Introducing RateWindow


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Mortgage brokers can use RateWindow, the wholesale mortgage rate engine, to market themselves beneficially to consumers. They can also work together with their favorite Realtors to create a co-marketing program with HomeGain.

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Introducing RateWindow

  1. 1. page Pat Kitano & Kevin Boer Domus Consulting Group Introducing a New Way for Mortgage Brokers to Build Relationships with Top Producing Realtors
  2. 2. page Virtually everybody is online now
  3. 3. page Analyzing real estate
  4. 4. page And finding a Realtor to work with
  5. 5. page Realtors now need online presence Typical websites don’t produce leads
  6. 6. page Realtors want a short cut to online presence “ I want to be able to reach every consumer in my zipcode”
  7. 7. page You’re a gifted mortgage broker
  8. 8. page You want to work with top producing agents
  9. 9. page The Opportunity You can work with Top Producers and help them reach their target audience
  10. 10. page RateWindow is a wholesale mortgage rate engine Other online rate engines do not disclose wholesale rates
  11. 11. page RateWindow is consumer simple Displaying all the rates a consumer qualifies for
  12. 12. page RateWindow puts the consumer on your side Displaying all the rates a consumer qualifies for Including the wholesale rates. Your client will thank you.
  13. 13. page As a mortgage broker, you can use RateWindow for lead generation
  14. 14. page And share those leads with Top Producers you want to work with
  15. 15. page Mortgage brokers and Realtors can create a co-marketing platform with HomeGain’s AgentView and RateWindow
  16. 16. page HomeGain’s AgentView makes Web 2.0 marketing easy for Realtors
  17. 17. page Agents can subscribe to zip codes in AgentView
  18. 18. page Consumers interested in that zipcode are directed to the subscribing Realtor’s AgentView site
  19. 19. page RateWindow can be embedded into AgentView
  20. 20. page Now the Mortgage Broker can team up with Top Producing Realtors with AgentView Work zip codes together
  21. 21. page How do I get started?
  22. 22. page Locate the zip codes you want to work
  23. 23. page Form your teams “ I’d be honored to work with you” “ Count me in”
  24. 24. page Now you’re developing working relationships with Realtors you want to work with
  25. 25. page Subscribe to RateWindow at RateWindow .com
  26. 26. page Contact Thank you. PKitano (at) http: //MortgageTransparent .com (415) 320-2844 Patrick Kitano Domus Consulting Group