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New media cell phone


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New media cell phone

  1. 1. S Cell Phones In Today’s Society and In The Future By: Paula Karstedt
  2. 2. Cell Phone Statistics 1999 S 27% of US citizens used cell phones S $139 Million spent on cell phones 2009 S 89% of US citizens used cell phones S $37 Billion spent on cell phones 47% of teens say their social lives would end without text messaging.
  3. 3. Cell Phone History S Though cell phones didn’t make their grand debut until the 70’s the technology had been around for years. S In 1973, Motorola showed off a prototype of the world's first portable cellular telephone. S This phone measured more than a foot long, weighed almost 2 pounds, and cost $3995.
  4. 4. Applications Throughout The Years S Throughout the years, cell phones have developed new applications to make life for their users easier S In 1993, cell phones developed calculators, calendars, and address books built into the device. S Later, cell phones developed text messaging. S Music then began to be used through the phone. S Soon after, users were able to access the Internet and email from their phone.
  5. 5. Top Rated Cell Phones of 2010 1. HTC Droid Incredible 2. Samsung Captivate 3. Motorola Droid 2 4. Samsung Fascinate 5. Motorola Droid X 6. T- Mobile G2 7. Samsung Epic 8. RIM BlackBerry Curve 3G 9. RIM BlackBerry Curve 3G 10. RIM BlackBerry Style
  6. 6. Top Rated Carriers 1. Verizon 2. AT&T 3. Sprint 4. T-Mobile 5. Boost Mobile 6. Cricket 7. Virgin Mobile 8. U.S. Cellular 9. MetroPCS 10. TracFone Based on “Top Ten Reviews” Research Group
  7. 7. What are Cell Phone Users Looking For Today? S As technology develops, cell phone user’s expectations are higher for cell phones. Whether it is use for personal or business, today’s consumers are looking for: S Operating systems S Different form factors S Full keyboard S Touch Screen S The newest features S Music and video downloads S Navigation S Mobile web S Mobile TV S SKYPE
  8. 8. Think They’ve Thought of Everything? S While technology continues to grow everyday, cell phone companies are developing new ideas every minute of the day. S What can we expect to see in the future? S Better quality cameras S Longer battery life S High speed S Pico Projector
  9. 9. The Difference Technology Can Make
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