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User story mapping workshop slideshare


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At the start of a project or start of a major release, we always face the problem of "How do we break down this big release into stories?" " How do I move from this vision to lower level details in user stories?". My workshop & presentation at the #India Agile Week 2013 Pune was focussed on providing answers to this. This presentation provides a way to move from high level vision to user stories using Story Map.

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User story mapping workshop slideshare

  1. 1. User Story Mapping Pankaj Kanchankar Agile Coach
  2. 2. What is a User Story? Card Conversation User Story Confirmation
  3. 3. User Stories (Recap) Card User Story Card • • • • Physical token Used in planning Reminder for a conversation Often annotated
  4. 4. User Stories (Recap) A concise, written description of a piece of functionality that will be valuable to a user (or owner) of the software As a <persona / role>, I want to <goal>, so that <value>
  5. 5. User Stories (Recap) Conversation User Story Conversation • • • Requirement itself Verbal conversation / workshops Documents / wireframes / mocks?
  6. 6. User Stories (Recap) Confirmation • • Acceptance criteria Determine done Given <preconditions>, When <trigger>, Then <expected outcomes> User Story Confirmation
  7. 7. Exercise (10 mins) Shout out a project vision (max 3) Select one Describe your vision At your table write stories
  8. 8. What Did We Learn? How does it feel? What is good about this technique? What can be improved and how?
  9. 9. Missing the Woods?
  10. 10. Moving from Vision to Stories
  11. 11. Personas, Roles and Goals Who am I? What do I want to do? How will you support my goals? Karen | 30 | secretary |fashion conscious | lives in Surbiton| forgetful “I‟m going on holiday to California tomorrow. I want to buy travel insurance” Quickly help me buy travel insurance Chris | 24 | Student | part time DJ | lives with girlfriend | drives performance car | web savy “Car insurance is so expensive, and getting someone to quote me is hard. I want to know quickly if I‟m going to get a good quote” Enter minimal details | provide quick quote | save quote | comprehensive quote if interested Sara | 22 | recruitment consultant | seeks advice | internet „lingerer‟ “I crashed my car on the way to work. We‟ve swapped addresses, now to claim on the insurance…” Let me download claim forms | Let me monitor my claim on-line How important am I?
  12. 12. Persona Managing Director: Jenny Polson Jenny inherited the Debt Chasers business from her father in 1980. Business has been steady over the last few years, but now things seem to be going a bit awry. She is concerned that at the current rate her pension fund will be seriously impacted if the business does not turn around soon. She is also concerned about the 40 people that she employs – what will happen to them if the business goes under. She has spoken to the bank manager – and if she can prove that there is a financial case for investment they would be happy to extend her a line of credit. Her calculations prove to her that to make the business profitable she needs to cut costs by 20%.
  13. 13. What is a persona and why is it importan Personas are used to:          understand your target audience through understanding their mindset and their environment; help build features that will be used by the user; help identify common problems being faced by the user; understand user driven/external systems; keep the focus of requirements; help to give the context of the system; understand the objectives of the system better; identify user motivations, expectations and goals responsible for driving online behaviours, and help internal development teams to focus on their users.
  14. 14. Exercise (10 mins) At table identify personas Own a persona each Write as many user stories as possible for your persona
  15. 15. What Did We Learn? How does it feel? Compared to earlier method how is this better? What are some drawbacks of writing stories this way?
  16. 16. Lets try for a soft landing…
  17. 17. Lets get high grounds covered User Goals What is the Goal/ Objective of this Persona? What is she trying to achieve?
  18. 18. Identify Goals of Your Personas 15 mins
  19. 19. Lets get down a little into details Activities What are the Activities this Persona do to achieve this Goal? Are these activities –  Sequential?  Equally important?
  20. 20. Identify Activities for the Goals Identified 20 mins
  21. 21. Are all Activities part of our system? Any duplicates?
  22. 22. Lets get into all the details… Tasks What are the Tasks this Persona do to complete this Activity? Are these tasks –  Sequential?  Equally important?  Duplicate?
  23. 23. Identify Tasks for These Activities 20 mins
  24. 24. Are all Tasks part of our system? Any duplicates?
  25. 25. NOW! Write Stories… 20 mins
  26. 26. What Did We Learn? How does it feel? Compared to earlier method how is this better? Did we miss any stories? Anything else?
  27. 27. Sample Story Map
  28. 28. Story Mapping Best Practices Keep stakeholders engaged Use Scenarios to drive conversations for Activities and Tasks Keep consistent level of detail Follow an order Top to bottom for Priority Left to Right for Sequence Take lots of notes – you will get lot of additional information Merge personas if activities are similar Merge duplicate activities, tasks Tasks can lead to one or more Stories User Color codes for Roles, Goals, Activities and Tasks
  29. 29. Release Planning and Story Map MVP R #2 R #3
  30. 30. Thank you! ThoughtWorks is a global custom software solutions consultancy trusted by many of the world‟s leading businesses with their most complex and critical systems. We deliver consulting grounded in delivery expertise, build custom applications and help organizations across all market sectors to drive IT efficiency – working to an exceptionally high standard. Pankaj Kanchankar @pkanchankar