Top Website Design Company Case Studies by Clikzy Creative


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Clikzy Creative is consistently named as one of the top website design companies in the United States. We recognize what it takes to help a client succeed and take their site, and company to the next level. We have created and uploaded some of our most recent case studies to give you an idea on how we have helped companies in various industries. If you have a project and would like understand how we can help contact Clikzy Creative.

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Top Website Design Company Case Studies by Clikzy Creative

  1. 1. THISWAY 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 WEB DESIGN EXAMPLES
  2. 2. The Bryce Harlow Foundation Services Provided: -Custom Website Redesign -Wordpress CMS Platform -Blog Design & Setup -Donation Integration -Alumni Directory -Custom Interactive Team page -Photo Gallery Challenges: The Bryce Harlow Foundation reached out to Clikzy in need of a website redesign, an easy-to-manage CMS platform, and some advanced functionality. The previous Bryce Harlow website was built on a Cold Fusion (.cfm) platform, which is an older technol- ogy that is difficult to manage, especially if you are not a developer. The design itself was outdated and needed to be revitalized to reflect how BHF has grown and appeal to a younger audience. Lastly, they needed to implement a robust, searchable Alumni Directory, add in a Blog, and allow users to pay for and register for their annual Award’s Dinner online. Solutions: At first, we planned on building the new BHF site on a Joomla CMS platform. As we pushed forward with the design of the site, we suspected that Wordpress would be a better fit for their needs and for their team to learn. Now they are able to manage their site on their own and create new blog posts with ease. The new design projects a modern, professional, and trustworthy persona. The interactive aspects on the homepage and the Current Fellows page appeal to this generation’s tech-savvy audience. In the end, the Bryce Harlow Foundation team was thrilled with their new site. Website:
  3. 3. FairVote Action Services Provided: -Custom Website Design -Wordpress CMS Platform -Blog Design & Setup -Donation Integration -3rd party integration -Interactive “Problems/Solutions” page Challenges: FairVote Action came to Clikzy with the goal of creating a new website that reached out to a new, youthful audience, that focused on their grassroots campaigns. Though successful in their main website, FairVote wanted the new FairVote Action website to go in a more creative direction that engages their youth audience and encourages them to take action and promote an active, participa- tory, and fully representative democracy. The site needed to be easy to navigate, and very straightforward in their approach to get information out to users clearly and concisely. Solutions: We approached the FairVote Action custom website design with the goal of creating a professional but fun atmosphere for users who are young and modern, but passionate about playing a real and active role in our democratic society. We imple- mented a blog, donation page, and a community section that allows users to find events and actions that are taking place nationwide. Another unique feature was the“Problems/Solutions”page, which lays out statements and questions that frequently arise, and the answers or solutions to the problem. Designing this page to be interactive emphasizes the idea that educating yourself can be fun and easy! Website:
  4. 4. NAPABA (National Asian Pacific American Bar Association) Services Provided: -Custom Website Redesign -Wordpress CMS Platform - Custom Schedule Database -News & Media Setup -Donation Integration -Sponsor scroll Challenges: The NAPABA annual conventions are held in high regard in the law community, and as such, they needed a website that reflected their esteem. Aside from creating a clean and professional website design, NAPABA’s main concern was to create a Schedule platform within the site that was intuitive for their users. This Schedule function had to allow a user to easily access any given Convention day and see the events being hosted, location, and details. Lastly, we needed to create a platform where the NAPABA team could upload news articles and different media pieces. Solutions: To address all of NAPABA’s needs, we built a website whose minimal and inviting aesthetics mirrored its ease of use. Though the schedule portion of the site took a good amount of planning and testing, we were able to create a successful platform that allowed users to sort through the Convention by day, morning or night, and time. This allowed users to easily access all of the information that was so hard to digest on the old website. We also built a news & media section that was searchable and sortable by categories, date, and media type. The clients were happy with the site and would like to create a mobile platform with us in the near future. Website: http://2012convention.napab
  5. 5. THISWAY 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 BRANDING & WEB EXAMPLES
  6. 6. Bean & Bite Services Provided: -Branding -Company Naming & Survey -Logo Design -Packaging Design -Custom Website Redesign -Wordpress CMS Platform -Menu Page Design Challenges: WHISK, the parent company to Bean & Bite came to Clikzy with an idea. They wanted to build a coffee & baked goods shop. No name yet, just a concept. We needed to help Whisk come up with a company name, brand, website - an overall identity. They initially wanted a very modern, sleek design with retro accents. As the project and process unfolded, the client changed directions and knew they wanted their presence to have more of a retro feel with a modern twist. We knew we needed to start from the ground up and complete our design process with a fantastic website. Solutions: Clikzy started by focusing on industry research and surveying groups to come up with the best brand name. We then started with an initial design direction and materials to coincide with that aesthetic. Even though the clients liked the initial direction we were taking, they were struck by inspiration- and as we understand very well in the design industry- we switched gears and came up with a warm, vintage, and inviting identity for Bean & Bite. We achieved this by considering the decor they had purchased for the restaurant and mixing modern attributes with a retro foundation. Website: Coffee | Baked Goods | Salads Bean Bite BeBeaann BiteBite Bean Bite
  7. 7. Sustainable Capital Advisors Services Provided: -Branding -Logo Design -Business Card -Letterhead & Stationary -Powerpoint Template -Web Design -Wordpress CMS -Email Marketing Challenges: Sustainable Energy is a quickly growing industry with a great cause - but how do you stand out amongst all of these‘green’ companies? Sustainable Capital Advisors wanted to ensure that their new company and web presence set them apart from their competitive environment. Living green is extremely important, but SCA wanted to spread this message without literally needing to be green. The true challenge here was to create a brand identity that is both clean but clear in its message, with the use of more abstract concepts than obvious associations. Solutions: Beginning with the logo concepts, we made sure we knew the‘whys’behind each of our logo designs. Ultimately, the inspiration and meaning behind any successful design will reveal itself through the logo and all branding materials without explanation. We used an abstract icon symbolizing recycling and reusing our resources to produce clean and sustain- able energy for our planet. Without overusing the color green, we used soft textures and modern minimalism to create this‘green’atmosphere. We are in the final stages of preparing the new website for launch as well as finalizing the last of the branding collateral! Website: http://washingtondcmarketin
  8. 8. GoRoller Services Provided: -Branding -Content Messaging -Logo Design -Web Design -HTML/CSS Challenges: Social media allows direct engagement with fans, but how do you tie it all together? This is the conundrum GoRoller presented us with when they asked us to create their brand, messaging and website bringing order to their content and digital strategy. To create a central resource for GoRoller’s fans we designed and built a new website as a hub for the content that had previously been spread across several online services and social networks. Solutions: We created GoRollers branding guidelines, and messaging. Then we designed their logo, wireframes, and website layouts. We also built profile sections to incorporate video and photo galleries which were housed on Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. To ensure longevity, we chose a simple layout to which new themes can be applied, keeping a fresh feel whilst retaining the same core structure. This was the first phase to the GoRoller social game show platform. Their team is currently meeting with venture capitalists to take this revolutionary concept to the next level! Website: http://washingtondcmarketin