Network Generation is the Next Lead Generation


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"Network Generation" is a new term that addresses how to get your immediate sphere of influence onto social media. Once this happens, your social networks become far more relevant to your daily life and business. This slideshow addresses how to do this from a real estate professional perspective.

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Network Generation is the Next Lead Generation

  1. page Network Generation is the New Lead Generation Patrick Kitano, Domus Consulting Group
  2. page Network Generation is a New Term. We’ll explain by example, starting with Lead Generation This is our best friend Lynne, a fine Realtor (who btw doesn’t live in Phoenix)
  3. page Web 1.0 Lead Generation Leads express interest in real estate at a lead generation site
  4. page Web 1.0 Lead Generation Agents would buy leads $
  5. page Web 1.0 Lead Generation But many of the resulting cold calls to leads weren’t welcome (
  6. page Web 2.0 Agents realized they could market themselves better through blogs and the social media
  7. page But Social Networking is Still Maturing It’s still lonely out there
  8. page Social Media Hurdle: Real Estate Professionals Want to Get their Contacts on Social Networks
  9. page We Need a Network Generation System
  10. page The Network Generation System Will teach your close contacts how to get on and use Facebook, Twitter and other social systems The green people symbolize Lynne’s intimate network
  11. page Now your Social Network is Relevant! When all your friends, clients and contacts are on the social media and in your sphere Now we have a network!
  12. page Now Leverage your Network! Your friends, clients and contacts build their own networks and add them to yours, creating a massive referral system Now we have a massive network!
  13. page Build a Massive Community Network And you’re connected! Anybody interested in real estate will find you through various channels Now we have a massive network! )
  14. page The Network Generates your “Leads” But they are not “leads” any more, they are friends of friends! )
  15. page Domus Consulting Group has Developed a Network Generation System
  16. page We teach your network how to get on and use Facebook and other social media applications… free of charge. Even if you have 100’s in your network. See my Active Rain blog post for details.
  17. page Contact Thank you. PKitano (at) @pkitano Patrick Kitano