Journalism / User Generated Content Millions Worldwide are Sharing their Knowledge
  22. Pre-Internet, Proprietary Knowledge had Value Real Estate Agents Travel Agents Bond Traders Lawyers “ Secret”
  23. Now, Data & Knowledge are Approaching Free So How Do You Make Money? Free Data Promotes Business Transparency
  24. Some Data are Commodities Travel Agents Bond Traders Disappearing Due to Transparency Trading on web-based systems obliterated margins. No more backroom deals Why Pay a Travel Agent When You Can Find Cheaper Fares Online?
  25. Some Data Still Requires Expert Interpretation Real Estate Agents Lawyers Real Estate Transactions are Still Complicated The Law is Still Opaque Make Money Selling Expertise
  26. Establish Your Expertise as an Online Authority Share Knowledge with your Network Your Network Follows your Bookmarks Your Network Follows your Social Media Conversations Your Network Follows your Blog
  27. My Social Media I invite you to join me Thank you! --Pat Kitano Transparent Real Estate : How to Become an Online Authority Just click on the icon Links are (strangely) disabled on Please download the Powerpoint file where links are enabled, or go to where I list the links.