goodpurpose Study 2008


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goodpurpose Study 2008

  1. 1. Global Winter 08 Mutually Beneficial Marketing why businesses and brands need a good purpose 2nd Annual goodpurpose study inside
  2. 2. And its more important than ever to put meaning into marketing  Only 25 % of people find contentment from the shopping experience* - Recessionary times call for more substance  Over 83 % of consumers are willing to change consumption habits to make tomorrow’s world a better place*  63% of consumers think brands spend too much on marketing/advertising and should put more into a good cause* *Source: Edelman GP global study 2008
  3. 3. Recession: The 800lb Gorilla in the room On global level….  Globally (80%) of consumers feel that during a recession, it is still important for brands and companies to set aside money for social purpose  Women are more likely than men to agree that “during a recession it is still important for brands and companies to set aside money for a good cause or purpose” (82% v 78%) and that “if a company has to cut its costs during a recession it should not stop giving to good causes” (75% v 70%).  (68%) of consumers say that in a recession, they would remain loyal to a brand if they support a good cause  (55%) of consumers say that in a recession, they will buy from brands that support a good cause even if it is not the cheapest brand  Nearly one in two consumers say that the economic downturn has made no difference in their support of a good cause Source: New findings from the Edelman goodpurpose 2nd annual study
  4. 4. A changing & evolving social business landscape  Consumers move from viewers to collaborators and want to be engaged more than ever before  Consumer citizens & citizen brands emerge  Interest in social purpose works across all demographics: children, millenials, boomers, women especially  Social purpose is now a popular culture force to be reckoned with
  5. 5. Why goodpurpose now? media, websites committed to purpose  Good Magazine “is for people who give a damn. it’s an entertaining magazine about things that matter”  New Consumer,,,,,  sublime is the first international ethical lifestyle magazine, partnering aesthetics & ethics  CNN impact your world ,,  Causecast, facebook, socialvibe A new contemporary, more engaging way to look at social purpose marketing
  6. 6. Evidence of social purpose abounds
  7. 7. Evidence of Social purpose abounds
  8. 8. MSR Brand Example
  9. 9. Meet the Purpose Purveyors Philanthropists Campaigners Consumers “People like me” Matt Bill & Damon Melinda Gates Millennials George Clooney Bono Tony Blair Women Oprah Al Gore Winfrey Moms Bill Brad Pitt & Clinton Angelina Jolie Children Kofi Annan Richard Branson Muhammad Boomers Yunus
  10. 10. Edelman presents helping brands and companies put purpose closer to their core proposition People and brands working together to take action and effect positive social change for mutual benefit A mutual social responsibility initiative
  11. 11. social areas cross cultural understanding/diversity education, arts & culture environment human rights/civil rights personal & public health poverty & hunger self esteem/self worth  animal rights & protection
  12. 12. 2nd Annual Global Consumer Study October 2008 Canada 500 France 500 UK 500 Germany 500 China USA Japan Italy 1,000 1,000 500 500 India 500 Brazil 500 StrategyOne surveyed 6,000+ consumers across ten countries, aged 18-64
  13. 13. Consumers are more involved than ever in social purpose Consumers want to make a difference & prefer brands that do!  Globally, nearly 9 in 10 consumers (87%) feel it is their duty to contribute to a better society and the environment  82% of consumers globally say they can personally make a difference by supporting good causes  83% of consumers are willing to change consumption habits to make tomorrow's world a better place  76% of consumers globally like to buy from brands that make a donation to worthy causes!
  14. 14. How much do you personally care about?… Protecting the environment 88% Improving quality of health/healthcare 86% Reducing poverty 84% Equal opportunity to education 82% Supporting human and civil rights 80% Building understanding/respect for other cultures 75% Fighting HIV/AIDS 73% Helping to raise people's self esteem 72% Supporting the creative arts 63% Base: 6,048
  15. 15. Does social purpose beat brand design and innovation?  Make money and do good too! 58% of consumers globally are fine with brands that support good causes and make money  55% globally say they would be prepared to pay more for a brand in a recession that supports a good cause they believe in  When choosing between two brands of similar quality & price, a social purpose is what would most affect consumer decisions, globally (42%), ahead of design & innovation (30%) and brand loyalty (27%).
  16. 16. Globally, consumers will pay more for & evangelize good cause brands  Over half of consumers globally would help a brand promote its products if there was a good cause behind it  Globally, 52% are more likely to recommend a brand that supports a good cause than one that does not  Nearly seven in 10 globally (69%) would be prepared to pay more for eco- friendly products
  17. 17. Brands weighing in many different ways…