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  1. 1. SHANXI, CHINA CITY BUILT IN THE MOUNTAINS OF SHAN This is amazing and we have to wonder how, why and when did they do this. From where & how do they get water...power....sewer.....? How did they build all this?? And why..way.."up there"!! My best guess is that this is a Buddhist Monestary – They are noted for building in the most extreme, inacessible, but scenicly speaking, some of the most beautiful places there is. Bobby G. Click to advance frame
  2. 12. 空谷幽长
  3. 20. 峭岩陡壁
  4. 24. 全长三百余米四百多级台阶通往正果寺
  5. 35. 漫步崖间
  6. 40. Shanxi China 2009.8.18~19 Fly_silence HYF 09-12-21 简编