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Review text nathan


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Review text nathan

  1. 1. A World History of Photography Naomi Rosenblum 4th Edition
  2. 2. Overview Naomi Rosenblum's text investigates all aspects of photography--aesthetic, documentary, commercial, and technical. The 4th edition has been expanded to include digital image making. This text summarizes developments in photography throughout the world. Chapters are organized in chronological order based on themes relating to the history of photography, such as : portraiture, photojournalism, advertising, landscape and art photography.. Due to this structure, the work of a photographer may be discussed in several different chapters throughout the book. The author has included select short biographies at the end of chapters. These “Profiles” give the reader an overall understanding of the work and contributions of these individuals to the medium. The book has a generous amount of illustrations, a timeline, glossary, and and, an extensive bibliography. I believe that this text book is an excellent reference for teaching and studying the history of photography. A World History of Photography 4th Edition Naomi Rosenblum