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DewTour         Three days before the surprise day, at the Chateau, my brothers were guessing. They got where wewere going...
Kindness stories
Kindness stories
Kindness stories
Kindness stories
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Kindness stories


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Kindness stories

  1. 1. Waltham Public Schools MacArthur Herald: Kindness Edition I Made My Mom’s Day By: Jefferson saw this purse that I And not just because I thought my mom would It was September don’t want to be like. I thought she would28th; fall was coming in, grounded for two weeks. like it because it hadpeople were getting ready So I asked my uncle for flowers and hearts andfor Halloween. But it some money. He only squiggly lines. And shewasn’t just an ordinary gave me ten dollars. I loves that pattern. But itday; it was my also had no transporta- cost ten dollars. That’smom’s…..birthday. Now tion due to the fact that how much the card cost!this might sound like my dad works and my So I went back to Thesomething you shouldn’t uncle was sleeping, and Paper Store and returnedworry about, but you that if I asked my mom the card. But they madeshould. I’ll tell you why. she’d kill me in a car ac- me sign some papers. IIn my house, if you don’t cident because she does- felt like I was an adult. Iremember, you’re proba- n’t know how to drive. So have no idea why theybly looking at two weeks I had to ride my sister’s made a kid sign papers,of grounding. But if you bike which said, “Pretty but they did anyways. Ido remember, then Mom little princess.” Almost got my money back andwill treat you like the all of my friends said bought the purse. Then,golden child. Anyways, I things like, “Can I bor- I went and showed it toremembered it was my row your bike” or “Nice my neighbor, Barbara.mom’s birthday because one, dude” in sarcastic She said it was lovelyshe reminded everyone, voices. I went to The Pa- and told me to hide it. Soand I mean every one. per Store to get a card I did and practicedShe reminded my dad, for my mom. I found one “Happy Birthday” on thesisters, brothers, uncles that said “happy birth- saxophone. I got readyaunts, grandparents, day, I hope all your and knocked on theeven strangers like the wishes come true”. So I door. As soon as myCVS and Shaw’s cash- bought it and got out. I mom opened the door, I knew what it looked likeiers. So, since I’m the started to ride the bike yelled, “Happy Birthday.” when a family neededoldest son, I knew I passing stores except I gave her the present someone to take a fam-should do something. one called T.J. Maxx. I and played “Happy ily picture for them. So Birthday” to my mom on then my dad walked up the saxophone. to the family and thenCanobie Lake Park By: Clifmon offered to take the pic- ture for them. The dad in As I was opening the window, the wind was blowing furiously in my face that family smiled andwhile the sun was shining brightly. It was the middle of summer vacation and I was said thank you thengoing to Canobie Lake Park with my family. When we got to Canobie Lake Park we handed the camera toparked in the spot closest to the park and when we all got inside, I was overwhelmed my dad. My dad took theby all the screaming and laughter. Then suddenly I wanted to ride all the roller picture. In the picture thecoasters their and eat cotton candy until I had to go to the dentist everyday! But just whole family was smilingthen my dad saw another family trying to find someone to take a picture for them. but I think I saw a boy inI’m not sure how my dad knew that they needed help but their had been so many the family sticking atimes when my family was trying to take a family picture at a special place and we piece of gum in his sis-needed someone to take the picture for us that I guess my dad just ter’s hair.
  2. 2. DewTour Three days before the surprise day, at the Chateau, my brothers were guessing. They got where wewere going right, but our grandparents lied, and so we didn’t know. The surprise day had come and we arrivedat the TD Garden in Boston. We knew what we were doing. We were going to a skateboarding show called theDewTour. We got into the show and skateboarders were signing autographs. So Joe and JT threw their hatsdown to the skateboarders on the floor. But I didn’t have a hat, so I thought I couldn’t get anything auto-graphed. Then, I decided to throw my shoe down. Someone autographed it and threw it back up to our seatsin the balcony. We stayed for almost the whole show and liked everything about it, especially the skateboard-ers doing tricks on the ramp. We were appreciative that our grandparents did that forus. And that was something kind someone did for me. By Jared Kyle’s Surprises “Kyle I can’t come to your house”. “Why he said talking to me”. “Because your dad and Trevor are sick” you should come to my house” .Okay he said. I hear the back door open. “It’s Kyle,” my mom. Said I was downstairs so Kyle came downstairs. What’s this? I wonder. It’s for my baby cousins. A dinosaur and two cars! So about thirty minuets later they’re here so Kyle and I play with them. They go upstairs so do we. I ask Kyle “Do you want to have a remote control car race”? He says yes. Every bodies playing we play for a half in hour and they had to leave. I asked my mom if I could use her lap- top. She says yes. Kyle helps me make a Roblox account. [You are a Lego person in a Lego world play- ing games]. So I play for a while. Now, it’s Kyle’s turn to use his account. He’s a V.I.P on the game we’re game playing so he can say a magic word and gets $500,000. So I see this guy named Luke bunny who only has $90 and I show Kyle and he starts walking towards Luke bunnys house says his word and donates $500,000 to Luke bunny. I was amazed. Those were Kyle’s surprises. By Noah VACATION Over vacation, I was out- side and having a lot of fun. But it was getting late and my mom usually brings me in but she no- ticed that I was busy and didn’t bring me in until I was totally fin- ished out side. By Kyle