Green Marketing


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Green Marketing

  1. 1. Green Marketing Presentation by:- Soni Panghal , Nitisha saluja , Surbhee Dahiya , Pranav khullar , Kartik arya , Rahul Krishnawat
  2. 2. What is Green Marketing ? • Green marketing refers to the process of producing and selling products based on the environmental benefits and they are eco- friendly in nature. • Green marketing is also known as Environmental Marketing and Ecological Marketing.
  3. 3. Features of Green Marketing :- • Green marketing helps to produce eco- friendly products. • Green products focuses on wastage minimization and proper resource planning. • Green marketing helps in sustainabilty of environment. • Green marketing is also contributing for reduction of various green house gases in the environment.
  4. 4. Green Products :-  Products which are recyclable, reusable and biodegradable in nature.  Products with natural ingredients.  Products containing recycled contents, non toxic chemical.  Products contents under approved chemical.  Products that do not harm or pollute the environment.  Products that will not be tested on animals
  5. 5. Why Green Marketing ? • Satisfy human needs • Opportunity for growth • Social Responsibility • Governmental Pressure • Competitive Pressure • Cost Reduction
  6. 6. Green Marketing Mix:- • Product: A producer should offer ecological products which not harm the environment but should protect it. • Price: Prices for such products are little higher as compared to other products. • Place: A distribution logistics is of crucial importance; main focus is on ecological packaging. Green products should be marketed to local as well as national markets. • Promotion: A communication with the market should put stress on environmental aspects and promotion of the products should also be done in a greener way.
  7. 7. Examples :- • Lead Free Paints from Kansai Nerolac:- Kansai Nerolac has worked on removing hazardous heavy metals from their paints. • Wipro's Green Machines:-Wipro InfoTech was India's first company to launch environment friendly computer peripherals. Wipro has launched a new range of desktops and laptops called Wipro Greenware. thus reducing e- waste in the environment.
  8. 8. • TATA GROUP OF COMPANIES: Tata Motors ltd. has developed their showroom by using green items and elements in its design. It shows eco-friendly atmosphere that attracts people towards itself. • IDEA - “Use mobile , Save Paper” IDEA Cellular is on a mission to paint the city green and also to spread awareness about the green initiative “Use Mobile, Save Paper!” IDEA has transformed Mumbai bus shelters into Green covers, with potted plants, and tendril climbers to convey the green message
  9. 9. Conclusion Marketing is a very wider term and a vast concept to understand. Green marketing is a part of the marketing which is very important from the social , economical and ethical point of view as it has motive of spreading awareness among people about environmental issues. This is helping to maintain the environment clean and green by producing eco-friendly products.
  10. 10. Thank You